Ruby’s mom, Jaclyn, was kind enough to join me for the Pride Run. And what a fun run it was! We picked up our bibs and I was delighted to discover that my number was 690. Ha!

I wore running shorts, CrossFit Pride tee, and Altra shoes.

I stretched and warmed up before the race started just after 8:30. The race began at the corner of West Main and Campus Drive and proceeded East around the running track of Duke East Campus to Campus Drive. Runners then turned around and returned to the start/finish. The course wasn’t closed, but there weren’t many runners or walkers along the way.

I started with the lead pack of about 5. I was dropped at about 3/4 miles but the lead pack was still within sight. As it was an out and back course, it was easy to gauge the competition. At the turnaround, i.e., 1.6 miles, I knew that I’d be able to easily pass the runner in 4th place, and that’s what I did. I caught up to and passed the runner in 3rd place before the the 2-mile mark. It was a boost of confidence to pass runners who had initially passed me. I was able to keep the 2nd place runner in my sight but was unable to catch him by the finish.

I’ve certainly lost some of my speed on shorter distance races, and I have no desire to train to run much faster. Ha! With age comes wisdom.

Time | 20:23
Pace | 6:34 mpm
Splits | 6:11, 6:49, 6:45, :37 (.1 mile)
Avg. foot strikes/minute | 1:86


In teams of 2 alternating activities EXCEPT running complete 8 rounds of 13 reps of the following as fast as possible:
— boX jumps (24/20)
— wAll balls (20/14 & 10/9)
— kettle bell swiNgs (53/35)
Deadlifts (175/133)
— burpEes
Run 200m (both teammates run and must start and finish ALL rounds of 200m together)

Not a day goes by that I don’t miss Xander. Jeff and I attended the 9:45 session that Coach Deborah was kind enough to lead. Uhm, Jeff struggled today. I didn’t say a word (although my eyes spoke volumes). I completed all rounds of box jumps, wall ball shots, KB swings, and burpees as well as 2 rounds deadlifts in unbroken reps. We completed the workout in a very slow time of 36:22.

I’m watching Season 3 of Dowton Abbey. The show has reached a lull but I still look forward to every single line spoken by Maggie Smith.


I coached the 9:30 session and whilst doing so couldn’t stop thinking about running the trails. Yes, I may be once again turning into “that” guy, you know, the one obsessed with running.

I arrived at Harris Park at around 1:30, mildly stretched, and began my run.

And my legs felt like lead.

But only for two minutes!

As I know that GPS is completely unreliable, I decided to run for 90 minutes, running “up”  and “back” 45 minutes. I also made sure to carry hydration, and I’m glad that I did.

Running felt incredible, and I ran into nary a soul during the run. I ran along the Peninsula trail until, well, there wasn’t any trail left. I then ran alongside the main road, traversing to almost the main entrance before 45 minutes had passed. I then set a goal to have a negative split, knowing that I’d have to pick up the pace if I were to achieve this goal. I reached the start/finish in 1:27:36, so I ran 2:24 faster on the return. Yay!

Uhm, according to the Garmin it took me almost 90 minutes to run 8.61 miles. Ha! Uhm, according to the Garmin my splits were 10:23, 10:37, 10:38, 10:32, 9:02, 10:44, 10:33, and 9:18. I was not under tree cover when I ran the 9:02 mile. Ha! I ran the last .61 in 5:14. If I ran a 8:30 mpm pace than I ran at least 10 miles. Even if I ran an unimaginable 9 mpm pace I ran more than 9.75 miles. Let’s take this even further… Suppose that I ran a 9:30 mpm pace than I ran 9 and a quarter miles. But the Garmin recorded 8.61.

When I zoom in to Google maps I see many straight lines. The course has many turns and twists. In addition, it appears that I ran different trails up and back, i.e., the lines don’t overlap. That may explain things.

Out and Back
Zoomed In View

So maybe I’ll register for some trail races. Maybe.


Hang Power Clean (3 X 3 @ 80%, 3 X 2 @ 90%, 1 X 2 @ 95%)

Lifts felt heavy today, as was to be expected. I completed the last set at 140#, which coincidently is how much I now weigh.

Metcon (14 Rounds for reps)

14-min EMOM; work 30 seconds and rest 30 seconds
Odd-# minutes:
– 1 clean @ 80% of HPC 1RM
– max rep double unders
Even-# minutes:
– 1 box jump (30/24)
– max rep wall ball shots (20/14 & 10/9)

‘Twas a full house, so I set up my station near the front of the box. And this was to my detriment. I completed the first power clean and began double unders and was very distracted by others. I can’t look at anyone jumping rope when I’m jumping rope, as it throws off my rhythm. I completed 48 reps, including the clean.

I worked consistently on rounds with box jump and wall ball shots, although the placement of box wasn’t conducive to a fast transition. Dammit. I completed 15 reps 2 rounds, 14 reps 3 rounds (including the last), and 13 the remaining 2 rounds.

I was too close to barbell during a round of double unders, as I was attempting to avoid the climbing ropes, and the jumping rope got caught on the barbell. Dammit. I was then too close to the climbing ropes, as I was then attempting to avoid the barbell, and the rope hit the climbing rope and caused me to fail. Dammit. I completed 48, 40, 30 (barbell), 46, 42, 44, & 37 (climbing rope) reps. Dammit, dammit, dammit.

Score = 385 reps

What a fun and very challenging metcon!


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

12-minute Tabata
Rotate through following 3 activities
– Floor presses (@ 80% of push press 3RM)
– Pull-ups
– Toes to bar

I worked out at 9:30, and what a fun tabata it was. Gah!

I can’t recall exact reps of the 3 activities. I started off strong and, well, didn’t finish strong. I lost the sheet of paper that I used to record rounds. If I recall correctly, I completed 28 total reps the first round and had dropped to 18 the last round. I completed more than 1o floor presses the 1st round and just 6 the last round. Toes to bar fell apart, and I was doing singles by the 3rd round. I’m also still protecting the shoulder.

Luke was by my side.

Total = 182 reps


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)
25 minute AMRAP
150m sprints @ 85-90% effort

Rest 2x 150m sprint time

Running immediately after consuming lunch (salad, bunless burger, sweet potato fries) may not have been the best idea.

I ran a 150m measured course on the ATT that was slightly uphill odd- and slightly uphill even-numbered rounds. The first 2 warm up intervals were 36 and 35 seconds, and then I found my pace. All uphill intervals were 28 or 29 (there may have been a 27) seconds and downhill were 26 or 27 (there may have been a 25) seconds. I always began on the top or at the bottom of the minute, in other words I rested a few seconds longer than prescribed.

I ran a total of 1.66 miles (2671 m) and a total of 17 intervals. Pace was between 4:38 and 5:11 mpm. That’s pretty fast for a middled-aged man, don’t you think?


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