Hard Time, Indeed | Beer City CrossFit | CrossFit Asheville

It’s hard to believe that we’ve lived in West Asheville for less than two weeks yet it already feels very much like home. I grow more and more fond of the house and neighborhood each and every day. Luke, Meg, and Zac have acclimated nicely, and this warms my heart.

At this moment Meg is perched on the windowsill, Zac is stretched out between my legs, and Luke is laying on the floor basking in the sun. It’s a gorgeous day, and every window in the house is open.


Thursday, February 16 | NC Arboretum and Beer City CrossFit

I rested Wednesday, and it was good. I went for an awesome afternoon run, once again at the NC Arboretum. I ran up 35 minutes and it took me a little over 23 minutes to run back. There are times when the inclines are so steep that I feel like I’m walking. Backwards. I feel like I’m walking backwards. Hard Times Hill, indeed.

Skill work was programmed at Beer City CrossFit, so I decided I’d attend to get a feel for the box. I attended the 5:30 pm session. It’s quite small, probably no more than 3K sq. ft., and is located in an industrial park. I got a little turned around getting there and arrived just after the class had started. I was very apologetic.

Abby, one of the owners, led the session, and I like her style. She’s knowledgeable and has a commanding presence. I explained my injuries and my need to not place pressure on my neck; thus, no kipping handstand pushups. Today was focused on skill building, specifically the handstand pushups, and I didn’t want to overdo it.

Abby led us all through a good warm up and then a nice HSPU progression: walk walks, kicking up, negatives, etc., and then allowed for individual practice. I haven’t completed HSPUs since November, and I was concerned that I wouldn’t have the upper body strength necessary to complete a single rep. Fortunately, I was indeed able to complete a dozen or so strict reps.

Abby and I had a lengthy discussion about CrossFit, my selling the box, and coaching opportunities at BCCF, specifically in regard to endurance.

I like Abby and I enjoyed the people I worked out with, especially newbie Lana. Uhm, as it was kind of open gym as well, there was a lot of STDBery. I also witnessed a man completing pull-ups as if her were at a globo gym: ankles crossed, elbows never fully locked out, chin never quite above the bar. Gah!

Abby invited me back and I do plan on attending a non-skills WOD. She also wants to host a Running Clinic!

Friday, February 17 | CrossFit Asheville

I had contacted CrossFit Asheville and explained that I was a seasoned CrossFitter and would be looking for a box to call home. The other CrossFits invited me to drop in for a session free of charge. CFA informed me that I’d need to purchase a tee shirt. And, is often the case, there were no men’s tee shirts in size medium. Oh, well.

I attended the 9 am session led by Marissa. She warmly welcomed me and I completed the waiver. As I was doing so a woman (whose name I still can’t recall) asked, “Is your last name Potorti?” When I said, “Yes” she said, “You were my college professor at NCSU! You were my favorite teacher, and I took three of your classes. You’re the only teacher I had whose last name I still remember.” Wow! That was very nice to hear!

Three women and one other man attended the session. The man was a STDB. More in a moment.

Marissa led us through a good stretch and then, as is often the case, what I refer to as a mini metcon: 3 rounds of 5 hollow body/back extension, 5/leg one-legged sit downs, and 5 GHD back extensions. Well, okay then!

5 reps of weighted pistols

Marissa asked if anyone had pistols and I was the only person to timidly raise my hand. STDB then said, “Well, I might have them. I don’t have ankle flexibility, so that’s the only reason I can’t usually do them.”

I completed a bodyweight set, then sets (using KBs) @ 10, 18, and 25#. Per instruction, I did not alternate legs. STDB kept looking my way and kept attempting. Marissa then encouraged him to scale.

Wall ball shots (20/10)

I told Marissa that I’d go easy and that’s just what I did. I was able to string 11 T2B together the first round, but then my shoulders began to give and I did many of the remaining reps as singles. This was the first time since surgery that I’ve completed wall ball shots at prescribed weight. Yay! All rounds in unbroken reps. I also completed pistols and burpees in unbroken reps.

Uhm, as STDB didn’t complete pistols as prescribed, he completed metcon just as I was beginning burpees. And then he cheered for me. “You got this. Come on, come on! Do it, do it, do it?” I very much wanted to stop and tell him to shut the fuck up, but I did not.

Time: 9:00

Almost forgot to mention, STDB took off his shirt before the metcon even started. Ha! He also high-fived me. Gah!

The cash out was 100 sit-ups for time. STDB at first postponed himself on the mat but then said, “We should do boy, girl, boy, girl, girl.” That’s a STDB thing to say. More than halfway through he asked, “Paul, how many do you have?” “Twenty-one remaining,” I said. Uhm, I was completing unbroken; STDB was not.

Time: 2:53

And another high-five from STDB. Dammit.

Marissa introduced me to Corey, one of the owners, and I explained my current situation. Once I get a better feel for all of the boxes in the area, I’ll then discuss coaching opportunities.

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