An 11-mile run. An 11-mile run!


I began the day by taking Luke and Stevie for a nice, long walk. I have never seen two dogs that get along as splendidly as do the two of them. It warms my heart!

I coached the morning session (“Helen”) and assisted Coach Nick with CrossFit Kids. As I was in need of gels and socks, I visited Bull City Running, the best shoe store in the Triangle. Uhm, I bought a pair of shoes. Uhm, make that two pair.

I expected a larger group to participate, but alas it was just Brian & Alex, Kevin, Drew, Melissa & Roger, and me. Brian and Alex joined me for the first half mile and Brian managed to hang on for another mile and a half. I noticed the he was carrying his iPhone but wasn’t aware that he had taken pictures. Ha!

I ran the next 9 miles solo. Uhm, I hadn’t realized that I’d run out of trail, so when I reach the trail head I ran a quarter mile up and back. I focused on breathing (every fourth or third step) and glanced at watch to note quarter mile splits. I usually ran around 1:5o but at times ran as slow as 2:00 – that’s an 8 mpm pace. And that’s slow.

There were quite a few times when I wanted to just stop and walk, but I did not. I confused a get at the halfway point and drank and entire bottle of 20 oz. of water. I reach the 10-mile mark at 1:17:36 compared to 1:17:40 last week (4 whole seconds faster!). I ran the last laborious mile in 7:20. Not bad. Not great, but not bad.

Time = 1:24:56

I run half marathons faster than that. I keep reminding myself that I’m putting in a good base. You please keeping reminding me as well.


Hang Power Clean (Establish baseline 1RM)

I set a goal to match previous PR os 155# and I met that goal. I’m looking forward to regaining some of strength gains that I’ve, well, lost.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

13-min AMRAP
5 hang power cleans @ 65% of HPC 1RM
10 pistols/leg
60-second side plank hold (alternating left and right sides)

This was fun! I completed PCs at 100# and completed all rounds in unbroken reps. Ten pistols per leg, whilst challenging, was doable. I completed the first round in sets of 5/leg, i.e., 5 right, 5 left, 5 right, & 5 left. I completed the second round by completing all 10 reps/leg, the first time I’ve been able to do that. Yay! I completed the third and fourth rounds by completing 6 and the 4 reps per leg. I can’t even remember the fifth set, I only recall that I finished the last rep with just about 3 seconds remaining on the clock.

Uhm, side planks presented little challenge.

Score = 5 rounds + 15 reps

30 PCs, 60 pistols/leg, and 5 minutes of plank hold.


Push Press (Establish baseline 3RM)

I attended the 9:30 session led by Coach Deborah. As my shoulders are feeling better, and as 3RM push press is included in this strength cycle, I completed. I began at a mere 75#, then did sets of 3 reps @ 85, 95, 115, 125, & 130#. I failed last rep the first time I attempted 130#. Coach Nick, who was also working out at that time, asked, “Is it your left shoulder?” “No,” I replied, “it’s my right shoulder.”

Or is it both? Regardless, I was pleased that I was finally able to lift anything of some substantive weight off of my shoulders.

As much as I wanted to complete metcon, I knew better than to do so, as I need to ease into handstand pushups. K? K.

I’ve decided that I will complete endurance workouts Tuesdays and Thursdays, following my own programming. That means I’ll be running at least three days a week. Yay! I wore my other new pair of racing flats.

A: Metcon (Distance)
Sprint tabata
Work 40 sec; rest 20
B: Metcon (Distance)
Sprint tabata
Work 30 sec; rest 15
C: Metcon (Distance)

Sprint tabata
Work 20 sec; rest 10
Rest 4 minutes between tabatas

I arrived at the American Tobacco Trail at close to 11 am. The weather was a “cool” 84 degrees.

My goal was to run the same distance each 40-, 30-, and 20-second interval. And I did! As with any tabata, the fifth and sixth intervals are usually the most difficult.

I took a breath every fourth step for A, every third step for B, and every third or second stop for C. Fun!

If I had to choose the most challenging (A, B, or C) tabata I wouldn’t be able to do so. Seriously. Sprinting at 90 – 95% effort for 40 seconds is difficult, but the 20 seconds of rest was wonderful! Sprinting at that effort for 20 seconds is somewhat easier, but 1o seconds felt like little to no recovery.


I Almost Killed Greg


Metcon (Time)
21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of:
Dumbbell burpee / hang squat clean / thrusters*

* Combined weight of DBs = 35% bodyweight.

I used 25# dumbbells, and 50# was plenty heavy enough.

I worked out at 9:30 and the session was led by Coach Josh. I was feeling somewhat sore at the start of the session and, as is often the case, felt much better by the end of the session.

This was based on a main site WOD, and it was tough. It. Was. Tough.

The only rounds of DB burpee + hang squat clean + thruster that I completed in unbroken reps were the first and last rounds of 21 & 3, respectively. There were times when I had to have somewhat lengthy discussions with myself. Why, you ask? Because I was tempted to quit and post DNF on the whiteboard. There were quite a few occasions when I’d briefly “rest” on the floor. Ha!

I completed the rounds of 21, 18, & 9 pull-ups in sets of 2, the rounds of 15 & 12 in sets of 2, and the rounds of 6 & 3 in unbroken reps.

Time = 24:XX (Wodify is down so I’m unable to look up time.)

That’s 84 reps.

I joined the endurance athletes for hill repeats. Hill repeats! That was worth repeating, as I love hill repeats.

We ran up to 20, 100m intervals, including downhill and skipping. My fastest uphill and downhill were 16 & 14, respectively.


Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)

5-minute AMRAP

– 7 burpee over bar
– 7 power cleans (95)
*rest 2 minutes*
5-minute AMRAP
– 5 burpee over bar
– 5 power cleans (115)
*rest 2 minutes*
5-minute AMRAP
– 3 burpee over bar
– 3 power cleans (135)
As reps decrease, weight increases.

I coached at 6, 7, & 8:30 and planned on working out at 9:30. ‘Twas a very full house at that time and Luke was adamant that he take me for a walk on the ATT. Yup, that’s what we did. As it was Coach Evelyn’s workout I asked her what sessions she was going to attend so that I could work out with her, and that’s what I did We were joined by Susan for the 4pm session led by Coach Marni.

This was truly a fun metcon! I exceeded my expectations.

I set a goal to complete 5, 6, & 7 rounds each of the subsequent 5-min AMRAPs, and to complete all rounds of 7 @ 95# and 5 @ 115#  PCs in unbroken reps.

I worked steadily, taking my time with burpees so as to not be too gassed when completing power cleans. I completed  5 + 4, 6 + 3, & 7 + 4 reps per round. I exceeded my goal. I also completed all rounds of 7 @ 95# and 5 @ 115# in unbroken reps.

That’s a total of 96 burpees & 87 power cleans.

Post-Metcon Coach Marni asked, “Is there anything you’d like to say to Coach Evelyn?” I slow a kiss (center picture) and said, “I liked the workout!”

I really did like the workout.

Score = 183 

CFS had our monthly gathering and attendees were serenaded by Coach Doza (bongos), Iris (voice and ukulele), and Stephen (acoustic guitar); they composed the group Gym and the Hollow Rocks. They covered GNR (Sweet Child of Mine), BJ (Living on a Prayer), and Adele (Hello). ‘Twas a wonderful evening!

Greg (my least favorite Kanellis) and Kelly were in attendance and, knowing what Saturday’s WOD was, I called “dibs” on Greg. Poor Greg.


Metcon (Time)
In Teams of 2
50 wall ball shots (20 & 10)
50 inverted burpees
50 10m shuttle sprints
50 push presses (95)
50 thrusters
50 push presses
50 10m shuttle sprints
50 inverted burpees
50 wall ball shots

Partners must take turns completing 5 reps (no more, no less) per turn.

There was some confusion at the onset of the session (led by Coach Jay) and Greg thought that I was going to partner with Ruby’s mom. Nope, wasn’t going to happen. I had already called on dibs and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What a fun metcon! For me, but perhaps not for Greg.

Greg began and we took turns completing 5 wall ball shots, always moving to the right on the final rep so that partner could catch the ball and not have to pick it up off of the floor. Greg was much better at catching the ball and immediately beginning wall ball shots than was I. We nonetheless worked well together through wall ball shots, inverted burpees, and sprints.

Greg began push presses and we again worked well together, even passing off the barbell after 5th rep of each set. I could tell Greg was getting somewhat winded. Yes, somewhat. Let’s go with that.

Even though I completed last set of push presses I began round of thrusters, completing my requisite 5 reps, as Greg was kneeling on the floor and looked, well, like he was going to hurl. I encouraged him and he completed 5 reps. I allowed him to rest as long as needed, and this turned out to be quite a long time between sets. We made it through the thrusters and began next round of push presses. I completed 5 reps and waited for Greg to do the same. I asked him how he was and he replied, “Not well.” I got Coach Jay’s attention and yelled, “Man down!” We discussed options and Coach Jay rightly encouraged me to complete Greg’s reps. I didn’t complete all of them, as Greg was able to recover somewhat. In retrospect it’s likely that I completed 35 reps.

I completed fast shuttle sprints. Greg completed shuttle sprints. We both completed inverted burpees.

The medicine ball got very sweaty during final round of wall ball shots. Whilst I caught the ball after the 5th reps of each of Greg’s sets, Greg, well, often allowed the medicine ball to drop to the floor. Poor guy!

We nonetheless completed the workout in 29:30. Good times, good times. We were both kind of spent.

Luke and Stevie provided post-WOD support. And sloppy kisses.

I took selfies of Greg and me as well as Laurie and me and Ruby’s mom and me.


A 10-mile run. A 1-MILE RUN!


A small group of us met at the White Oak Church entrance of the American Tobacco trail for an evening run. Whilst most ran 5 or 6 miles, I ran 10, the first 5 mostly downhill and the return 5 mostly (you guessed it) uphill. Not only that, it rained during the latter part of the run. Oh, and there was thunder and lightning. Very, very frightening! I keep thinking, “If only I were running beside a tall person as they would be struck by lightning instead of me.” I perhaps started off too strong, running the first mile in 7:10. I slowed down considerably, running the first 5 miles in 40 minutes. That’s just an 8 mpm pace! I became a little upset with myself and set a goal to run a negative split, even though most of the course was uphill. I finished the 10 miles in 1:17:40, a 7:46 mpm pace. I did, however, run the last 5 miles at 7:32 mpm pace. Yay! I was soaking wet.

I wore my shorty shorts for Jaclyn. Dat ass.

I rested on Monday, even if I had to force myself to do so.


A1: Floor Press (3-3-3-3)
Start at 50% of 1RM bench press and add weight each round
A2: Farmer’s Carry (1×40 feet)

Perform 1 heavy farmer carry (1×40 feet) with 2 KBs after each round of floor presses.

What a fun workout! I completed floor press sets at 95, 115, 125, and 135#. Yay! My shoulder feels much, much better, and my strength is returning. Yay! That’s worth repeating.

I completed all rounds of farmer’s carry with 60# KBs.

B: Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

14 min AMRAP:
200m run WITH Sledgehammer
7 OHS with Sledgehammer
14 Sledgehammer swings on tire

Run holding onto SH in any manner.
Med ball REQUIRED under butt for OHS to be Rx.
Swings do NOT need to be alternating, but should have  equal # of reps for each arm.
25 burpee penalty for dropping SH onto pavement.
50 burpee penalty for swinging SH carelessly.

I worked out at 9:30 and was joined by many unimportant people — and Ruby’s mom!

I used a 10# SH and completed all rounds of activities in unbroken reps. Someone knocked over my stack of poker chips but, as I had completed more rounds and reps than Ruby’s mom and she had been keeping score, I was able to determine that I completed 9 rounds + 1 rep.

That’s 1.25 mile run, 63 OHs, and 127 SH swings. And I didn’t set down the SH one time.

Whilst not overly challenging, the metcon was nonetheless much fun.


Metcon (Time)

AFAP – 40 min time cap
Complete the following activities in order.  You must complete each activity before moving on to next one.

75 Power Cleans (95)
75 Back Squats (95)
75 Push-ups
75 Pull-ups
Run 1 mile

Jeff is still in Mexico so is unable to complete his own WOD. This is my favorite workout so far! I worked out at 6 and Coach Nick led the session. It’s always a good session when Nick is coaching!

I set up my barbell in 7303, along with Fernando and Pete, as I wanted to be away from others who, you know, might be watching me like white on rice. The few times I did glance in the direction of 7301 I did notice a few sets of eyes glancing my way.

I completed the first 15 PCs in unbroken reps, and for the remaining reps only dropped the bar from the top when completing last rep of set. The fewest that I completed any set was 3, if I recall correctly.

I like posing for pictures but perhaps I should do so less frequently. I noticed Coach Nick getting ready to take my picture whilst I was completing a set of PCs — and I lost count! I thought, “Was that 45 or 35? Dammit, even if it was 45 I’ve got to count it as 35 just to be sure.” It’s very likely that I completed 85 PCs.

Heather began her pushups before I did, but I was able to complete 75 reps ahead of her. I was the first on the pull-up bar, and began with 10 unbroken reps and ended with 5 singles. But it happened again. Luke was beside me and I suggested that Nick take our picture. “Was that 38 or 28? Dammit, I’ve got to count it as 28.” It’s very likely that I completed 85 pull-ups. I was nonetheless the first to begin the run, glancing at Ruby’s mom as I exited the box, and ran 1/2 mile when I was joined by Heather. The start of the run was painful, but once I settled into my breathing and pacing running felt wonderful. I love running. I might not have mentioned that before.

Time = 27:24


I ran “with” Ruby’s mom. Yup, I ran backwards, taunting her each and every step. Ha!

Steve Dodge (#poorstevedodge) said, “It was demoralizing to see you start the run when I was still doing pull-ups.” “Good,” I replied, “that was my intent.” Ha!

I was feeling particularly energetic this morning, so I completed a modified workout at the 9:30 session. The lovely Kelli was at my side for the first two activities and Luke was at my side for all activities.

Whilst coaching Alex at 8:30 I captured this wonderful pics.


Metcon (Time)

75 deadlifts (135#)
75 box jumps (24″)
75 burpees
75 ring rows with feet elevated 
Run 1 mile

Yup, similar rep scheme. I began with 15 deadlifts and completed no less than 10 a set. I began with 25 box jumps and rebounded each and every rep. I began with just 10 burpees but than completed no less than 15 and as many as 20 a set.

Ring rows were the most challenging, as my arms were quite tired, you know, from all of the pushups, pull-ups, and burpees. I began with 10 and did no fewer than 2 (the last 8 reps) a set. I ran a slow mile.

Time = 31:02

Go, Coaches!


Front Squat (5-5-4-4-3)

Begin @ 55-60% 1RM
Last set approx. 75-80% 1 RM

It’s the first of two weeks of WODs programmed by the coaches. Yay! I led Situational Leadership for inVentive Health Consulting, my former employer, all day and attended the 6:30 session that Jeff was kind enough to lead on my behalf. Thanks, Jeff! (He’s my husband but seldom reads this blog. Sad, but true.)

I worked up to a set of 3 @ 185#.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

12-min AMRAP
12 box jumps (24)
9 KBS (53)
6 V-ups

This was a gasser! I set a goal to complete 10 rounds, knowing that if I worked at a steady pace that I’d be able to do so. The KB swings were gruesome, truly gruesome, and box jumps and V-ups were easy in comparison. I did work at a very steady pace and finished strong.

Score = 10 rounds + 20 reps (12 box jumps and 8 KB swings)

I truly enjoyed this metcon!

I rested Tuesday.


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

35-Minute AMRAP
– 20 Sumo Deadlifts (95)
– 15 Slam balls (25)
– 10 Pull-ups
– 15 Russian KB Swings (44)
– 20 Floor Presses (95)

My kind of workout! I set a goal to complete deadlifts in unbroken reps and managed to complete slam balls and KB swings in unbroken reps as well. I completed the first 6 rounds of pull-ups and just the first round of floor presses in unbroken reps. I also set a goal to complete at least 7 rounds, knowing that the floor presses would slow me down. They did.

I was able to complete 95# floor presses! I’m healing! I began quite a few rounds with a least 10 unbroken reps, too, and finished all rounds in no more than 3 rounds.

I completed 7 rounds with just under 4 minutes remaining. Uhm, I was disappointed that I achieved my goal and still had time left, as I didn’t want do any more slam balls or floor presses. I did complete 8 rounds and, with about 30 seconds remaining, also managed to complete 20 unbroken deadlifts. What a test of grip strength!

Score = 8 rounds + 2o reps

That’s 180 deadlifts, 120 slam balls and KB swings, 160 floor presses, and 80 pull-ups.

Pacing was critical so I made sure to rest, albeit briefly, between activities.

I was quite pleased with my performance, particularly since I wasn’t able to complete floor presses nearly as quickly as most other males.

I saw my very good and now coach, Jay, that evening and asked him his score. He said, “Eight rounds and 23 reps.” “That’s great!” I replied. I thought, “That is great. Ninety-five pound floor presses must feel like little to nothing to him.” He later informed me that he had completed seven rounds and 20 reps. Surely that’s a manly indulgence needed always. (Jay, read the first letter of each word of the previous sentence.)


I assisted Coach Nick with CFK, completing most of the activities with the kids. ‘Twas a large group and a fun time!

I didn’t complete thrusters as I want to make sure my shoulder continues to heal.
Metcon (Time)

Run 200m
Double unders
Abmat sit-ups
Run 200m

Run, “Annie,” run. I completed the workout as Jay coached, setting up my workstation by the garage door. I had to set up two mats and Abmats, as both Luke and Stevie were hellbent on getting in my way.

My goal was to complete in unders 8 minutes.

I ran a quick 200m and then had to shoo away the pups so that I could complete double unders. I completed all but the round of 30 in unbroken reps. I’m not sure what happened during the round of 30, but I broke not once but twice. I completed all rounds of sit-ups in unbroken reps. ‘Twas tough.

Time = 7:54


Metcon (No Measure)

20-min EMOM
Min 1, 5 deadlifts (155)
min 2, 5 power cleans
min 3, 5 front squats
min 4, 10 burpees

So that Jeff and I could work out together, I attended the 5:15 session. I truly detest (and that’s not a strong enough word) working out at this time.

I didn’t feel adequately warmed up and it showed. I failed my first attempt at 155# power clean so removed plates and completed PCs and FS and just 125#. I increased weight 5# each round completing last round at 145# (still above bodyweight). I just wasn’t feeling it. Upon completion of last round I loaded bar to 155 and easily completing a few PCs.

Deadlift (5-4-3-1)

I worked up to 325, nowhere close to PR. And I just didn’t care.



Metcon (40 Rounds for time)
Partner Chelsea
EMOM for 40 minutes
5 pull-ups
10 pushups
15 air squats

Partners alternate activities, with each partner taking turns beginning each round with pull-ups.

I attended the 8:30 session and hadn’t previously arranged for a partner. I accosted Jaclyn in the parking lot and, well, left her no choice.

Jaclyn and I set up beside Alex and Greg. We began the workout by having a friendly completion and then Jeff decided be to a dick. There, I said it. I lost all interest in working out and certainly didn’t have any interest in a friendly competition.

I completed all rounds in unbroken reps whilst Jaclyn struggled with pull-ups. Given that she was just months ago 13 months pregnant, this is understandable! I provided coaching just one round, i.e., “Push away from the bar. Try to string them together.” And this I just didn’t.

We completed all 40 rounds in accumulated time of 23:01.


12o & 140 Burpees

I rested Thursday, August 11. And it was good. It. Was. Good.


Deadlift Ladder @ 65% of 1RM (AMRAP – Rounds)

With a continuously running clock do one deadlift the first minute, two deadlifts the second minute, three deadlifts the third minute, continuing as long as you are able.

Sometimes I wish that my deadlift 1RM wasn’t 405#. Today was one of those days, as I deadlifted 265#, and shit felt heavy from the start. My goal was to make it through round 9, and that’s what I accomplished. Could I have completed round 10? Quite possibly, but 45 reps @ 65% of 1RM was enough. I was usually the last person to complete final rep during the latter rounds, and I was also okay with that. Oh, yeah, I dropped every rep from the top.

‘Twas nice to see Kelly-May back at the box!

Burpee + Lateral Bar Hop Ladder (AMRAP – Reps)

With a continuously running clock do one burpee + lateral bar hop the first minute, two burpee + lateral bar hop reps the second minute, three reps the third minute, continuing as long as you are able.

I set up my barbell in 7301 and Amy did the same. It’s always nice working out with Amy!

My goal was to complete through round 15, as no one had completed more than 14 rounds. When I got past round 10 I began to carefully monitor the clock and slow down as I completed last couple of reps. This ensured that I got enough rest before start of next round.

The 9:30 athletes, as well as Coach Deborah, were very supportive as I completed rounds 15 and 16. Yes, I could’ve completed round 17 but would’ve felt odd doing so as I was the only athlete still working.

I kept low whilst laterally jumping over the bar, i.e., I never fully extended my hips. I also took four breaths per rep: hands to floor, chest and thighs to floor, jump feet to hands, jump over bar.

Total burpees = 120


Metcon (6 Rounds for reps)
In Teams of 2 or 3
Rotate through following work stations
Work 3 minutes; rest 1:30 between activities
A. 200# tire flips (all may work at the same time)
B. Burpees/200m run
C. Box jump overs/200m row
D. Rope climbs/200m run
E. Toes through rings/200m row
F. Double unders (one person working at a time)

For B, C., D, & E., row and run do not count toward reps. Only one person may complete burpees, box jump overs, rope climbs, and/or toes through rings at a time. If team of 3, only 1 runner/rower need complete distance before they may begin activity.

I had initially selected to work out with Dianne, as she hates, hates, hates partner WODs. As there were an odd number of athletes present, I informed Greg, the Athlete of the Month, that he would be partnered with me. Ha! Greg’s a great guy, and we worked out very well together. He certainly carried his own!

We completed in order listed above, and it’s quite difficult for 2 men who both weigh less than 145 pounds to flip a 300# tire. But we did so, completing 30 flips. That’s 10 flips a minute. The 90 seconds of rest between rounds felt like about 15 seconds.

I began with burpees and Greg ran. I usually ran 200m in under a minute, although it often took Greg longer to do so; thus, He ran twice. We completed 56 burpees, about 18.5 a minute. Greg and I both enjoy burpees.

I began with box jump overs as Greg rowed. He’s a fast rower, and was able to row 200 in under a minute as was I; thus, Greg rowed twice. We tied our score of 56, again about 18.5 reps a minute.

Greg began rope climbs and I mistakenly ran instead of rowed. And that’s okay. Greg completed 3 rope climbs in that time. He had, however, begun to slow down with his running. I completed 4 rope climbs and when he entered the box with just 15 seconds remaining I yelled, “Get in a rope climb!” He did. That’s 8 reps in 3 minutes. Uhm, I hadn’t worn my Metcons and instead worn Nike Frees. Not good for rope climbs!

Greg began with toes through rings and I once again ran. He completed 17 (not bad, Greg) and then spent the rest of the round running. I began with 20 unbroken reps and then began doing 3 or 4 at a time. We completed 48 reps, or 16 a minute.

Greg and I communicated very effectively during double unders, completing a total of 272 or about 90 a minute.

Total = 470 reps

Whilst we didn’t have to top score of the day, we did have the top score for team of 2. Uhm, it’s much easier to flip a tire with three people. And you get more rest when doing double unders.



Some days I just feel like running, and today was one of those days. I ran on the American Tobacco Trail, of course! I ran at 5 pm, and it was very hot and muggy (and I could often hear the distant roar of thunder).

Run 3.5 mi., completing 10 burpees every .25 mi.
Begin with run and end with 10 burpees

I also pre-determined that all rounds of burpees would have to be completed unbroken and that very little to rest would be allowed during transitions.

This was truly a challenging workout, and I was surprised by how quickly I became winded. I can’t recall a workout that included a burpee/running combination.

I ran .25 mile and quickly completed 10 burpees, immediately sprinting after last burpee. I did this each round, although during the latter rounds I had to retrieve my glasses. Uhm, I forgot to wear band that keeps glasses on my face and they began to slide down my nose whilst completing burpees. And that’s just not good.

I glanced at my watch after completing 10 burpees at mile 1.75 and it read 17:58. I set a goal to have an even split; thus, I’d need to finish in 35:56.

Uhm, mile .75 to 1.75 is downhill. Uhm, mile 1.75 to 2.75 is uphill.

There were very few folks on the American Tobacco Trail, but I nonetheless got very strange looks from the few people that I saw. I was breathing heavily and sweating profusely. And the front of my body was covered in crushed cinder and pine straw.

And I suck at math. Whilst completing a round of 1o burpees I kept saying to myself, “Just 3 more rounds. Don’t stop and don’t slow down. Just 3 more rounds.” As I approached the next quarter mile marker I realized that I had 4 rounds of burpees remaining. I yelled, “F@ck!” and began yet another round of burpees. Yup, I kept telling myself, “Just 3 more rounds after this. Just 3 more rounds.”

I’d occasionally glance at my watch, knowing that I’d have to pick up the pace if I were going to have an even split. I sprinted the last .25 mile, breathing every other step. I threw glasses to the ground and completed the last round of burpees, counting the reps aloud.”

I finished in 35:55, a negative split by a mere second. I’ll take it.


Roy, Recovery, Pain Cave, and Barbara


Roy (Time)
5 Rounds for time of:
15 Deadlifts, 225#
20 Box Jumps, 24″
25 Pull-ups

In honor of Marine Corps Sgt. Michael C. Roy, 25, of North Fort Myers, FL, was killed in action on July 8th, 2009

To learn more about Roy click here

Many folks wanted to know why today’s WOD was called “Bonnie Tyler.” Bonnie Tyler sang “Holding Out For A Hero.” There you have it.

I coached the 9:30 session and began the workout prior to the start of CrossFit Kids. Seventy-five deadlifts, 100 box jumps, and 125 pull-ups. I knew it was going to be difficult but doable and that I’d have to pace myself. I set up my iPhone MyWod timer on a J-hook for easy viewing and recorded my splits as the workout progressed.

(I’m watching the Men’s Olympic Weightlifting. I’m watching men who weigh less than me clean and jerk close to 300 pounds. Amazing.)

I wore a weightlifting belt whilst completing deadlifts and dropped every rep from the top. I did quickly transition from one rep to the next.

I completed 15 unbroken deadlifts, 20 unbroken box jumps (rebounding on all reps), and pull-ups in 5 sets of 5 reps in a time of 3:07. I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to keep up that pace but wanted to get some reps under my belt.

I put on my weightlifting belt at the start of each round and took it off after last deadlift. I began the 2nd round by once again completing 15 unbroken deadlifts and 20 unbroken box jumps. I began pull-ups with 8 unbroken reps and was doing doubles by the end of the set. I completed the round in 3:52. At first I was disappointed but then reminded myself that putting on the weightlifting belt took some time, as did getting the occasional drink of water and recording my score.

I began both the 3rd and 4th rounds by completing unbroken deadlifts in sets of 8 & 7 reps and 20 unbroken box jumps. Box jumps were a welcome relief and respite. I completed no more than 7 unbroken pull-ups and finished both rounds with singles. My times were 4:46 and 5:11. Yup, I was slowing down. Yup, ’twas the pull-ups that were slowing me down.

I began the final round by completing 9 unbroken deadlifts and then finishing the set with 6 unbroken reps. I missed a box jump, my only failed rep, in that I didn’t fully extend before jumping off of the box. Dammit. My hands were becoming very slippery and this presented an added challenge for pull-ups. I began with 5 unbroken reps and probably completed a dozen of the last 15 reps as singles. The last round took me 5:23 to complete. Yup, my slowest round.

Time = 22:29

That’s an average (including rest time) of a rep every 4.5 seconds.



Metcon (5 Rounds for reps)
A. Tabata handstand hold
B. Tabata bottom of squat hold
C. Tabata weighted plank hold (55/45)
D. Tabata vertical ring hold
E. Tabata burpees

Score = total accumulated time/reps
Rest 2 min between tabatas

I was once again quite concerned going into this, as the last time I attempted handstand holds I wasn’t able to, well, hold the handstand.

I don’t program for myself; I program for CrossFit Surmount athletes.

I was able to hold the first 4 rounds for the entire 20 seconds and the remaining rounds for 17. Yay!

Bottom of the squat and weighted plank hold? No problem. Vertical ring hold? Whilst not easy, I was able to hold strict vertical hold and for the entire 2o seconds.

I completed 8 burpees first and last rounds and 7 burpees the remaining rounds.

Score = 687 

Yup, Luke and Lucky were always by my side.


Metcon (4 Rounds for reps)

4 rounds
1 minute intervals of the following:
– Power snatches (75)
– Power cleans
– Back squats
– Push jerks
– Thrusters
~ Rest 2 minutes between rounds ~

This will likely become a benchmark at CrossFit Surmount. What a challenging workout, both physically and psychologically!

I worked out at 9:30, and only Karen T. and Wendy joined me. The 9:30 session is usually packed, with as many as 16 athletes attending. Cherrypickers!

Weight was determined by bodyweight; thus, 75# for yours truly. I was concerned, however, that I had gained weight so I weighed myself just prior to the workout. I had already eaten breakfast but nonetheless still weighed 143#. Whew!

I was most concerned with power snatches. I am very happy to report that I was able to complete power snatches with full range of motion and no pain. I completed 15 unbroken reps out of the gate. Yay!

I honestly couldn’t tell you how many reps of any of the 5 activities I completed any of the 4 rounds, but I certainly completed fewer of each activity subsequent rounds.

My quads were still a wee bit sore and back squats were surprisingly the most difficult of all of the activities. Huh? I refused to drop the bar off of my back, and that may not have been the wisest decision.

Self talk during last round at start of very last minute:

Push jerks were miserable. Just thrusters left. Well look at that, 15 seconds has already passed. Put your hands on the bar and get in a few unbroken reps. Another 5 seconds has passed. Complete 3 thrusters. Well, that was 1 thruster at least. The barbell really travelled. Are you meandering to the bar? Get in a couple of reps. Well, that was at least 2. Time is running out. Good. Get in a few more singles. Okay, just 10 seconds left. Get in 3 reps.

Reps: 87, 73, 65, & 65

Score = 279

If you can’t have fun working out with friend then, well, stay the hell home. I teasingly said that I was going to complete the workout pants free. Shirts are required but there’s no mention of pants. Marni captured a few pics.


Barbara (Time)

Five Rounds for time: 
20 Pull-ups
30 Push-ups  
40 Sit-ups 
50 Squats 
*3-minute rest after each round*

I knew a PR was unlikely. I consider the workout a success nonetheless, as I was able to complete pull-ups and pushups free of pain.

I  completed unbroken pull-ups and pushups 1st and 2nd rounds and unbroken sit-ups and air squats all 5 rounds. I was sweating profusely as I once again worked out in the hottest spot of the box. (You know, because I’m just that nice.)

I had a very strong finish, completing perhaps my fastest sets of 50 unbroken air squats. I grunted loudly. I offer no apologies.

Times: 3:11, 3:19, 3:53, 4:25, 3:56

Score = 18:42

That’s 100 pull-ups, 150 pushups, 200 sit-ups, and 250 air squats in 18 minutes and 42 seconds.

Alex: How did people finish in 25 minutes? I haven’t even begun my last round and 27 minutes has passed!
Me: Subtract the rest time of 12 minutes. 
Alex: Oh.
Me: Brian, she’s book smart. That book being a comic book. 

Stacked Deck


Metcon (Time)
| weighted air squat (45/35)
| sumo dead-lift high pull (95/73)
| toes through rings
| negative pushup (45/35)
Ace | 10 burpees
Joker | 400m run

– Begin with shuffled deck of cards
– Complete activity & number of reps, e.g., 9 of clubs = 9 toes through rings
– Jack = 11, Queen = 12, King = 13 reps

I coached the 6 am session, dropped Luke and Lucky off at the house, coached the 7:15 endurance session (24 minutes of 100m repeats), took the dogs for a walk, and then headed to the box.

As is often the case, I felt better after the workout than I did prior to the workout. Yup, yesterday took its toll on most everyone. Not me, of course, but everyone else. 🙂

I programmed today’s deck of cards to be less challenging then it’s been in the past. No wall ball shots, box jumps, chest to bar pull-ups, or thrusters. With the possible exception of toes through rings, movements were doable by most athletes. Regardless, it’s a hell of a lot of volume.

People often confuse endurance with stamina. Today’s workout took stamina.

  • Cardiovascular / respiratory endurance – The ability of body systems to gather, process, and deliver oxygen.
  • Stamina – The ability of body systems to process, deliver, store, and utilize energy.

Another way to look at is by thinking of endurance as the ability to sustain low intensity movements over a long period of time (e.g., running and rowing) whilst stamina is the ability to generate force with one’s muscles for an extended period of time (e.g., a high volume of SDHPs, pushups, etc.).

Coach Josh led the session. I worked out in my usual area, i.e., at the front of the box. ‘Twas hot. The deck was drawn as follows:

  1. 4 SDHP
  2. 9 toes through rings
  3. 8 weight air squats
  4. 10 was
  5. 5 SDHP
  6. 13 SDHP
  7. 10 burpees
  8. 11 was
  9. 2 negative pushups
  10. 12 SDHPs
  11. 10 burpees
  12. 10 ttr
  13. 6 SDHP
  14. 12 ttr
  15. 7 ttr
  16. 7was
  17. 6 npu
  18. 3 npu
  19. run 400m
  20. 8 ttr
  21. 3 was
  22. 2 SDHP
  23. 10 npu
  24. 4 npu
  25. 11 SDHP
  26. 6 was
  27. 4 was
  28. 13 was
  29. 9 npu
  30. 10 burpees
  31. 9 was
  32. 8 SDHPs
  33. 13 ttr
  34. 8 npu
  35. 5 ttr
  36. 11 npu
  37. 11 ttr
  38. 13 npu
  39. 7 ttr
  40. 10 burpees
  41. 3 ttr
  42. 10 SDHP
  43. 7 npu
  44. run 400m
  45. 5 npu
  46. 6 ttr
  47. 9 SDHP
  48. 2 was
  49. 12 was
  50. 2 ttr
  51. 4 ttr
  52. 3 SDHP
  53. 12 npu
  54. 5 was

Sumo deadlift high pulls presented the biggest challenge, but I nonetheless did most sets in unbroken reps. I did all sets of toes through rings, weighted air squats, and burpees in unbroken reps. I’m still babying my shoulder so I didn’t rush through the pushups. I did, however, rest a check on the floor to ensure that both thighs and chest touched the floor.

Running was a welcome relief.


Time = 29:49

Yup, I have stamina. And I’m modest, too.


Metcon (Time)

– Walking overhead lunges/leg (45)
– V-ups

I rested Friday. And it was good.

Conditioning before strength? Why, yes!

I coached at 8:30 and 11 and worked out at 9:45. The session was led by newly anointed Coach Jay.

The continuing issues with my left shoulder impeded my performance with walking overhead lunges in that lunging wasn’t difficult whilst holding the plate overhead was. I had a difficult time keeping my balance. Uhm, the only round of lunges I completed in unbroken reps was the very last of 5. I was, however, able to complete rounds of 25, 20, 10 & 5 V-ups in unbroken reps.

The V-ups were challenging in that Luke took possession of my yoga mat just as the workout began. I now have road rash.


Time = 10:01

Back Squat (5-5-5-5-5)

Work up to your heaviest set of 5 reps

As I wasn’t able to attempt clean & jerk, bench press, or snatch 1RM this week I wanted to not only attempt but achieve 5RM for back squat. My previous 5RM was 210 (with 1RM being 257). Two hundred fifty-seven is 180% of bodyweight and 210 is 82% of 1RM.

I completed sets @ 155, 175, 195, 205, & 215 – a PR! The last rep of the set was a struggle and I moved forward on my toes too. Coach Jay said, “Good reps.”

Lucky is a wonderful dog, and he and Luke get along splendidly. It never ceases to amaze me that in a home that’s 2600 square feet that the five of us (Luke, Lucky, Meg, Zac, and me) co-exist in about 10 square feet.






I am happy to report that, whilst certainly not completely healed, my left shoulder and arm are feeling better. I wasn’t dreading the bench press, although I knew that a 1RM was not to be had.
Bench Press 

Take up to 25 minutes to establish 1RM

Beginning at a mere 65# and adding 5# at a time, I worked up to 120# — and was delighted that I was able to do so! I wasn’t able to even bench press 85 pounds just 2 weeks ago. I was also able to keep both my buttocks and left shoulder on the bench. Small steps.

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

10 Rounds for Reps
Work 30 seconds; rest 30 seconds
3 pull-ups
3 deadlifts (185)

Continue round where you left off last round, i.e., complete 3 pull-ups and 3 deadlifts in that order throughout workout.

This was a tremendous amount of fun! I worked very steadily throughout, even picking up my pace (reps per round) as the workout progressed. For example, I completed 15 reps the first 2 rounds and then increased by 1 and as many as 3 reps subsequent round. I was, of course, able to complete more pull-ups then deadlifts. I completed all rounds of deadlifts in unbroken reps and all but the last round of pull-ups in unbroken reps. My hands had gotten very slippery and I slid off the bar ofter the second rep.

I completed 26 rounds + 4 reps for a total of 160 reps; that’s 81 pull-ups and 79 deadlifts in an accumulated time of 5 minutes. Don’t try this at home.

WED AUGUST 03, 2016 | 10 ROUNDS

Metcon (Time)
10 Rounds Of:
11 barbell facing burpees
9 windshield wipers/toes to bar/Abmat sit-ups
7 power cleans (115/95/65 and 83/63/45)
Rest 30 seconds between rounds

Rx+ = windshield wipers and 115/83 PCs
Rx = toes to bar and 95/63 PCs
Scaled = Abmat sit-ups and 65/45 PCs

My friend Beth had posted a similar WOD (no windshield wipers) and challenged her friends to complete.

Rx+ for me, bitches!

This was tough, and by the end of the 5th round I was ready for the workout to be over. That’s very unlike me. ‘Twas also hot and humid in the box and, as there were many in attendance, I wasn’t anywhere near a powerful fan.

I’m currently puppysitting both Stevie and Lucky and was concerned that they’d get in the way of others. I should’ve known that the three of them would be as close to me as they could possibly be. Yup, not all of my barbell facing burpees were perfectly aligned as at different times during the workout I had to complete a burpee with Luke, Lucky, and Stevie in my way. They at least took turns!

My goal was 25 minutes and unbroken windshield wipers. I surprised myself in both a bad and a good way. Read on.

I started off strong, finishing the first round in 1:27, the second round in 1:30, and the third round in 1:32. Uhm, the fourth round took me 1:42 to complete, and it was the burpees that were slowing me down! Thirty seconds of rest between rounds was barely enough time to regroup, get a drink of water, and on occasion pour some water on my head. I completed rounds 5, 6, 7, 8, & 9 in 1:48, 2:00, 2:00, 2:10, & 2:27 (my slowest round), respectively. I redeemed myself somewhat by completing the last round in 1:58.

Yup, the burpees slowed me down, and that was the bad part. The good part was that I usually transitioned quickly to windshield wipers and completed all 10 rounds in unbroken reps.

I faltered at the start of the power cleans in that I did the first set one rep at a time, dropping the bar from the top. Why? Because I doubted my strength and technique.

I completed rounds 2 through 8 in fast unbroken reps. Yay! I was getting tired by round 9 and broke the set into reps of 2, 3, 1, & 1. Uhm, the last 2 reps were singles because I failed the final rep. Dammit.

I truly surprised myself by completing the final round of power cleans in unbroken reps.

Time = 23:04

Yup, I achieved my time goal.

Alex (female) also worked out at 9:30 and afterwards said, “I tired to catch you but I couldn’t!” “I wasn’t even aware that we there,” I replied. “Yeah, right,” said Alex.

I truly wasn’t aware of anyone. I was, however, keenly aware of the dogs.

Wendy said, “It’s hot today” “Yes,” I replied, “I haven’t been this hot and sweaty since my honeymoon. In Alaska.”

The dogs provided post-WOD kisses.


Kaidyn & Kelly!


No snatch for me. Dammit. But I did purchase new shirts!


Metcon (Time)
With a Partner
Team completes 50 reps of the following activities:
Box jumps (24/20)
Jumping pull-ups
KB swings (35/26)
Walking lunges
Knees to elbows
Push presses (45/33)
Back extensions
Wall ball shots (20/14 & 10/9)
Double unders

PRIOR to start of metcon, partners must decide if they are going to take turns completing 5, 10, or 25 reps/turn. You MAY NOT complete more or fewer reps than decided upon once the metcon begins.

Coach Deborah lead the session. I was paired with Coach Marni’s daughter, Kaidyn, and it was an absolute delight to work out with her! Before the start of the metcon I said, “Most people think that I’d be a dick to work out with for a partner WOD, but I’m truly not. You go at your pace. I’ll encourage you, particularly during transitions.”

Kaidyn and I decided to do 5 reps at a time, and my goal was to complete all sets of 5 in unbroken reps. Not a lofty goal, I know. I began, and we easily completed box jumps, pull-ups, and KB swings. Kaidyn slowed down a little with knees to elbows, but she nonetheless worked steadily. Push press and back extensions went well. Kaidyn was getting tired during wall ball shots and burpees, and at one time Coach Deborah said “Rest when needed. Catch your breath.” I smiled and said, “Don’t tell her that, Deborah! Ha!”

We finished with double unders, although Kaidyn completed single unders.

Time = 15:28

Yup, slower than my Filthy Fifty time, but a helluva lot more fun! Jeff and I traveled to Wilmington that evening and joined his friends for drinks and dinner. The restaurant only served beer in cans. How lowbrow!

SAT JULY 30, 2016 | KELLY!

I got up very early and took Luke for a 4+ mile hourlong walk. And it was hot. As Jeff and I were visiting Wilmington to attend his 3o-year high school reunion, Coach Nick W. graciously allowed us to attend the Saturday session at CrossFit Inside Out.

Uhm, I was dismayed that folks talked as Coach Brandon was attempting to lead us through a warmup and explain the workout. It was LOUD, and I was tempted to yell at people and tell them to show the coach some respect.

Our friend (and member of CFIO), Kelly, attended the session with us, and, as there were so many people in attendance, the partner WOD became a 3-person team WOD. Yay!

Part A
Run 2600m
Two members must run at the same time

Yup, I ran the entire time, often running ahead of Jeff and Kelly so as to get a short break before running again.

After the start and my taking the lead I do recall hearing someone say, “Well, I called it. I knew he’d run fast.”

During one of the 4oom runs (200m out and back) one of the men decided to race me. I heard them approaching and allowed them to catch up to me at the turnaround. And then I dropped them like a bag of dirt. Ha!

Time = 11:28

We were the second team to finish (behind and all male team) and thus completed Part B as programmed.

Part B
Row 90 calories
70 KB swings (50/35)
50 OHS (95/65)
3o HSPUs
10 bear complex 

I shan’t comment on any observations but instead shall alone discuss the performance of our team. Okay, I’ll say this: if you sub front squats for overhead squats than the workout is not completed as prescribed. And your team shouldn’t take first place. Done.

I began and rowed 15 calories, as did Kelly and Jeff. If memory serves me, we each rowed two more times, and I finished my turn with a 10-calorie row. Jeff was first on the swings and completed 15 reps, as did I. I completed an additional 1o when it was once again my turn.

I had told Jeff and Kelly that they would be responsible for OHS, and, whilst I did attempt one rep, the two of them completed all 50 reps. Thanks, you two!

I began with HSPUs and was happily able to complete. Yay! It’s been weeks since I’ve been able to do so. We took turns completing five reps.

We took turns completing one rep of bear complex at a time. I began by completing power clean, front squat, push press, back squat, and behind the neck press. Uhm, as everyone else was completing a thruster and a back squat with a behind the neck push press, that’s what we began doing as well.

Time = 13:18

I enjoyed working out with Kelly and Jeff, and we enjoyed a wonderful breakfast afterwards.


MON AUG 1, 2016 | 4/5 SHAWN

Hero WOD “Shawn”
For time:
Run 5 4 miles 

Run in 5-minute intervals, stopping after each to perform 50 squats and 50 push-ups before beginning the next 5-minute run interval. 

I needed to complete an endurance workout, and I needed to be outside. I coached 7 and 8:30 sessions, took Luke & Stevie for a long walk, coached the 11:45 session, and then immediately headed for the American Tobacco Trail.

I made both nutrition and hydration mistakes today. I started the workout at 1, having eaten only a small Paelo kit and a bowl or raisin bran with cashew milk. Not enough food! Whilst I had prepared a water bottle to carry with me I mistakenly left in the Jeep. Dammit.

I knew 1.5 miles into the run that I was going to become dehydrated. I considered turning around at the 1.5 mile mark and completing 3 instead of 5 miles but, alas, I did not. I had completed 3 rounds of 50 air squats and pushups prior to the 2.5 mile turnaround. I completed any additional 2 rounds, with the 5th round, unfortunately, taking place in direct sunlight.

After the 5th round I had until the clock read 37:01 before I had to stop and complete another round of air squats and pushups. I told myself that if I made it to the 4-mile mark by that time I could stop. This was a very wise decision. I was concerned that I wouldn’t make it to the mile marker. I truly sprinted to the finish, reaching the mile marker at 36:56 – with 5 seconds to spare! That’s a 4-mile run and 250 air squats and pushups.

On a positive note, I completed the first 4 rounds of air squats in unbroken reps. I knew that the wheels were coming off of the bus during the 5th round when I stopped after just 10 air squats. And I didn’t consciously stop, i.e., my body just, you know, stopped. I completed remaining reps in sets of 15, 15, & 10.

Pushups went better than expected, and I completed as many as 15 unbroken reps. The 5th round was the only time that I had to complete singles. Again, wheels and bus.

I knew that I was spent when, after reaching the 4-mile mark, I walked. I walked a quarter mile. I then ran a quarter mile, ran less than a quarter mile, and walked to the parking lot. I don’t think I’ve ever consumed my recovery drink more quickly.

I like taking selfies. I particularly like taking a selfie as others are suffering, in this case Greg.