I Almost Killed Greg


Metcon (Time)
21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of:
Dumbbell burpee / hang squat clean / thrusters*

* Combined weight of DBs = 35% bodyweight.

I used 25# dumbbells, and 50# was plenty heavy enough.

I worked out at 9:30 and the session was led by Coach Josh. I was feeling somewhat sore at the start of the session and, as is often the case, felt much better by the end of the session.

This was based on a main site WOD, and it was tough. It. Was. Tough.

The only rounds of DB burpee + hang squat clean + thruster that I completed in unbroken reps were the first and last rounds of 21 & 3, respectively. There were times when I had to have somewhat lengthy discussions with myself. Why, you ask? Because I was tempted to quit and post DNF on the whiteboard. There were quite a few occasions when I’d briefly “rest” on the floor. Ha!

I completed the rounds of 21, 18, & 9 pull-ups in sets of 2, the rounds of 15 & 12 in sets of 2, and the rounds of 6 & 3 in unbroken reps.

Time = 24:XX (Wodify is down so I’m unable to look up time.)

That’s 84 reps.

I joined the endurance athletes for hill repeats. Hill repeats! That was worth repeating, as I love hill repeats.

We ran up to 20, 100m intervals, including downhill and skipping. My fastest uphill and downhill were 16 & 14, respectively.


Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)

5-minute AMRAP

– 7 burpee over bar
– 7 power cleans (95)
*rest 2 minutes*
5-minute AMRAP
– 5 burpee over bar
– 5 power cleans (115)
*rest 2 minutes*
5-minute AMRAP
– 3 burpee over bar
– 3 power cleans (135)
As reps decrease, weight increases.

I coached at 6, 7, & 8:30 and planned on working out at 9:30. ‘Twas a very full house at that time and Luke was adamant that he take me for a walk on the ATT. Yup, that’s what we did. As it was Coach Evelyn’s workout I asked her what sessions she was going to attend so that I could work out with her, and that’s what I did We were joined by Susan for the 4pm session led by Coach Marni.

This was truly a fun metcon! I exceeded my expectations.

I set a goal to complete 5, 6, & 7 rounds each of the subsequent 5-min AMRAPs, and to complete all rounds of 7 @ 95# and 5 @ 115#  PCs in unbroken reps.

I worked steadily, taking my time with burpees so as to not be too gassed when completing power cleans. I completed  5 + 4, 6 + 3, & 7 + 4 reps per round. I exceeded my goal. I also completed all rounds of 7 @ 95# and 5 @ 115# in unbroken reps.

That’s a total of 96 burpees & 87 power cleans.

Post-Metcon Coach Marni asked, “Is there anything you’d like to say to Coach Evelyn?” I slow a kiss (center picture) and said, “I liked the workout!”

I really did like the workout.

Score = 183 

CFS had our monthly gathering and attendees were serenaded by Coach Doza (bongos), Iris (voice and ukulele), and Stephen (acoustic guitar); they composed the group Gym and the Hollow Rocks. They covered GNR (Sweet Child of Mine), BJ (Living on a Prayer), and Adele (Hello). ‘Twas a wonderful evening!

Greg (my least favorite Kanellis) and Kelly were in attendance and, knowing what Saturday’s WOD was, I called “dibs” on Greg. Poor Greg.


Metcon (Time)
In Teams of 2
50 wall ball shots (20 & 10)
50 inverted burpees
50 10m shuttle sprints
50 push presses (95)
50 thrusters
50 push presses
50 10m shuttle sprints
50 inverted burpees
50 wall ball shots

Partners must take turns completing 5 reps (no more, no less) per turn.

There was some confusion at the onset of the session (led by Coach Jay) and Greg thought that I was going to partner with Ruby’s mom. Nope, wasn’t going to happen. I had already called on dibs and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What a fun metcon! For me, but perhaps not for Greg.

Greg began and we took turns completing 5 wall ball shots, always moving to the right on the final rep so that partner could catch the ball and not have to pick it up off of the floor. Greg was much better at catching the ball and immediately beginning wall ball shots than was I. We nonetheless worked well together through wall ball shots, inverted burpees, and sprints.

Greg began push presses and we again worked well together, even passing off the barbell after 5th rep of each set. I could tell Greg was getting somewhat winded. Yes, somewhat. Let’s go with that.

Even though I completed last set of push presses I began round of thrusters, completing my requisite 5 reps, as Greg was kneeling on the floor and looked, well, like he was going to hurl. I encouraged him and he completed 5 reps. I allowed him to rest as long as needed, and this turned out to be quite a long time between sets. We made it through the thrusters and began next round of push presses. I completed 5 reps and waited for Greg to do the same. I asked him how he was and he replied, “Not well.” I got Coach Jay’s attention and yelled, “Man down!” We discussed options and Coach Jay rightly encouraged me to complete Greg’s reps. I didn’t complete all of them, as Greg was able to recover somewhat. In retrospect it’s likely that I completed 35 reps.

I completed fast shuttle sprints. Greg completed shuttle sprints. We both completed inverted burpees.

The medicine ball got very sweaty during final round of wall ball shots. Whilst I caught the ball after the 5th reps of each of Greg’s sets, Greg, well, often allowed the medicine ball to drop to the floor. Poor guy!

We nonetheless completed the workout in 29:30. Good times, good times. We were both kind of spent.

Luke and Stevie provided post-WOD support. And sloppy kisses.

I took selfies of Greg and me as well as Laurie and me and Ruby’s mom and me.


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