Basic Building Blocks

Wednesday, May 10 | Trails at Biltmore

I mistakenly set Spark 3 to record indoor cycling. Ha! I biked for an hour, focusing on control of the bike. I would have never imagined that the Biltmore grounds would have such challenging single trails! I approached an unseen switchback too quickly and did fall off my bike whilst attempting to make a sharp left turn. Yup, scraped my left knee. I’m beginning to get my “bike legs” back. Once I do I’ll join my BBF for a ride at Dupont.

Thursday, May 11 | Bear Basics

Bear Complex
5 Rounds
7 reps
PC + FS + PP + BS + (behind the neck) PP

Faithful readers know that I’m a stickler for proper form. As prescribed, one’s hands are not to leave the bar for the 7 reps. In addition, I ensured that I did not reposition my feet or my hands. Thus, with the exception of heels leaving floor for power clean, both feet remained in the same spot and both hands remained on the barbell for all 7 reps each round. I didn’t even drop the final rep from the top, instead bring the barbell to shoulders, mid-thigh, and then floor. It would’ve been easier to reposition hands for behind the neck push press, as the closer the hands the longer the distance the bar has to travel.

My focus was not on lifting heavy weight. Again, the focus was on form. I completed sets at 65, 70, 75, 80, & 85#. That’s 35 power cleans, front and back squats, and 70 push presses. Shit was not that heavy but shit certainly began to feel heavy.

I plan on completing the Bear Complex once a month. Just because.

Friday, May 12 | Couplet

There’s a time and a place for couplets. Uhm, but programming shouldn’t only include lifting heavy weight followed by a couplet.

100 double unders
25 power cleans 75#
90 dus
20 PCs 85#
80 dus
15 PCs 95#
70 dus
10 PCs 105#
60 dus
5 PCs 115#
50 dus
5 PCs 125#
40 dus
5 PCs 135#
30 dus
5 PCs 145#
20 dus
5 PCs 155#
10 dus
5 PCs 160#

This was quite challenging! Changing the weights was welcome recovery. I missed 1 PC rep at 155#. Given that 165# is my current 1RM, I was pleased that I completed 5 @ 160#.

Time = 32:32

That’s 550 dus & 100 PCs. And a hell of a lot of fun.

I’m giving Sense8 another try. I’ll definitely be binge watching Master of None.

It’s incomprehensible to me that the supposed leader of the free world is such a blatant liar.


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