“Recovery” Run


I’m still feeling disappointed in my Ragnar Trail Carolinas – SC race Yellow Loop performance. I know, I know — get over it.

I coached at 9:30 and observed CFK at 11. I was anxious to go for a run to see if I still have any speed left on these legs. I headed to Apex Lake, as: 1) I’m very familiar with the course; and 2.) the loop is just a little over 2 miles.

I wore BCR muscle shirt (because, you know, I have muscles), shorty running shorts, and Nike racing shoes.

Whilst the course does have mile markers, I used my Garmin to measure distance instead. And something might be amiss. The loop is a little over 2 miles but I ran a little more than the length of the course until Forerunner displayed 2 miles. This happened 3 times. At least the Forerunner is consistent!

I set a goal to run 2 miles in 14 minutes, i.e., 7 mpm pace. I also only allowed myself to look at the watch a maximum of 4 times whilst running, with the exception of the last .1 mile.

I set off at a good pace, first breathing every 4th step and then quickly transitioning into breathing every 3rd step. Running felt wonderful! No aches or pains. I glanced at my watch at about .75 miles (just after jumping over a fallen tree) and again when it displayed mile split of 7:07, “Okay,” I thought, “just 7 seconds under pace. I can make up for it. Is this Forerunner accurate?” I glanced at the clock once more at about the 1.75 mile mark, and then when I was approaching what I thought was the finish, i.e., near where I started. Uhm, and I ran past what I thought would be the finish. Yup, the loop is supposedly more than 2 miles but I ran farther than the distance of the loop. The time was 14:04, an average of 7:01 mpm. Dammit! I know, I know, it’s just 2 seconds. I know, I know, it’s likely that the Forerunner was incorrect.

I rested for about a minute. Whilst walking back to the start I recalled that I changed the setting on the Forerunner to display average pace per mile. I had forgotten to glance at that number during the first 2-mile run. I decided to glance at the watch occasionally during this 2-mile run.

And I ran much faster, running mile 1 in 6:52 and mile 2 in in 6:45; thus running 2 miles in 13:39. Yay! (I passed a pair of runners, male and female, during the last 1/2 mile. He yelled “Show off!” I wasn’t sure if he was trying to be funny. I ignored the comment nonetheless.) Perhaps the only difference was that I was more warmed up and relaxed during the 2nd run. I also ran the entire distance breathing every 3rd step.

I rested for about a minute and then began my 3rd loop, this time alternating running backwards and forwards every .10 mile. What fun! It took me 19:36 to run the distance.

I love running.



Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
9-min AMRAP
– 12 anchored toes to bar
– 9 S2O (65#)
– 6 box jump overs (20″)
– 3 burpee pull-ups

This is the 5th workout of the Lurong Challenge, and it was the easiest of the workouts thus far. Kevin S. was kind enough to judge reps during 9:30 session.

I moved quickly and tried to transition from one activity to the next, although I sometimes felt I was traversing an obstacle course. For example, after jumping off of box last rep I’d then have to jump over barbell to get to pull-up rig.

During the 1st or 2nd round of S2O Kevin shouted a warning. I didn’t understand what he meant until my barbell crashed agains the pull-up rig.

I completed all rounds in unbroken reps. From easiest to most difficult: anchored toes to bar, burpee pull-ups, S2O, and box jump overs. Box jump overs! I know not why they were so taxing today.

With mere seconds remaining, I jumped over the barbell and ran to the pull-up rig. I completed 2 burpee pull-ups, threw my chest to the floor, jumped up, and my left hand missed the pull-up rig. Dammit.

Score = 209 reps (one burpee pull-up shy of 7 complete rounds)


As mentioned above, I was very disappointed in performance for 5.5-mile Yellow loop. The results have been posted, and Team Bull City Track Club ranked 1st in category (male sub/masters), 2nd in gender (all males), and 4th in overall position. I’m happy! I then looked at times for lap 14, the Yellow loop, and I posted the 2nd fastest time, and was just 2 minutes slower than the fastest time run by winning team. I feel a little better about my performance now.

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