Summit CF and Swannanoa River

I contacted Summit CrossFit yesterday evening and received a very warm and welcoming response from Allisa, once of the co-owners. Alas, I was returning equipment to AT&T and wasn’t able to attend the 9 am session as planned. I instead attended the noon session.

Since I had between running errands but had time before the session began, Luke and I walked to the dog park. It was the very first visit where he truly played! He must be confident that I’m not going to leave him. I love that dog.

It’s about a 10-minute drive to SCF, and the box is, well, big. Bigger isn’t always better. Allisa and Matt led the session, although Allisa usually provided instruction whilst Matt demonstrated movements.

The warmup consisted of 2 minutes of rowing, some plank burpees, toe touches, and KB presses and thrusters. I didn’t feel very warmed up, but that’s okay.

Clean & Jerk
Work up to heaviest set of 2 (doesn’t have to be TNG)

I let Alissa know that I was still recovering from surgery and would be going light. And that’s what I did, completing TNG sets at 65, 75, 85, 95, & 100#. Lifts felt fine, but the clean felt much better than the jerk.

10 deadlifts (135)
9 bar burpees
8 thrusters (135)

Uhm, there was no freaking way that I was going to do thrusters at 135. Uhm, I didn’t even think it would be wise to complete reps at 95, so I scaled to a very light 85#. I’m smart like that.

Given that the weight was so light, I was able to breeze through the workout.

Time: 4:22

Could I have pushed myself and gone heavier? Yes. Would that have been wise? No. Imma gonna be practicing what I preach, bitches.

4 sets of 10 DB flies

I completed all sets using 15# dumbbells.

As I had to return home to look at custom closet layouts, I didn’t stay and talk. Alissa did invite me to attend another session, again free of charge. She was very gracious and welcoming.

But I just didn’t feel at home. Whilst a few of the 20 or so attendees did introduce themselves, that’s certainly been the exception and not the rule and this and all boxes I’ve visited.

CrossFit is all about working out in a community environment. I miss that.

So now I have to decide what box I’m going to join. And the decision has to be mine. I’m leaning toward it’s a secret and it’s also a secret.

I did some minor housework, you know, because I’m a househusband and all. It’s an amazingly wonderful day in Asheville, so I decided to go for a run. I still can’t find charger for Forerunner, so I grabbed spare watch. And the battery had died. Dammit. I thought, “Oh, well, I’ll just go for a run and see where the road takes me!”

I ran Michigan to State to Carrier Park. I then ran toward the dog park and French Broad River Park. I continued running on a single trail beside the Swannanoa River which led to Haywood and New Belgium Brewing. I hadn’t brought any cash. Dammit. Next time! I ran the course in reverse and glanced at a clock when I returned home. ‘Twas  wonderful 50-minute easy run.

I love running.

And I love this dog. And the bad kitties.


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