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Sunday, May 14, 2017 | 400m

Jeff: I don’t like working out by myself. I’m going to have to join a gym.
Me: I like working out by myself!
Jeff: You enjoy doing most everything by yourself.
Me: <Silence>

I warmed up the movements and then completed the following:

5th Ave.
Deadlifts 185#
1-armed alternating 35# KB hang clean & push presses
1-legged 20″ box jumps
Run 400m

As 84 reps is high volume I settled on 185# for deadlifts, having warmed up to 275#. For KB HC+PP I began with right arm for rounds of 21 & 9 as well as even-numbered rounds and left arm for rounds of 15 & 3. For box jumps I ensured that I landed in a squat, albeit not a pistol as non-standing leg was behind me. In addition, I kicked heel to butt (of non-standing leg, of course) when I stood to full extension. It’s more difficult than it probably sounds.

I was pleased to discover that it’s 200m from garage door to last telephone pole just before 5th Ave. meets Michigan Ave. Yay! It’s quite a hilly course. Boo? No, yay!

Luke is the best dog ever. Truly. I was concerned that he might try to run with me. I only needed to tell me to stay the first round. As it was a hot afternoon, he did often rest inside the garage. I didn’t mind navigating around him!

I completed all rounds in unbroken reps, including deadlifts, even though I hadn’t set out to do so. This was a fun and challenging workout!

Time = 30:19

I enjoy programming for myself. I continue to look at WODs at CFA thinking I might actually attend a session if the workout is interesting. That hasn’t been the case. Lots of couplets, though!

My mother, brother Steve, and niece Mary visited so I didn’t work out Saturday or Sunday, although I did take Luke for long walks. Uhm, even though we usually walk at least 7 miles a day it still doesn’t feel like exercise. Mother is still visiting but doesn’t mind if I get in a workout.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017 | Power Snatches

I’ve been itching to do power snatches now that it’s been just about 6 months since surgery. Today was the day!

KB Burpees
21 (X3) – 15 – 9
Double unders
Power snatches 65#
KB 53# 6-count burpees

Kettle bell burpees what? Whilst standing in front of KB, bend over over and place both hands on KB handle. That’s count 1. Jump back to strict plank. That’s count 2. Complete a strict tricep pushup, ensuring that chest touches KB/hands. That’s counts 3 & 4. Jump to a squat with hands still on KB. That’s count 5. Stand and complete an American KB swing. That’s count 6.

I completed rounds of 63 & 45 dus in unbroken reps but then missed the 27th — the very last! — du. Dammit. I completed snatches in reps of 11 & 10 for round of 21 and 8 & 7 for round of 15. The round of 9, of course, were done in unbroken reps. Although I did occasionally rest before jumping to plank, my hands didn’t leave KB for any of the rounds.

This was a gasser, and I enjoyed every moment!

Time = 12:50

I’m looking forward to impeachment but fear Pence. He’s just as big of an asshole and just as dangerous. The only think going for him is that he can usually speak in coherent sentences.

Jeff and I took Mother for a trolley tour of Asheville, and I learned much! Asheville is amazing, and I grow to love the town more and more each and every day.

Visit! Some of you, that is.




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