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I did indeed run Wednesday. Jaclyn met me at Harris Lake Park and we planned on going for a 4+ mile run. Unfortunately, she fell midway through the run. She’s swolt. Her ankle, that is. (Plenty of time to recover before Ragnar, Jaclyn.) I ran 2.5 miles, but I’m not even going to log…

I needed the distraction, as I dropped off Luke at the vet for his surgery. I’m an emotional wreck when he’s not with me, I truly am. I had a very sleepless night. I was counting down the hours until 10 am when I could pick up Luke.


I didn’t want to stray far away from the vet, so I decided to go for a run at Bond Park. It was whilst running that it dawned on me why I run at Bond Park so infrequently: running at the park reminds me of both Maddie and Xander. The first home that Jeff and I shared was very near to the park, so I Maddie and I often went for walks there. Xander and I went for many, many runs at the park, and it’s impossible for me to not be constantly reminded of him at every turn.

I ran a little over just under 5.5 miles at an 8:19 mpm pace. As the terrain changed, so did my pace, as mile 1 was @ 9:02 (although Garmin may have been inaccurate as it often is when running winding trails) yet I ran mile 4 @ 7:35 mpm pace. Two men and their two off leash dogs were on the trail and one of the dogs starting following me. I stopped, greeted him, and walked him back to his owner. I also stayed and chatted a bit, but didn’t stop my watch. Ha! Average pace was probably closer to 8:15, and that’s not bad for this trail.

Why do I say that? Because the trail has changed dramatically since when I used to run there regularly, with many more exposed roots and exposed terrain. I liked it!

I miss Maddie and Xander terribly. I did break down a few times whilst running.

I picked up Luke and 10 am (the earliest I could get him) and spent the rest of the day with him. Mere words can’t describe how relieved I am to have him once again by my side.


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
25-min AMRAP
– 25 steps single-arm dumbbell overhead lunges (35#)
– Row 25 calories
– 25 weighted sit-ups (35#)

Alternate arms each round, i.e., you may not switch arms whilst lunging

I’m so happy that Luke is home and on the mend! I moved the twin bed to the family room and Luke slept by my side. I coached at 6, 7, & 8:30, spent time with Luke, had a very nice lunch with a friend, spent more time with Luke, and then worked out at 4. At 4! I seldom work out at that time. Coach Marni did a great job leading the session, and I was joined by both Coach Nick and Coach Jay. Yay! I haven’t worked out with either of them in quite a long time, and it was nice to have a little friendly competition.

I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to hold the 35# overhead, particularly with left arm. I was happy when, after warming up, the dumbbell felt secure.

I worked out closest to the garage door. Nick began his lunges at the other end of the box whilst Jay began lunges beside me. (I’m not sure why, as his rower was closer to the other side of the box.) I completed the first round of lunges without resting, i.e., lowering the dumbbell, as did Jay and Nick. Thus, we were all on the rowers at the same time. I began lunges with left arm thinking that I might be able to 6 rounds (some folks completed 5 rounds and began 6th). I ensured that I held dumbbell overhead with left arm for odd- and right arm for even-numbered rounds. I’d lunged toward the front of the box 14 or 15 steps, turn around and rest my arm for a moment, and then lunge toward starting point.

I hate rowing. I particularly hate rowing for calories, for try as I might I am unable to consistently row a calorie per stroke. Most rounds it took me 27 or 28 strokes to row 25 calories. Dammit.

If there’s one thing that I can do both quickly and consistently, it’s sit-ups. Holding the dumbbell, however, was a little challenging, as I often felt like I had to protect my junk. I’d find myself cupping the bottom of the dumbbell. I completed all rounds in unbroken reps. I forgot to use Bodyglide, so my ass is chapped.

It’s hard not to be competitive when you notice others occasionally glancing your way. Or was I glancing toward Nick and Jay? I took the lead during the 2nd round and kept the lead to the finish.

I mentioned that I began with weakest arm. I also ended with weakest arm, as there was a little more than 2 minutes remaining when I completed 6th round. I lunged toward the front of the box 14 steps, rested momentarily, and managed to lunge toward the start the remaining steps. With less than 30 seconds remaining I quickly got on the rower and managed to row 6 calories.

Score = 6 rounds + 31 reps

The time went by quickly, and I enjoyed this metcon much more than I thought I would.

I find that making a fist helps me keep tight whilst lunging.


I met Alex and Brian and Harris Lake Park for a loop run, and it was fun! Brian had a much more reliable GPS device with him and recorded 4.9 miles. I knew I was running fast and completing the course in 37:37, a 7:40 mpm pace. Even if the course was 4.8 that’d be a 7:50 mpm pace. What if the course was a conservative 4.7, you ask? That’d be an 8 mpm pace. I’m pleased.

I wore CFS tee, bright yellow shorts (so that Alex and Brian could possibly see me better), and Altra trail shoes.

I had contemplated running the course again but instead headed home, deciding at the last minute to avoid 1 and 540 and instead take the side roads. Uhm, and I just so happened to drive by an entrance to the American Tobacco Trail. I thought, “Why not go for another run?”

I had changed shirts but still wore shorts (obviously) and Altra trail shoes. The trail shoe certainly did kick up the dirt and gravel! I set a goal to run 7:45 mpm pace, and did indeed run the first mile at exactly that pace. I became a little peeved with myself when I ran the second mile in a slow 7:58 mpm pace. Dammit. I picked up the pace and ran the third mile in 7:12 and the last tent of a mile in 44 seconds. Time = 23:39 and pace = 7:38 mpm. Not blazingly fast, but I also wasn’t running a race.

I can tell that Luke is quite bored and very annoyed with the cone. I look for opportunities to remove the cone but can only allow him to be cone-free until he starts licking the staples. Poor baby!

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