Three-Week Checkup

Why haven’t I blogged? Because I haven’t worked out since prior to ACDF surgery. I’m. Going. Out. Of. My. Mind.

The only activity that is allowed is walking, so I’ve been doing much of that, and pain-free, I might add.

Today was my first post-op followup. And, as was to be expected, it was a success.

Here are my X-rays:


Notice the two dots on the left X-ray. The doctor told me that the pins were inserted so that they could see them on an X-ray. I honestly don’t know if he was kidding, but I laughed nonetheless. Notice the two sideways “V”s on the X-ray to the right. Yup, I’m now bionic!

I am healing nicely, and the doctor was very pleased with my progress thus far.

Doctor: Tell me about what’s happened since your surgery. Have you experienced any pain?
Me: No. I took Oxycontin for the first two days and I’ve taken Tylenol two or three times at the most.
Doctor: You only took Oxycontin for two days? Most patients are on Oxycontin for two or three months, so that’s good. 

I can’t imagine taking Oxycontin for a week let alone months. Yup, I have control issues.

I am forbidden from doing an upper body movements until mid-February. I’m also discouraged from running until mid-February. I am allowed to complete bodyweight squats and lunges and to use stationary bike or elliptical machine. I’m not a fan of the stationary bike or elliptical machine. I’m going to be doing a tremendous amount of walking.

I am no longer required to wear that neck brace when I’m home, and am only truly required to wear it when I drive or am a passenger in a car or when there’s a chance that I might be jostled. I didn’t wear this evening whilst coaching. It felt wonderful to not be constrained.

Don’t jostle me. I mean it.


I was contacted by a gentleman who informed me that he continues to hear wonderful things about the training that I developed and delivered for Campbell Alliance (my former employer). I agreed to a brief conversation, which took place today. We talked and, well, I’m considering offering contractual training. And I’m kinda sorta excited about maybe possibly developing and delivering training.

I’m truly as surprised by that as you are.