Challenge X 2


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Row 500m
40 goblet squats (35)
30 wall sit-ups
20 pushups
10 pull-ups

I coached Sunday and then went for a 2-mile recovery run around the neighborhood. I was surprised when I ran a 7:30 mpm pace. Have I mentioned how much I enjoy running? Have I? HAVE I?!

Monday was the deadline to complete the Lurong Living Championship Challenge Baseline Retest. I remember how difficult this workout was, and I wasn’t looking forward to completing. Uhm, particularly not with tired legs. I had completed the workout in 10:4o; thus I set a goal to complete the retest in a faster time. The only problem with completing the workout in such a fast time the first go around is, well, I’d have to complete it even faster.

Must. Learn. To. Sandbag.

I knew that I’d have to complete goblet squats, as well as sit-ups and pull-ups, in unbroken reps. I also knew that I’d have to row at at least a 1:50 meters/minute pace and that I’d have to rest very little whilst completing dreaded pushups.

So that’s what I did. I also focused on very fast transitions. For example, after completing last sit-up I’d roll into plank position and immediately begin pushups.

The second row was miserable.

Time = 10:06 

That’s just 34 seconds faster, but I’ll take it.


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
8-min AMRAP
– 5 deadlifts (95#)
– 4 hang cleans
– 3 front squats
– 2 shoulder to overhead
– 1 ground to overhead

I rested Tuesday. Because I needed to. The older I become the more important rest becomes. I listen to my body ,and when it’s not saying, “Gurl, you look goooood!” it’s saying “Rest. Just rest.”

The very last workout of the Championship Challenge. I was both excited and anxious, as I knew how difficult the workout would be. I completed 10 rounds + 5 deadlifts and 1 HPC for total of 159 reps. I set a goal to complete 11 rounds. I also wore my Championship Challenge tee!

And I almost made it. Dammit.

Amy was kind enough to judge me. Unlike last time, I wore weightlifting shoes (for no other reason than my Nike Metcons were hurting my left foot).

I completed the first 2 rounds without putting down the bar until after 2nd shoulder to overhead. I completed all ground to overhead reps as power clean & jerks.

For remaining rounds I dropped the bar after 4th deadlift. I was doing pretty well until about round 7 or 8 when I failed the 4th hang power clean. Yup, ’twas my left arm. Dammit.

Sometimes the body does what the body does, and this happened to me the very last round. I completed 2 front squats and a thruster, and I dropped the bar from the top. That meant that I had to complete a power clean and jerk for 2nd rep of shoulder to overhead. This also meant that I didn’t have time to complete very last rep of 11th round. I was just 1 rep shy. So close!

Uhm, my face.


Score = 164 reps

Both Brooklyn and Ruby visited the box today! Luke sometimes gets a little jealous.

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