No Regrets?

Thursday, February 23 | Shut In

I hadn’t exercised, including running, since Monday, and I was itching to get out and enjoy the beautiful day. I once again traveled to the NC Arboretum, setting a goal to run 40 minutes out and then back, i.e., running as fast as I could on the return. I found the charger to my Forerunner! ‘Twas in my lululemon backpack and not my lululemon gym bag. Uhm, I happened upon it.

Hard Times Hill is difficult to traverse, and the single trails along the Blue Ridge Parkway even more so. It took me just under 13 minutes to run the first mile. Thirteen freaking minutes! It took me 6:20 to run the same mile downhill, and the reason I couldn’t run it any faster is that that part of the course is covered in large gravel. I’m glad I have strong ankles.

I ran 3.5 miles in 40 minutes. Uhm, I’m composing this whilst relaxing on our awesome deck on this gorgeous day, so I’m not going to go inside, retrieve my watch, and record the time. Suffice it to say that I ran 7 miles. Okay? Okay.

Friday, February 24 | CFA

I’m paying for a CrossFit membership. I shan’t blog about this face at the moment. I hope to be coaching within the next two months.

Going on.

I am now an official member of CrossFit Asheville. Why CFA? In all honesty, I chose the box because it’s so very close to our home. Of the four boxes that I visited, none were a perfect match. So…location, location, location.

I timed my leisurely walk to the box this morning and it took me about 12 minutes. I’d likely take me less than four minutes to run to the box.

Chris led the session and, for the most part, I like his coaching styles. The warmup consisted of stretching and not a mini metcon. Yay!

Strength/Skill Development

Weighted Dip (Build to a heavy single)

Uhm, as I hadn’t done a single ring dip since the surgery exactly 14 weeks ago, I let Coach Chris know that, well, I may not be able to do a single rep. I surprised myself, Chris, and Corey, a co-owner. I began with 12 and worked up to 70.5#, and that’s the score I entered. I then noticed that others were entering scores in the 1o0s, and it was then I realized we were to add body weight. I hadn’t weighed myself since before the surgery, so Chris showed me the location of the scale. I thought for sure that I had gained a few pounds, you know, because of the Hole donuts and Biscuithead biscuits. Nope, I weigh exactly 143#; thus, my ring dip was 213.5#. (It appears, however, that I may have dipped the heaviest weight. And that’s all I’ll say for the time being.)

I felt strong.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

18 minutes:
9 Burpees
9 RKBS (2/1.5)
200 m Run

I completed as prescribed, i.e., 70# Russian KB swings. This was fun! The 200m course is somewhat challenging, as it involves running in the parking lot, taking a right on Haywood, running on the sidewalk, and then turning around. Chris encouraged us to note our time after the first round and then to try to keep that pace. And that’s what I did.

I completed the first round in just under 2 minutes and set a goal to complete 9 rounds. I surpassed that goal in that I completed 9 rounds + 7 burpees. Chris was very encouraging (but not cheering) at the end. (Uhm, someone posted a higher score although they scaled and completed reverse burpees. And 22 reps. Huh? Something tells me this shit is going to be happening frequently. Let it go, Paul. Let it go…)

Luke and I then walked to the dog park, played, and walked home. For this first time in as long as I can remember, Luke played fetch, over and over and over again. He may have been showing off.

I then had a conference call with a likely client. I hope that they don’t balk at the price I’m going to be asking to develop their training.

And finally, our Apex home is now officially sold. I’m happy, relieved, and a little sad.

I grow to love our Asheville home more and more each and every day!


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