Stronger Every Day

It’s becoming an everyday occurrence that I do something amazing. (See what I did there?)

Wednesday, April 19 |Scott

I took Luke for an hour-long walk at the Arboretum. He is really enjoying walking off leash. I then purchased a Scott Genius mountain bike from Mustasheville Bikes! It’s like the bike was named after me. It’s carbon wih full-suspension and an adjustable seat. An adjustable seat! In my attempt to get my sea legs back, I went for a 90-minute ride at the Arboretum. I thought Hard Times Hills was challenging to run, but I do believe it’s even more challenging to ride. I. Love. The. Bike! I know me well enough that I need to rein in my enthusiasm and do much of my riding on service roads instead of trails. I’ll feel much more confident once clips and shoes arrive.

The scenery is stunning. I ensure that I don’t check email, Facebook, Instagram, etc. whilst walking. I will, of course, take pictures of Luke to post later in the day! I’ll also occasionally listen to a podcast. “Reveal” and “Stuff You Should Know” are two of my favorites.

THU APRIL 20, 2017 | HSPUs

Strength/Skill Development
A: Behind the Neck Push Press (5 x 3)
Push press behind the neck.

B: Strict Handstand Push-ups (1 max effort set )

‘Twas a group of six men at the 8:30 session, including Will (who I genuinely like). Drew arrived late, as if often the case. During our warm up he said, “You’re awfully quiet this morning. Do you have anything to say?” I replied, “Fuck you, Drew.” And we all laughed! I’m beginning to feel much more relaxed. Ha!

I informed Coach Marc that I’d need to be especially careful with behind the neck push presses. I worked up to 5 reps @ 120#. (I’m still unsure of the usefulness of behind the neck press, push presses, or push jerks, although I certainly see the usefulness if overhead grip is used.)

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

-30 KB Waiter Squat
1.5 pood (*15 each side)
-15 T2B
-400m run
-30 KBS 1.5
-15 HSPU

I knew that HSPUs were going to slow me down, so I focused on the other activities. My workstation was set up the farthest from the garage door.

For the first round I completed waiter squats, toes to bar, and KB swings in unbroken reps, and HSPUs in reps of 9, 3, & 3. I was especially cautious whilst completing HSPUs, ensuring that I didn’t place undue pressure on my neck. This did, however, slow me down. It’s a small price to pay.

For the second round I completed waiter squats in unbroken reps, T2B in reps of 11 and 4, KB swings in reps of 20 & 10 (more in a moment), and HSPUs in reps of 7, 3, 2, 2, & 1, with one failed attempt (more in a moment).

I was the only athlete in the box whilst completing both rounds of KB, as the other folks were running. Both Marc and Corey were watching me and when I completed the last KB swing Marc said something that I couldn’t hear. I stopped what I was doing and yelled, “Am I doing something incorrectly with the KB swings?” “No,” Marc replied, “I said ‘Good job.'” My heel came off the wall before fully extending for last HSPU. I glanced and Marc and he smiled knowingly. I said, “You know I’m not going to count that one.” (I’m not sure if he knew that I wasn’t going to count that last one.)

For the final round I completed waiter squats in reps of 15 and 15, T2B in 8 unbroken and then 7, albeit no strung together, reps and then I was out the door. I almost made it back to the box before time was called. Marc informed us that we could count 1 rep for every 25m.

Score = 2 rounds + 65 reps 

Notice how I’m not mentioning how I did compared to others, my placement on the whiteboard, etc. It’s unimportant to me (although it seems to be very important to others).

I met with Corey to discuss coaching opportunities at CFA. He informed me that he is not in need of any coaches, but is willing to see if there is interest in endurance.

CFA is just too damned convenient for me to consider switching boxes. If push comes to shove, I’d quit CFA and not join another box. Walking, running, and biking!

I took the bike for another ride at the Arboretum. A hard rain began just 30 minutes into the ride. I removed my glassed and continued. Owl’s Ridge is much more challenging going West to East than it is in the opposite direction.

FRI APRIL 21, 2017 | One Leg at a Time

I attended the 8 am session, led by Daniel. Luke attended the session, and every one remarked about what a good boy he is! “His eyes are always on you, Paul.” That’s true. I even have to take him with me to the men’s room.

Strength/Skill Development
E3MOM 18 (SLD 6 x 10 /Dip 6 x 5-10)

-10 Single Leg Deadlift
(5 each leg)
-5-10 Ring/Stat. Dips 

I worked up to last set of DLs @ 130#, and shit felt heavy. I worked up to last set of ring dips at 27.5#.

Metcon (Time)
“Power Clean Annie”
-Double Unders
-5 Power Cleans 185/125
*5 PC after each set of DU/SU

*Scale Power Clean to 70% of 1RM

“Annie,” (along with “Fran” and “Grace”) is one of my least favorite workouts. Been there, done that far too many times. The 5 PCs added a little variety, but I was nonetheless unenthused from start to finish.

A new member, Anne, attended the session, as as soon as she placed her Abmat upon the gym mat Luke did what Luke always does and made himself comfortable. Ha! I placed another gym and Abmat beside her.

(As an aside, one of the things that CFA does that I do think is a good idea is that they have a coach shadow a newbie. Marc shadowed Anne.)

Uhm, 185 pounds for power cleans? Another example of programming for elites. I briefly contemplated 135 but instead followed the guideline and power cleaned 125#, a little more than 70@ of all time PR. And the lifts felt light and easy. But 185 would’ve been too much.

(As another aside, there was much talk about the CFG including muscle ups for masters. It’s about time.)

I completed all rounds in unbroken reps in a time of 11:55.

Uhm, I had taken Luke for a 45-minute walk first thing in the morning, and then a 30-minute walk (to CFA and back) a little later. I then thoroughly cleaned the house as he relaxed. He gave me that “When are we going for our long walk?” look. As I needed to purchase cat food (thanks for letting me know we were out, Jeff), I took him to Bent Creek Experiment Forest after getting supplies at Petco. As it was a warm, muggy day and as rain was expected, I decided we’d go 25 minutes up and back. Things began to look unfamiliar on the way back, but I was certain we were headed in the right direction. No worries. A biker passed by and I asked, “Is the trailhead in that direction?” pointing in the direction I was headed. He replied, “No, you’re heading in the wrong direction.” I turned around, but things didn’t feel right. I got out my phone and said, “Siri, give me directions to my car.” Stupid Siri will give you directions — to the nearest road! Dammit. I at least could see if I was heading in the right direction. Uhm, we were pretty far away from the car by now, so I asked a very pregnant women, “Where is the trailhead? I may be turned around.” “Keep following this to the neighborhood.” I didn’t recall passing a neighborhood, but I did what she said. And reached boundary of the park. I got out my phone once again and saw that we were now farther away from the car. I was beginning to feel concerned. I turned around and after running for a while saw the pregnant woman once again. I said, “That may not have been the correct trailhead. I’m looking for Pinnacle Road trailhead.” “Oh,” she said, “I’m sorry that I sent you in the wrong direction! You’re about a mile and half from your car. Stay on this path until it ends. Take a left and that’ll take you to a gravel road. That’s Pinnacle Road. Take a left and that’ll take you to your car.” As I was concerned that the storm was approaching, Luke and I ran fast to the car. Our 50-minute walk ended up lasting one hour and 45 minutes. He got in the car and fell fast asleep.

If I’m going to be exploring unexplored paths I’d better start using my compass. And paying better attention.

We nonetheless had a wonderful time!

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