It’s Hot!


Zembiec (Time)
5 Rounds for time of:
11 Back Squats, 185#
7 Strict Burpee Pull-ups
400m Run

In honor of U.S. Marine Corps Major Douglas A. Zembiec, 34, of Albuquerque, New Mexico, was killed during a firefight on May 11, 2007

To learn more about Zembiec click here

I coached the 9:30 session. And it’s hot in NC. Steamy hot.

I completed the hero WOD solo as the CFK session was underway, setting up my workstation by the  rack closest to the garage door and using the Speal bar closest to that rack. So that the kids would stay out of the way, I set up cones.

As Darren has been known to say, “It’s hotter than Satan’s balls.” I partially filled a bucket with ice and water and had a towel, as well as my weight belt, at the ready.

I worked at a steady pace, completing all rounds of back squats without racking the bar and all rounds of burpee strict pull-ups without resting between reps.

Uhm, I ran without walking, as should be the case. I became parched whilst running the second 400m. Jeff was kind enough to get me a bottle of water.

I completed the first round in just over 4 minutes. Whilst I did slow down somewhat during remaining rounds some of that can be attributed to putting on weightlifting belt and placing cool rag on neck.

Time = 22:33

That’s an average of 4:30 a round.


The coaches haven’t met together as a group for a couple of month, and as Jeff is in town he was able to finally join us. Yay! Coach Nick led the session. As my shoulder still isn’t cooperating, I didn’t join coaches for tabata handstand hold.

15 pull-ups cash in
50-40-30-20-10 double unders and Abmat sit-ups
15 pull-ups cash out

“Annie” is my least favorite benchmark, as, well, if you have double unders and sit-ups the workout isn’t much of a challenge. My goal was to complete all rounds in unbroken reps, and I cam this close to achieving that goal I missed the very last rep of the round of 30 double unders. Dammit! I’m still pleased with performance.

Time = 8:06

Coach Josh approached me after the metcon and said, “I came off of the pull-ups before you.” “Yes,” I replied, “and I finished the workout two minutes ahead of you.” Ha!


Metcon (Time)

“The 12 Days of CrossFit”
1 decline pushup (24)
2 pull-ups
3 plate presses (55)
4 toes to bar
5 burpees
6 sumo dead-lift high pulls (95)
7 box jumps (24)
8 back squats (95)
9 KB swings (53)
10 wall ball shots (20 & 10)
11 stiff-legged dead-lifts (95)
12 x 12 (144) double unders

Stevie spent Tuesday night with Luke and me, and we had a delightful time! She and Luke get along famously.

As we’re reloading this week, I wanted to make the metcon relatively easy, i.e., no HSPUs, wall crawls, muscle ups, etc., and no heavy weights. The workout was indeed challenging, but certainly not as challenging as previous incarnations of “The Twelve Days of CrossFit.”

My goal was to complete all but found of double unders in unbroken reps. Yup, I did that.

I rested very little between activities, and this is why I am able to complete the workout quickly. It’s not necessarily that I complete SDHP, BS, wall ball shots, etc., any faster than many other athletes, it’s that I don’t need as much rest and recovery.

Time = 25:15

I found that funny as Christmas is December 25. Get it?


Front Squat (1-1-1-1-1)

After warming up, complete 5 singles, working up to heaviest weight. There should be NO failed attempts.

Luke and I ran a couple of miles with the endurance athletes, and then I attended the 9:30 session led by Coach Josh. After an ab workout we were on the racks. I completed singles @ 165, 175, 185, & 205#.

Metcon (Time)

Dumbbell burpees (25/20% of bodyweight)
Box jumps (30)

I strategically positioned by DBs and box and the clock counted down. I completed all rounds in unbroken reps, working continuously.

Time = 5:47


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