Ups and Downs

IMG_7999.JPGI didn’t CrossFit Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. I did, however, go for a very good 7-mile run at the Arboretum on Saturday. I would’ve run farther if I had remembered to wear Bodyglide. Ha!

I’m nonetheless staying active, as Luke and I have been going for an hour to a ninety-minute walk in the morning and a 30-minute walk in the evening. We’ve been known to go for three walks in a day. I want to make sure he’s getting lots of attention so we go to the dog park every other day.

Monday, February 6

Katie led the 9 am hour, and this is the first session that she’s coached that I’ve attended Leslie was the only other attendee.

Strength/Skill Development

Single Leg Deadlift (5 x 5; each leg)

I worked up to 115#.


  • Kick off shoes, for even with Nike Frees there were issues with balance
  • Focus on centering the bar over the working leg
  • Riverdance if needed
Metcon (Time)

50 Clean & Jerks* (135/95)

*EMOM:  Complete 3 T2B – starting with the T2B

I’m still trying to build my lost strength. I wasn’t, however, feeling very strong, so I settled on 75#. To make the workout a little more challenging I completed all T2B strict with straight legs. That’ll slow you down, folks! I completed all T2B in 3 unbroken reps, ensuring that I started and finished at full extension.

Time = 6:52

Tuesday, February 7

Strength/Skill Development

Hang Snatch + Snatch +  2 OHS (Build to heavy complex)

I felt tired and was, well, disinterested. Did I mention that I don’t usually look at the WOD until I arrive? The second pull caused pain, so I only worked up to 50#. You read that right. (BTW, I saw many PS + OHS for OHS.)

Metcon (Time)

Four sets for times of:
Run 400 Meters
15 Single Arm Dumbbell Thrusters
(55/35 lbs)
Rest 3 minutes
*1st round Right Arm
*2nd round Left Arm
*3rd round RA
*4th round LA

I overheard an 8:30 attendee telling Coaching Mark that the rest was too long. Uhm, the focus was to complete all 4 rounds in the same amount of time, and in order to do that, well, you need rest. Ask the coach the rationale for the programming, don’t tell them how to program.

The only issue I had was with the course, as it took me 4 rounds to finally see the mark for the turnaround. The first round I ran maybe 10m too short, and the second and third rounds I ran probably 100m too long. Ha!

I settled on 35# DBs, as we were encouraged to complete in unbroken rounds, although I observed most athletes breaking up into sets. I could’ve and maybe should’ve gone heavier.

I was referred to as “another old, fast guy.” I don’t know how I feel about that.

I did take the lead from the first round. Other athletes tried to encourage Jen, who’s known as a very fast runner, to keep up with me.

Rnd 1 = 2:07
Rnd 2 = 2:27
Rnd 3 = 2:20
Rnd 4 = 2:13 (<— Likely most accurate.)

CrossFit Surmount has many more sessions and fewer coaches. I don’t know that there is room for another coach, and I don’t know that I’m still interested in coaching. It’s been kind of nice just going to the box and working out. This certainly allows time for my other projects.

Wednesday, February 8

What another beautiful day! I ran from door to do, this time heading North toward Haywood first, running the single trail along the Swannanoa Rivers and then running through French Broad, Amboy, and Carrier Parks. ‘Twas exactly 5 miles.

I averaged 8:32 mpm pace. Given the steepness of many of the hills, I was happy with the pace.

All the hills, hills, hills, hills!

I love Asheville!

Thursday, February 9

Uhm, yeah, so I checked the schedule at CFA and was certain that there was a session at 9. As I wanted to ensure that I warmed up on my own, I arrived at 8:47 only to discover that the session had begun at 8:30. Dammit. Coach Mark invited me to warm up on my own and jump in but I informed him that there was no way that I was ever going to do that. If you’re on time, you’re late. If you’re late, don’t bother. And you only have yourself to blame if you’re late.

I would’ve attended the noon session but I had a call at 1 (that was then postponed). I would’ve attended the evening session but, well, it was too nice of a day not to run. I once again traveled to the Arboretum, as there are still many unexplored trails to explore.

I ran up Steep Hill until I reached Owls’ Ridge, and ran on that trail for the very first time. There were quite a few times when I said to myself, “It’s so fucking beautiful.” And it was. I had intended to run maybe three miles and ended up running seven and a half, averaging 8:54 mpm. Yup, there are some very steep hills and some very challenging single trails. Yay!

Friday, February 9

Sometime during the early morning hours I dreamt that I looked into the sun. ‘Twas merely a very bright flash of lightning that, even with the blinds closed, I could see behind closed eyes. Then it started thundering very loudly, perhaps the loudest thunder I’ve heard. The sound of the rain was soothing.

I awakened at 6, fed Luke and the bad kitties and then took Luke for a long walk, intending to attend the session at 9. I arrived home at 7:30, glanced at the CFA schedule, and realized that there was a session at 8. I hauled ass getting ready, and arrived at 7:55.

Uhm, I can’t remember the name of the coach.

Uhm, everyone but me wants to talk about 17.3.

Uhm, I don’t like being cheered for.

Strength/Skill Development
A1: Good Mornings (5 x 5 )

 A2: Weighted Dip (5 x 3)

I positioned the bar as if I were doing a low bar back squat and completed light reps at 44, 65, 75, 85, & 95.

I completed strict weighted ring dips beginning at 26 and ending with 53#. I could’ve gone heavier, and this came as a welcome surprise.

Metcon (Time)

40 – 30 – 20 – 10
KBS (53)
Wall balls (20 & 10)
Double unders

Lots of descending ladder metcons at CFA. As I hadn’t had anything to eat since in about 14 hours, I felt lightheaded most of the session and particularly during the metcon.

And even though I chalked my hands, I tore the skin off of what used to be a callous under my right middle finger. This happened during the round of 30 swings. Gah!

The only round I completed in unbroken reps was the very last round.

Time = 15:37

Not sure that saying “relax” is a very good coaching cue.

One thought on “Ups and Downs

  1. I feel like a I am doing just fine without you being at CFS ever day, and then I read this post. My heart aches! I know it takes time, but I hope are able to find a CrossFit home experience that is as amazing as the one you built here. You are missed!!

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