A little bit of this, a little bit of that.

Thursday, May 18 | Hole 13 & Kitchen Fun(damentals)

I’m enjoying working out at home!

15-min AMRAP
1 cluster 100#
2 burpee + lateral bar hop
10 unbroken lateral bar hops 

Note that the hop over the bar after 2nd burpee each round did not count as first of 10 unbroken lateral bar hops. I often paused briefly before beginning lateral bar hops to ensure that I’d be able to complete unbroken. I was able to do so each round.

As much as I hate thrusters, I kinda sorta enjoyed them today, perhaps because it was just one thruster at a time. No power cleans plus front squat plus push press allowed today, as each rep had to begin with full squat clean.

I completed 27 rounds and 1 burpee + lateral bar hop, averaging just over 30 seconds a round.

The final session of my cooking class was held, and we made Greek salad (too easy) and a frittata. Whilst I didn’t learn much that I didn’t already know, I did nonetheless enjoy the class and meeting new people. I’m going to begin cooking from recipes more and using pre-packaged meals less.

Friday, May 19 | Into the Woods

Uhm, it’s difficult to keep a grasp of the bar when the bar is a yoke. I’m going to have to invest in a pull-up rig.

Establish 3RM

I really wanted to get 115# but had to settle for 110#. Nonetheless, I’m making progress! I was able to complete 2 reps at 115# two times. Dammit.

Bench press
Establish 3RM

Ah, the bench press, how you mock me and my lack of pectorals. I was able to bench press 150# two times, and that’s just a little more than bodyweight.

10 parallette pass throughs
5 strict knees to elbows
25 air squats

This was much more challenging than I thought it’d be, and it took me 11:01 to complete. Gah!

Luke, of course, observed the entire workout! He’s such a wonderful mascot. And coach.

Tuesday, May 23 | Clean, You Jerk!

I rested Saturday and Sunday. Uhm, and Monday. Yes, I did walk at least 5 miles each day, but I didn’t complete any specific strength or conditioning.

100 Power Clean & Jerks, 95#

I completed in 20 sets of 5 reps, only dropping the bar from the top on the 5th rep. Midway through the workout Luke let me know that he was too hot, so I quickly ran up the garage stairs and let him in the house. Good boy! I completed all 100 reps in exactly 18 minutes. That was both strength and conditioning, folks.

Wednesday, May 24 | 150

Box jumps, 24″
Deadlifts, 95#

Holy posterior chain, Batman! I had considered 135# deadlifts but am very happy that I settled on 95# instead. Completing 150 reps of anything is a challenge. As I’ve been experiencing some occasional heel pain, I didn’t rebound off of box. This is a good thing. I completed an average of 10 reps a minute, finishing in 14:59.

Thursday, May 25 | Twenty-Four

I’m just now realizing that I named the workout Twenty-Four and I completed on the 24th.

20-min AMRAP
3 strict pull-ups
5 med ball tricep pushups
7 weighted jumping air squats, 25#
9 weighted Abmat sit-ups
24 double unders

Yup, an entire body workout with a focus on the core. I completed about 9 of the rounds in unbroken dus, and the remaining activities in unbroken reps. Again, grasping the yoke makes pull-ups that much more challenging.

Thom and Evelyn arrived Friday, and Jeff and I entertained them Friday evening, most of the day Saturday (including a game of Cards Against Humanity), and Sunday morning. ‘Twas fun!

We enjoyed a wonderful meal at the Admiral (the best thing, next to BJ’s) Friday night. Uhm, two of the four people seated beside us WERE EXTREMELY FUCKING LOUD. This is one of my biggest pet peeves. If you’re talking so loudly that I can’t hear my dinner companions, than quiet the fuck down. Yes, I gave glaring looks and was offered a somewhat offhand apology. But the behavior continued. Assholes.

Sunday, May 28 | Seventy

Jeff joined me for strength! Yay!

Push press
Establish 2RM

My goal was to complete 2 reps at about bodyweight but I exceeded the goal, completing 2 reps at 150#. Yay! BTW, I weighed myself in the presence of Jeff, and he doubts that I only weigh 143#. Uhm, I weight 143#, even though I’m drinking more beer. More delicious beer. No IPAs for me!

10 6-count med ball burpee + thruster, 20#
10 KB SDHP, 70#
20-second parallette L-sit

My goal was to complete in unbroken reps each round. The KB SDHPs were surprisingly the most difficult of the activities. I did ensure that KB handle gently touched chin each rep.

For burpees thrusters…
Count 1: Place hands on med ball in diamond shape and kick legs back to plank.
Count 2: Lower chest to med ball.
Count 3: Push up arms to full extension.
Count 4: Jump feet to med ball and move hands to side of med ball.
Count 5: Complete med ball clean.
Count 5: Press med ball overhead.

I also didn’t allow myself to drop med ball from top for any reps.

It took me 17:10 to complete, and I was a sweaty mess when all was said and done.

Monday, May 29 | “Riley”

I briefly considered attending a session of “Murph” at a local box (other than CFA), but honestly had little desire to do so. Been there, done that. And probably far too many times. It also vexes me when folks hall-ass “Murph,” e.g., consider Rx even if not wearing a vest, break the pull-ups, pushups, and air squats into sets instead of doing in order (and still consider Rx), half-ass the activities, etc. I shall forever be a stickler for proper form and execution. I instead completed a hero WOD that I hadn’t yet tried. So that the course would be somewhat flat, I drove the half mile to Carrier Park.

There were quite a few people enjoying the beautiful morning. I was the recipient of many smiles and as many stares. I suppose folks aren’t used to seeing someone run whilst wearing a weight vest.

Run 1.5 miles
150 burpees
Run 1.5 miles

Wear 20# weight vest

In many ways this was as challenging as “Murph,” and certainly as exhausting. I set a goal to complete in 45 minutes. I wore my TomTom Spark 3. I ran an out and back course, for (as I suspected would happen) distance continued to accrue whilst doing burpees. I ran the first mile in 8:03, and whilst that’s not a blazingly fast pace I knew I’d need to keep a little in the tank for the upcoming burpees and second run.

My strategy was complete 10 burpees at a a time. I did so through the first 6 rounds, but then completed 15 reps so that I would hit the 75 rep count. I then completed another 15 and 15, taking me to the 105 rep count. I got in a good rhythm and completed 35 reps, taking me to the 140 rep count. I finished the last 10 reps at a good, steady pace, ensuring that I’d be able to begin the run without having to rest.

I jumped to full extension and clapped my hands above my head each and every rep. No shitty reps for me, thank you.

My legs felt like lead, as did my arms, and I was sweating profusely.

And getting more and more stares. In retrospect, folks may have been staring at me because of my labored breathing yet still somewhat fast pace.

I set a goal to have a strong finish. There were at least a half dozen (maybe more than a dozen) times when I had to talk myself into continuing to run. I really, really, really wanted to walk. I mean, like, really.



One thought on “A little bit of this, a little bit of that.

  1. Thank you, for not divulging that you had to talk me through all of the hills. I didn’t mind the hills, I enjoy walking. We will have to visit again, soon. I purchased a full set of Cards Against Humanity 🙂
    By the way, I think I would have preferred Murph to 150 burpees and a 3 mile run. Who am I kidding? It would have been a 3 mile walk, maybe crawl, if I had to walk the hills near your house.

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