An 11-mile run. An 11-mile run!


I began the day by taking Luke and Stevie for a nice, long walk. I have never seen two dogs that get along as splendidly as do the two of them. It warms my heart!

I coached the morning session (“Helen”) and assisted Coach Nick with CrossFit Kids. As I was in need of gels and socks, I visited Bull City Running, the best shoe store in the Triangle. Uhm, I bought a pair of shoes. Uhm, make that two pair.

I expected a larger group to participate, but alas it was just Brian & Alex, Kevin, Drew, Melissa & Roger, and me. Brian and Alex joined me for the first half mile and Brian managed to hang on for another mile and a half. I noticed the he was carrying his iPhone but wasn’t aware that he had taken pictures. Ha!

I ran the next 9 miles solo. Uhm, I hadn’t realized that I’d run out of trail, so when I reach the trail head I ran a quarter mile up and back. I focused on breathing (every fourth or third step) and glanced at watch to note quarter mile splits. I usually ran around 1:5o but at times ran as slow as 2:00 – that’s an 8 mpm pace. And that’s slow.

There were quite a few times when I wanted to just stop and walk, but I did not. I confused a get at the halfway point and drank and entire bottle of 20 oz. of water. I reach the 10-mile mark at 1:17:36 compared to 1:17:40 last week (4 whole seconds faster!). I ran the last laborious mile in 7:20. Not bad. Not great, but not bad.

Time = 1:24:56

I run half marathons faster than that. I keep reminding myself that I’m putting in a good base. You please keeping reminding me as well.


Hang Power Clean (Establish baseline 1RM)

I set a goal to match previous PR os 155# and I met that goal. I’m looking forward to regaining some of strength gains that I’ve, well, lost.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

13-min AMRAP
5 hang power cleans @ 65% of HPC 1RM
10 pistols/leg
60-second side plank hold (alternating left and right sides)

This was fun! I completed PCs at 100# and completed all rounds in unbroken reps. Ten pistols per leg, whilst challenging, was doable. I completed the first round in sets of 5/leg, i.e., 5 right, 5 left, 5 right, & 5 left. I completed the second round by completing all 10 reps/leg, the first time I’ve been able to do that. Yay! I completed the third and fourth rounds by completing 6 and the 4 reps per leg. I can’t even remember the fifth set, I only recall that I finished the last rep with just about 3 seconds remaining on the clock.

Uhm, side planks presented little challenge.

Score = 5 rounds + 15 reps

30 PCs, 60 pistols/leg, and 5 minutes of plank hold.


Push Press (Establish baseline 3RM)

I attended the 9:30 session led by Coach Deborah. As my shoulders are feeling better, and as 3RM push press is included in this strength cycle, I completed. I began at a mere 75#, then did sets of 3 reps @ 85, 95, 115, 125, & 130#. I failed last rep the first time I attempted 130#. Coach Nick, who was also working out at that time, asked, “Is it your left shoulder?” “No,” I replied, “it’s my right shoulder.”

Or is it both? Regardless, I was pleased that I was finally able to lift anything of some substantive weight off of my shoulders.

As much as I wanted to complete metcon, I knew better than to do so, as I need to ease into handstand pushups. K? K.

I’ve decided that I will complete endurance workouts Tuesdays and Thursdays, following my own programming. That means I’ll be running at least three days a week. Yay! I wore my other new pair of racing flats.

A: Metcon (Distance)
Sprint tabata
Work 40 sec; rest 20
B: Metcon (Distance)
Sprint tabata
Work 30 sec; rest 15
C: Metcon (Distance)

Sprint tabata
Work 20 sec; rest 10
Rest 4 minutes between tabatas

I arrived at the American Tobacco Trail at close to 11 am. The weather was a “cool” 84 degrees.

My goal was to run the same distance each 40-, 30-, and 20-second interval. And I did! As with any tabata, the fifth and sixth intervals are usually the most difficult.

I took a breath every fourth step for A, every third step for B, and every third or second stop for C. Fun!

If I had to choose the most challenging (A, B, or C) tabata I wouldn’t be able to do so. Seriously. Sprinting at 90 – 95% effort for 40 seconds is difficult, but the 20 seconds of rest was wonderful! Sprinting at that effort for 20 seconds is somewhat easier, but 1o seconds felt like little to no recovery.


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