I’m counting down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds before the move to Asheville. Mere words can’t describe my excitement! I have been far less excited about CrossFit, and that’s to be expected.

I worked out Saturday, January 28, although I didn’t complete the prescribed team WOD. I’m following doctor’s orders. I’m as surprised as you!

20-min AMRAP
3 pull-ups
5 hand release pushups
7 Abmat sit-ups
9 (sometimes jumping) air squats
12 double unders

This was just what the doctor ordered (if I were a doctor). This is the firs workout I’ve completed since November of last year that included pull-ups and pushups. It was a tremendous relief to know that I was able to complete all rounds with full range of motion and in unbroken reps! Luke was often by my side, and I played with him whilst completing sit-ups and air squats; thus the jumping air squats. I love that dog.

Score = 14 rounds = 1 rep; 43 pull-ups, 70 pushups, 98 sit-ups, 126 air squats, and 168 double unders

I needed that.

Jeff is biased, as he should be. I was nonetheless touched when he said the following: As you’re not coaching very many sessions I haven’t had much of an opportunity to be coached by you in the recent past. Attending sessions led by other coaches has made me truly appreciate what a good coach you are.

I almost cried. Almost.

Jeff and I went furniture shopping and then enjoyed a delightful meal at Provincial in downtown Apex. It was a wonderful day!

I was wide awake at 5:30 am Sunday morning, January 29. I watched an episode of “Shameless” and began to remove pictures from the walls. The house is looking rather empty.

Laurie and Wayne joined me for a trail run at Harris Lake. I arrived early to get in some extra miles, running the Peninsula Trail loop clockwise. For whatever reason, I enjoy running the trail counterclockwise more. Oh, I ran clockwise with Laurie and Wayne.

There were quite a few times when running felt absolutely effortless, almost as if my feet weren’t touching the ground. It’s no wonder that I love running.

I ran just under 10 miles.

I’m very excited about the upcoming Ragnar Trail Race. I am, however, concerned that team members aren’t training effectively. Or at all.

Some wonderful friends hosted a going away party for Jeff and me. And what a wonderful evening it was! Two words: bread pudding.





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