Reminiscing Whilst Running Sycamore

It’s been a few days since I’ve posted, although I have both worked out and run since my last post. I’ve also watched the entire season of Chewing Gum and I’m currently watching season 2 of Shameless. My favorite line from CG is “Do you have any fucks you can give me? Because I’m all out of fucks to give.” I’m looking for the perfect opportunity to use this line. Perhaps this weekend at the going away party.

We’ve officially made the offer on the Asheville home! Our Apex home was inspected yesterday. I’m keeping my fingers crossed until due diligence expires.

Today I ran at Umstead Park, my old stomping grounds. Uhm, I haven’t run there in years. Whilst running I was flooded with memories, including:

  • Running with Brian. We’d usually run together 3 or 4 times a week. Our conversations and discussions were always interesting.
  • Meeting with a group of Raleigh Running Outfitters runners most Saturdays and/or Sundays. Sam, John, Greg, Jim, to name a few.
  • Racing the Umstead Marathon three times, placing 2nd two times and then finally winning. And never running the race again.
  • Running with Xander. He loved being off leash and running with a group!
  • Always being the front runner. As I kinda sorta like running through spiderwebs, this was even more fun.
  • Falling and breaking the pinky finger of my right hand.

I dislike the expression “I know that like I know the back of my hand.” I don’t know the back of my hand very well. I know the trails at Umstead much better than I know the back of my hand, and I remembered just about every twist and turn of Sycamore Trail! I initially set out to run five miles but five quickly turned into 10. If I had brought hydration I would’ve run even more.

Today marks the 25th anniversary of Wade, my first partner’s, death. To say that I’m an emotional wreck would truly be an understatement. I vividly recall being with him as he took his last breath. There has not been a day gone by since his death of melanoma that I haven’t thought of him. That’s over 9,000 days. I didn’t invite anyone to join me for the run as I knew I’d need the time to both reminisce and process.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t like a good selfie.



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