A 10-mile run. A 1-MILE RUN!


A small group of us met at the White Oak Church entrance of the American Tobacco trail for an evening run. Whilst most ran 5 or 6 miles, I ran 10, the first 5 mostly downhill and the return 5 mostly (you guessed it) uphill. Not only that, it rained during the latter part of the run. Oh, and there was thunder and lightning. Very, very frightening! I keep thinking, “If only I were running beside a tall person as they would be struck by lightning instead of me.” I perhaps started off too strong, running the first mile in 7:10. I slowed down considerably, running the first 5 miles in 40 minutes. That’s just an 8 mpm pace! I became a little upset with myself and set a goal to run a negative split, even though most of the course was uphill. I finished the 10 miles in 1:17:40, a 7:46 mpm pace. I did, however, run the last 5 miles at 7:32 mpm pace. Yay! I was soaking wet.

I wore my shorty shorts for Jaclyn. Dat ass.

I rested on Monday, even if I had to force myself to do so.


A1: Floor Press (3-3-3-3)
Start at 50% of 1RM bench press and add weight each round
A2: Farmer’s Carry (1×40 feet)

Perform 1 heavy farmer carry (1×40 feet) with 2 KBs after each round of floor presses.

What a fun workout! I completed floor press sets at 95, 115, 125, and 135#. Yay! My shoulder feels much, much better, and my strength is returning. Yay! That’s worth repeating.

I completed all rounds of farmer’s carry with 60# KBs.

B: Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

14 min AMRAP:
200m run WITH Sledgehammer
7 OHS with Sledgehammer
14 Sledgehammer swings on tire

Run holding onto SH in any manner.
Med ball REQUIRED under butt for OHS to be Rx.
Swings do NOT need to be alternating, but should have  equal # of reps for each arm.
25 burpee penalty for dropping SH onto pavement.
50 burpee penalty for swinging SH carelessly.

I worked out at 9:30 and was joined by many unimportant people — and Ruby’s mom!

I used a 10# SH and completed all rounds of activities in unbroken reps. Someone knocked over my stack of poker chips but, as I had completed more rounds and reps than Ruby’s mom and she had been keeping score, I was able to determine that I completed 9 rounds + 1 rep.

That’s 1.25 mile run, 63 OHs, and 127 SH swings. And I didn’t set down the SH one time.

Whilst not overly challenging, the metcon was nonetheless much fun.


Metcon (Time)

AFAP – 40 min time cap
Complete the following activities in order.  You must complete each activity before moving on to next one.

75 Power Cleans (95)
75 Back Squats (95)
75 Push-ups
75 Pull-ups
Run 1 mile

Jeff is still in Mexico so is unable to complete his own WOD. This is my favorite workout so far! I worked out at 6 and Coach Nick led the session. It’s always a good session when Nick is coaching!

I set up my barbell in 7303, along with Fernando and Pete, as I wanted to be away from others who, you know, might be watching me like white on rice. The few times I did glance in the direction of 7301 I did notice a few sets of eyes glancing my way.

I completed the first 15 PCs in unbroken reps, and for the remaining reps only dropped the bar from the top when completing last rep of set. The fewest that I completed any set was 3, if I recall correctly.

I like posing for pictures but perhaps I should do so less frequently. I noticed Coach Nick getting ready to take my picture whilst I was completing a set of PCs — and I lost count! I thought, “Was that 45 or 35? Dammit, even if it was 45 I’ve got to count it as 35 just to be sure.” It’s very likely that I completed 85 PCs.

Heather began her pushups before I did, but I was able to complete 75 reps ahead of her. I was the first on the pull-up bar, and began with 10 unbroken reps and ended with 5 singles. But it happened again. Luke was beside me and I suggested that Nick take our picture. “Was that 38 or 28? Dammit, I’ve got to count it as 28.” It’s very likely that I completed 85 pull-ups. I was nonetheless the first to begin the run, glancing at Ruby’s mom as I exited the box, and ran 1/2 mile when I was joined by Heather. The start of the run was painful, but once I settled into my breathing and pacing running felt wonderful. I love running. I might not have mentioned that before.

Time = 27:24


I ran “with” Ruby’s mom. Yup, I ran backwards, taunting her each and every step. Ha!

Steve Dodge (#poorstevedodge) said, “It was demoralizing to see you start the run when I was still doing pull-ups.” “Good,” I replied, “that was my intent.” Ha!

I was feeling particularly energetic this morning, so I completed a modified workout at the 9:30 session. The lovely Kelli was at my side for the first two activities and Luke was at my side for all activities.

Whilst coaching Alex at 8:30 I captured this wonderful pics.


Metcon (Time)

75 deadlifts (135#)
75 box jumps (24″)
75 burpees
75 ring rows with feet elevated 
Run 1 mile

Yup, similar rep scheme. I began with 15 deadlifts and completed no less than 10 a set. I began with 25 box jumps and rebounded each and every rep. I began with just 10 burpees but than completed no less than 15 and as many as 20 a set.

Ring rows were the most challenging, as my arms were quite tired, you know, from all of the pushups, pull-ups, and burpees. I began with 10 and did no fewer than 2 (the last 8 reps) a set. I ran a slow mile.

Time = 31:02

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