Time Flies

Wednesday, January 25 | Karen Meets Annie

I attended the 6 am session and judged Brad C.’s performance. I attempted a few wall ball shots using 14# medicine ball and 10′ target and decided it’d be best if I didn’t complete the workout. At least for the time being.

I did, however, join the group for the warm up. Jaclyn and Laurie began couch stretch and I weaseled my way between them. Laurie is exceedingly flexible. Someone asked, “Are you double jointed?” “No,” she replied. I said, “I’ll be double jointed in about a week when I move to Asheville.” Get it? Good. Going on.

I needed to work out, so I went to the box before coaching the 4 pm session and completed the following:

Wall ball shots (10# & 9′)
Double unders
Wall Abmat sit-ups

My goal was to complete all rounds in unbroken reps. As I haven’t completed double unders since the surgery almost 10 weeks ago, I considered this a lofty goal. I completed all wall ball shots and sit-ups in unbroken reps as well as the rounds of 30, 20, & 10 double unders. I missed the 40th and the 30th reps during the round of 50 and 40 double unders, respectively. Not bad, folks. Not bad.

Time = 13:57

Not bad, folks. Not bad.

Although I planned on running or working out Thursday it just didn’t happen, as I’ve been immersed in preparing for the move.

Friday, January 27 | Peninsula Trail

For a slight change of pace, I ran at Harris Lake sans watch. I wanted to run based on effort and not pace. And what a wonderful run it was! I ran a little over 5 miles and the time flew. Those who know me well know that I enjoy running solo almost as much as better than I enjoy running with a group. Did I just say that? It might depend upon who I’m running with…

Our home has officially sold, i.e., we are no longer under due diligence! As I expected this to happen it’s nonetheless a very welcome relief.

The house is quite empty. The movers pack all of our belongings (sans plants and a few miscellaneous items) a week from today. I drive to Asheville early the morning of February 6 with dog and (bad) kitties in tow, close on the house, and then await delivery of belongs on the 7th. I’ll install alarm system, meet with custom closet designers Wednesday and Thursday, and then do a shitload of unpacking. Jeff will be out of town until February 18th. I don’t know who I feel most sorry for: him or me.

Me. I feel most sorry for me.



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