Jive Talkin’

Sunday, June 25 | 2 Miles

I’m having research withdrawal. I spent so much time preparing for recently held training that, well, I miss gathering and processing information. I feel somewhat appeased when I listen to podcasts, and just finished binge listening to “Life After Pulse.” Anyone who thinks that the attack wasn’t directed at the LGBTQ community is kidding themselves. He (I refuse to utter his name) only mentioned Islam so that he could get media attention.

Our country is going to hell in a hand basket, and I’m not enjoying the ride.

I began the morning by enjoying a 4+-mile walk at the Biltmore with Luke. He does well both off and on leash.

I worked out at Carrier Park. As is often the case, I received many words of encouragement. And as many looks of disbelief.

Run 2 miles carrying 25# medicine ball
Every .2 mi complete 10 reps of med ball tricep pushups, med ball air squats, & med ball burpees

That’s 100 total reps of each of the 3 activities. This. Was. Tough. ‘Twas a relatively cool morning but I quickly broke out into a sweat. I ran up and back a mile.

My goal was to finish in 40 minutes and I barely made it. I was tempted to glance at my watch during the last round of burpees but am glad that I resisted the temptation, as that distraction may have well well lasted 4 seconds.

I completed all rounds of pushups and air squats in unbroken reps, but did briefly rest during rounds 7, 8, & 9 or burpees. I completed the remaining (including last) rounds in unbroken reps.

I ensured that I carried med ball on both left and right shoulders, I held med ball behind my head/neck for squats, locked out arms (holding med ball, of course) for count 3 of burpees. Running was the most challenging of the activities, and I consider myself a runner.

50/leg alternating leg pistols

My legs were already tired, so no better time to practice pistols. I recorded a few rounds to ensure proper depth. I completed 8 rounds of 5 reps, and finished strong with last round of 10 reps. This was as exhausting as the 2-mile workout.


Monday, June 26 | Press, Push Press, Power Jerk, & HSPUs

I was feeling a wee bit tired, you know, due to Sunday’s grueling workout. I decided to take a rest from doing a metcon and focus on strength.

Every 90 seconds until failure
Press, push press, & power jerk; no reset between activities, i.e., receive bar from press for push of push press, receive bar from push press for push of power jerk; increase weight 5# each round

I began with 65# and worked up to 125#, just 5# shy of press 1RM. I got in my own head and failed press at 130#. As I failed that rep, I kept to the pogromming and stopped. That’s 18 rounds.

Determine max number unbroken reps

Score = 9

Uhm, my shoulders were smoked, and that’s why I programmed after press series.

Tuesday, June 27 | Dupont Forest

I finally trekked to Dupont Forest for a bike ride with my BBF Brian. I fell of the bike about 4 or 5 times, once because I hadn’t realized Brian had come to a stop on a single trail and I couldn’t get out of my clips fast enough. It’s Brian’s fault.

I had informed him that I was up for a 60- to 90-minute ride. We rode for almost an hour and a half.

Some of the trails were challenging, and it wasn’t until near the end of the ride that I actually began to feel confident on the bike. Brian, of course, dusted me, particularly on downhill single tracks. Given that he was born the year I graduated high school, I’m okay with that.


Wednesday, June 28 | Rainbow Bright

Luke and I went for a 4+-mile hike at Montreat Park. ‘Twas much fun! We were about 10 minutes into our hike when a woman and her dog traveling in the opposite direction got our attention. She (the woman, fools) said, “A saw a bear up ahead. It were near the fallen tree on Rainbow trail.” I thanked her and was on my way.

I wanted to see a bear. Or two.

As I was unfamiliar with the trail, this being only the second time I’ve been to Montreat with Luke (the first time doesn’t count), I certainly didn’t know how far I’d have to traverse to get to the fallen tree. We were a little more than 2 miles into the hike when Jeff called. I informed him about the bear sighting and it was then that I saw it…

The fallen tree. Did you think I was going to say bear? If only.

Luke and I turned around and made it back without a single bear sighting. Dammit.

Plenty of Jive with Seventy-Five
15 RFT
5 wall ball shots (20# & 10′)
5 sumo deadlifts (165#)
5 strict toes to bar

I completed rounds of wall ball shots and SDL in unbroken reps, but my grip strength gave toward the end and I broke up the last 4 rounds of T2B, completing the very last round as 5 singles.

This was the first time I’ve completed wall ball shots in the garage gym. Don’t tell Jeff.

Time = 14:16

As many of you know, I have a deep seated disdain for Ryan Seacrest. He’s as annoying as he is ubiquitous. I’m convinced that he’s the love child of Trump and Kellyanne Conway. And I hate them two of them even more than I hate Ryan, and until recently I didn’t know that was possible.


Short Hills

No, I didn’t run hills short in distance, I worked out whilst in Short Hills, NJ.

Wednesday, June 21 | Row & Thrust

As I spent much of Tuesday traveling to NJ and as I had worked out for three consecutive days, I rested Tuesday. Good. For. Me.

Wednesday afternoon I facilitated a 3.5-hour session regarding Leadership for a pharmaceutical consulting company. As the session was a success and the feedback was positive, I can now admit that there were a few moments when I doubted that the training would be effective. Uhm, or that I’d be effective. I had diagnosed myself as Capable, but Cautious and was in desperate need of encouragement. Ha! I had spent hours and hours preparing for the training, including reading and/or listening to numerous books regarding leadership, developing PowerPoint presentation, practicing (creative visualization, i.e., I don’t practice out loud, with a coach, with a group, etc.), and administrative work such as preparing and printing tent cards, scheduling travel, etc. Late last week it was proposed that the training be delayed until July. As this would allow me additional time to prepare, I didn’t oppose this idea.

I’m delighted that the training has taken place. As the CEO closed the training and thanked me he said, “Paul is quite the salesperson. He’ll definitely be providing additional training for us.” Whilst I don’t consider myself a salesperson, I nonetheless took it as a compliment.

Folks, start with why. Then explain how and what. I’ll be happy to explain in more detail.

The training ended at 4:30, and as I couldn’t get a flight home until Thursday morning I decided to work out. The gym at the Hilton Short Hills is quite nice, and even had a Concept 2 rower!

The heaviest DBs were 25#. I grabbed one, set up the rower, and began my workout.

14 RFT
10 calorie row
10 1-arm 25# DB clusters, alternating arms each round

That’s 140 full squat clean thrusters, folks, so it doesn’t matter if the weight was relatively light — this workout was tough!

I had just begun my workout when a tall gentleman wearing a tight shirt and even tighter compression shorts entered the gym and then looked at me for an inappropriately long time. My immediate thought was “He’s either gay or European. Or possibly both.” He stretched a little and began using a treadmill. Uhm, a treadmill close to where I was working out.

He continued to look in my direction. I had completed 10 rounds but was still rigorously working out when he approached and said, in a British accent, “How long will you be using the rower?” Well, okay then. Gay and European. I was quite out of breath but nonetheless replied, “Another five or so minutes.” He got a gym mat and began stretching. Uhm, very close to where I was working out.

I completed the workout and wiped down the rower. He said, “Thanks for cleaning the rower. I’m a rower and I’ve never seen a workout like that.” “I was rowing for calories and completing thrusters,” I replied. He looked at me blankly. He then said, “You know you can get a card and insert it in the rower and keep track of your workouts.” “Yes,” I replied, “I’m aware of that but I’d just as soon take a picture of the monitor and then blog about the workout.”

I was certain that he was going to begin to tell me how to row. I was surprised when he instead said, “I rowed while at university. You have good rowing form.” I thanked him, gathered my belonging, wished him well, and left.

I’m a married man, people!

Back to the workout. I usually rowed 10 calories in about 11 strokes and completed all rounds of clusters in unbroken reps. I’d stand to full extension, complete a full squat clean, complete a push press, and then bring the DB to shoulder, mid-thigh, and then mid-shin. I was quite noisy as I did so.

Time = 21:53

It took me 9:30 to row 140 calories, and I rowed a total of 2,250 meters.

Thursday, June 22 | Row & Thrust

I set the alarm for 3:30 but was, of course, wide awake at 3. I am making a conscious effort to fight internal bias. How so, you ask? I am not only attempting to appear approachable but am actively approaching African Americans.

For example, my Uber driver was African American. I don’t like to talk with most strangers, and particularly not taxi drivers. I nonetheless struck up a conversation and he and I talked for the entire trip to the airport. And we both enjoyed the conversation!

Two African American women were seated in the window and middle seats beside me for the flight from Newark to Charlotte, and I was already seated in the aisle seat when they arrived. I immediately stood up, introduced myself, and insisted that I place their luggage in the overhead storage bins for them. We talked until the plane was at cruising altitude. When we landed I made sure to retrieve their luggage and wish them well.

I’m going to be a dick to most straight, white men. Except those that are currently my friends. One wrong move, straight, white, male friends, and I’ll kick your ass to the curb. And I’ll feel “entitled” to do so.

I had lunch with my BBF (straight, white male that, however, doesn’t feel entitled), took a long nap, and then worked out in the garage.

30 rounds for accumulated time:
3 deadlifts, 185# (floor to floor, i.e., no dropped reps allowed)
25 single unders
Rest 30 seconds between rounds
ALL rounds must begin after exactly 30 seconds of rest

Uhm, the workout may look easy but rest assured that it was not. I completed most rounds in about 19 or 20 seconds. The 30 seconds of rest went fast. Deadlifts were relatively light, but by the 60th deadlift shit started to feel heavy. I focused on speed of deadlifts and fast transition to jump rope, ensuring that I properly set up jump rope at the end of each round.

Accumulated time = 9:08

Friday, June 23 | Whipped

I was wide awake at 6 am, so Luke and I began our 4+-mile walk at 6:45. I love to see him run!

I did skill work with barbell, focusing on power snatches and snatches. I also ensured that I was adequately warmed up for workout.

15 hang power cleans (100, 105, 110, 115, 130#)
10 floor presses
5/leg pistols

In other words, weight increased by 5# for rounds 2 through 4 and then 15# for last round. As I knew I wouldn’t be able to complete all rounds in unbroken reps, well, that wasn’t a goal.

I did, however, complete first 3 rounds of HPC and FP in unbroken reps, although I did briefly rest at top of lift, i.e., with barbell on shoulders for HPC and locked out at full extension for FP.

I rested my head on the Abmat for FP and quickly discovered that I had a view of the beautiful sky. I still kept focus. For the most part.

I had no failed reps. This did mean, however, that I completed the last round of FP in reps of 5, 4, & 1, as I knew I’d fail the last rep if I didn’t rest.

Shit. Got. Heavy.

Pistols got easier as the workout progressed, as one would expect. I recorded and reviewed, and am pleased that all reps were below parallel.

That’s 75 HPCs, 50 FP, & 25/leg pistols.

Time = 16:34

I finished “Grit” by Angela Duckworth, and it was a wonderful read. I think what often distinguishes me from others in not just endurance, but grit. Yes, I have the lung capacity, yes, I have the strength, yes, I have the experience of running for ungodly long periods of time, but I also just don’t give up. Do I demonstrate grit for everything that I do? Certainly not. When I’m passionate about something, however, I’m gritty.

I like that word. I also like the word “moist.”

I’ve begun my first 30-day challenge. I’m playing 4 octaves of majors scales, switching it up somewhat each day. For example, I played 8th notes with metronome set @ 85 bpm. B Major is my favorite scale, is it “fits” my fingers.




Conditioning & Strength

Friday, June 16 | “F” is for “Fun” and “Forty”

I’ve been spending a considerable amount of time preparing for upcoming Leadership training. I’ve diagnosed myself as a capable, but cautious, performer. I nonetheless make time for walking Luke and working out.

And I’m truly enjoying creating my own programming. It’s highly unlikely that I’d program “F” or “Grace on Steroids” if I owned a box. Ha!

John McCain is an embarrassment. And he’s one of the few politicians of a particular persuasion that I had at least some modicum of respect for.

40-min AMRAP
NO rest between activities!
All activities must be unbroken
2 K2E
3 alternating arm 35# KB C&J (3/arm each round)
4 burpees
5 60# Russian KB swings
21 double unders

Whilst I did allow myself to walk and not run from one activity to the next, I did not rest. For example, as soon as I finished second knees to elbows, I walked to KB and immediately cleaned. As soon as I set down KB after swings I completed first box jump. When I completed last box jump, I stepped off of box (which I did so for all box jumps today), and as soon as I was holding both handles and the rope was behind my feet, I jumped. That was perhaps the biggest challenge!

I didn’t even stop to take a drink. A casual observer might think that I was moving slowly, but I knew that slow and steady would win the race.

Uhm, one of the rounds I doubted that I completed burpees the previous round. Yup, I did eight burpees one of the rounds.

Score = 14 rounds + 21 reps; 15 HSPU, 30 K2E, 45 C&J, 60 burpees, 75 KB swings, 90 KB swings, and 294 dus

There were times when I thought, “Just make it a 30-minute workout. Who will know?” Ha! I’m committed to following my programming.

I listened to a podcast on overcoming internal bias, and I’m attempting to practice. Detect, reflect, reject.

Saturday, June 17 | Grace on Steroids

Again, I enjoy working out by myself, and one of the main reasons is not only that I can work out when I want to, I can also work out for as long as I want to. No official start or stop time for me! (And no assholes showing up late for class.)

NFT but unbroken
30 C&J, 45#

30 C&J, 65# | 2:31 

30 C&J, 75# | 2:24

30 C&J, 85# | 2:34

30 C&J, 95# | 3:53

5 C&J @ 105, 115, 125, & 135#

That’s 170 C&J! It was difficult raising my arms afterwards.

The set @ 75# was the fastest, although just 10 seconds faster than set @ 85#. I began to focus on ensuring that I used receiving of bar as push for jerk. Make sense? I thought so.

I think/feel that I could certainly do set @ 95# faster, but I was getting fatigued. Uhm, that’s to be expected.

I was nonetheless surprised and delighted that 5 singles @ 105, 115, 125, and 135# felt relatively easy!

Sunday, June 18 | Fourteen is my favorite number

Having walked Luke first thing in the morning, I decided to go for a longish bike ride in the heat of the day. The hills! I biked mostly uphill for about 7 miles and then, well, biked mostly downhill. It took me just under an hour to bike the first 7 miles and about 40 minutes to bike the last 7 miles — including stopping to take a picture of a deer (Luke and I saw one earlier in the day and I saw another two during the ride) and slowing down for people who don’t know proper trail etiquette. Stay to your right! That includes your off leash dogs as well!

I spent much of the time thinking about my upcoming presentation regarding leadership. My theme shall be “The two most important qualities of an effective leader are strength and endurance.” Yup, I’m going to be making fitness analogies.

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 4.06.44 PM

Monday, June 19 | Long Hike and Pushing & Pulling

Yup, Luke and I went for a long walk that included exploring new trails. I make sure I pay close attention to my surroundings, and this includes not using personal devices during walk. Well, except to stop and take pictures, of course. We walked about 5.5 miles and only saw one other person. Ah, how I enjoy the solitude!

I listened to episode #234 of This American Life. I sobbed uncontrollably. Does talking really help? I then listened to episode #13 of Nancy. Once again, I sobbed uncontrollably. It’s unconscionable that the asshole/dictator/dick currently in charge is not supporting basic, fundamental and HUMAN rights. And don’t get me started on the current political landscape in NC.


Press & HSPUs

I completed 3 presses until I could only complete 2, and then 2 presses until I could only complete 1. I increased weight by 10# until singles and then increased by 5#. I attempted to complete 3 strict HSPUs immediately following completion of presses. HSPUs are in parentheses.

3 @ 65 (3), 75 (3), 85 (3) & 95 (3)
2 @ 105 (2) & 115 (1)
1 @ 120 (2), 125 (1), & 130 (2)
Failed at 135#

Completing strict HSPUs after pressing is challenging in and off itself.

SDHPs and Pull-ups

I completed 3 SDHPs until I could only complete 2, and then 2 presses until I could only complete 1, increasing weight by 10# until singles and then increased by 5#. I completed 3 strict pull-ups immediately following completion of all rounds of SDHPs.

3 @ 85, 95, 105, 115, & 125
2 @ 135
1 @ 140 & 145
Failed @ 150#

Talk about an upper body workout! I didn’t pay the least bit of attention to the time of day, you know, because I don’t have to.

Burpee + plate press, 45#
Burpee + box jump, 30″

Yup, goal was unbroken reps with little rest, and that’s what I did. Uhm, when I wasn’t telling Luke to not dig in the dirt. I love that he’s always with me when I work out. There were three men installing the retaining fence, yet Luke didn’t bother them at all. He’s the world’s best dog. Don’t even attempt to argue with me on this one, folks.

I placed a 45# plate on box and then placed plate used for burpee + plate press on top of that place for a total height of 30″. I’m too short to step off of a box that high. Dammit.

Time = 10:37


Dipping Again

Tuesday, June 6 | HPC, SDHP, Ring Dips, & Sit-ups

I took Luke for a 5-mile walk/hike/run at the Arboretum. ‘Twas a wonderful time!

The nice thing about having my own garage gym is that I can work out whenever I like. Jeff and I enjoyed a nice lunch at Upcountry Brewing Company, I took a short nap, and then Luke and then I worked out. Luke, of course, joined me, spending his time in the garage, on the front stairs, and roaming the yard.

7 Round for Reps
Work 40 seconds; rest 20 seconds and rest 1:20 seconds between rounds
Hang power cleans, 65#
Sumo deadlift high pulls
Ring dips
Abmat sit-ups

I finally got around to hanging the rings on the rack. I ensured that the rings were low enough that I didn’t hit my head, you know, like I’m often prone to do.

My goal was to complete about the same number or reps each round given that there was plenty of rest between rounds. I knew, however, that it’d be likely that the number of ring dips reps would decrease each round.

HPCs: 22, 23, 23, 23, 23, 23, & 22
SDHPs: 18, 19, 17, 18, 15, 17, 15
Ring dips: 14, 16, 14, 14, 17, 16, 16
Sit-ups: 22, 22, 22, 24, 25, 25, 28

Reps/Round: 76, 80, 80, 80, 82, 80, 81, 81
Total = 640 reps

HPCs and sit-ups were the most consistent, so I started and finished each round strong. That’s one way to look at it, I suppose. Of the activities, SDHPs were the most challenging, and I was only able to complete the first two rounds in unbroken reps. I did complete HPCs and sit-ups in unbroken reps, and even managed to complete as many as 11 unbroken ring dips one of the rounds.

Wednesday, June 7 | June Bear Complex

Luke and I began our day with an awesome 5-mile walk/hike/run at the Experimental Forest

Yup, I’m going to complete the Bear Complex once a month. Luke certainly enjoyed observing!

For load:
5 rounds of 7 reps:
1 PC
1 FS
1 Paul Potorti
1 BS
1 behind the neck PP

You may not drop the bar between reps but may rest between rounds.

Last month I began with 65# and worked up to 85#. This month I began with 70# and worked up to 90#. Lifts continue to feel more solid and my strength is finally beginning to improve. Remember, ACDF surgery was a little more than 6 months ago.

I once again ensured that not only did I not remove my hands from the bar but that I didn’t move my hands, e.g., more hands wider for back squat. I also ensured that I didn’t reposition my feet.

I haven’t been that sweaty of a mess in quite some time.

Thursday, June 8 | Dead Bear

45 rounds
1 200# deadlift (floor to floor)
1/arm 35# KB PC + squat + Paul Potorti (floor to floor)

Today’s focus was on form! Not a single deadlift was dropped, achieving both eccentric and concentric benefits.

Yup, PC + squat + PP is kinda sorta like a bear complex, as I programmed for active recovery. I completed the first 10 rounds beginning with right arm, the next 10 reps with left arm, and then I alternated what arm I began with. As the weight was light, I didn’t have any failed nor did I struggle with any reps.

I’d complete 5 rounds, mark on paper, and continue, resting very little between sets of 5 rounds. I was nonetheless surprised by how long it took me to complete 45 reps.

Time = 19:02

Saturday, June 10 | 10K+

I completed a workout at Carrier Park. Once again, I received many strange looks. I also received one “Get it!”

Run 5K
Complete 1 jumping air squat & 1 burpee @ mile .1, 2 jas & 2 burpees @ mile .2, etc., completing 10 jas & 10 burpees at each mile. Complete 11 reps of both activities at the finish.

That’s 176 jumping air squats and burpees in addition to the 3.1-mile run.

This was tough! I completed all rounds in unbroken reps, although I did complete burpees at a slower paces as the workout progressed. Nonetheless, I immediately began jumping air squats, immediately transitioned to burpees after last squat, and immediately began running after completing final burpee.

Time = 39:16

Monday, June 12| Press & Burpee & LBH Ladder

Jeff and I enjoyed a leisurely rafting trip on the French Broad River Sunday. It took over 3 hours to travel 7 miles! Uhm, I should’ve worn sunscreen.

10 @ 65#
9 @ 70#
8 @ 75#
7 @ 80#
6 @ 85#
5 @ 90#
4 @ 95#
3 @ 100#
2 @ 105#
2 @ 110#
2 @ 115# PR
1 @ 120#
1 @ 125#
1 @ 130# (new baseline)

I’m feeling stronger!

Burpee + Lateral Bar Hop Ladder

Complete 1 burpee + 1 lateral bar hop at the top of minute 1, 2 burpees + lateral bar hops at the top of the next minute, etc.

My goal was to complete 15 rounds and I was able to squeeze in 16. In order to do so, no rest was allowed. In addition, I didn’t rest between reps any of the rounds, although I’d often complete the last rep or two at a slower pace to begin recovery.

This. Was. Tough.

Score = 136 reps

Tuesday, June 13| Press & Burpee & LBH Ladder

Back to lifting!

Establish baseline 1RM

I was able to match my previous PR of 165#. Yay! I failed 3 attempts at 170#. Boo.

Thrusting Annie
45# thrusters (barbell)
Double unders
Abmat sit-ups

Annie is one of my least favorite benchmark workouts for no other reason than double unders and sit-ups present no challenge. Including 150 thrusters in the workout made it an altogether different — and miserable — experience.

I was only able to complete last round of thrusters in unbroken reps. I did have quite a few missed double unders. Why? Because I seem to have misplaced my favorite jumping rope. Let’s hope I didn’t permanently misplace. (I “misplaced” my new TomTom Spark about a week ago. Dammit.)

I did complete all rounds of sit-ups in unbroken reps. Duh.

Time = 18:35

Wednesday, June 14| DL, Push, Press

I watched 6 episodes of OITNB Tuesday and and watched the last episode first thing in the morning. What an incredible season! Danielle Brooks as Taystee gave the standout performance of the season.

Luke once again joined me for today’s workout.

Establish baseline 1RM

I haven’t been able to deadlift anything heavier than 315# since surgery. I set a goal to lift 325# and was delighted when I was able to successfully lift 340#.

5-min AMRAP
5 reps of the following:
225# deadlifts (floor to floor, i.e., no dropping bar)
Incline ring pushups
Ring rows

Score = 6 rounds + 11 reps

I fast and furious metcon, which meant there was no time for rest. The most challenging part was, of course, the deadlifts, although ring rows became more taxing. I completed all rounds in unbroken reps.





Wednesday, May 31 | Montreat

Jeff is spending the week in Montreal so I decided to go drop the “L” and add a “T.” See what I did there? Jeff and I had ventured to the trail last week but were unable to travel very far due to his bum knee.

I parked at the trailhead and Luke and I began our uphill hike up the mountain. And what a hike it was! We climbed just under 1,000′ in about a half mile. There were occasional stairs, including a set near the very top. I looked ahead and saw nothing but boulders, so I put down the Yeti cup and leash, knowing I might need to traverse using my hands as well as feet. I was right. There were a couple of times when I was concerned that Luke wouldn’t be able to manage the terrain. I was wrong, and I’ve come to believe that he may be part mountain goat.


What a spectacular view from the top of the mountain!


Luke and I then climbed down the mountain and continued our journey and well traveled trails, often breaking out into a run. We ended up traveling just over 4 miles, although it took us about 100 minutes to do so. We saw a half dozen people at the most. That’s about six too many. Ha!

14, 13, 12 … 3, 2, 1 75# hang power cleans
Complete 2 strict pull-ups & 3 (l+r = 1) walking planks after each round

My goal was to complete all rounds in unbroken reps, and I achieved this goal. During the last rounds I was convinced that I’d have to rest between the two pull-ups. Again, the yoke bar makes a huge difference, and not in a good way. (As an aside, I need an extension to the rack, you know, that will allow me to complete pull-ups with regular grip and also hang rings. Someone get on that.)

Time = 12:15


Thursday, June 1 | Biltmore

I’ve been itching to get on the bike, so after taking Luke for a 6-mile hike in the Experimental Forest, I loaded up the bike and headed to the Biltmore Estate. I traveled just under 12 miles in just under an hour at an average pace of 12.3 mile per hour. The course was mostly flat, except for this:

Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 4.59.39 PM

Friday, June 2 | Dirty 500

100 reps of the following; rest 3 minutes between activities:

Hang power snatch, 65#
Bent over row, 105#
Press, 70#
Back squat, 95#
Bench press, 75#

This nearly destroyed me.

I began by completing unbroken power snatches in sets of 20, 10, & 10 reps, and finished the round by always completing 5 reps at a time. As I approached the final sets I would rest briefly with the bar locked out overhead. I’m smart like that.

I began with about a dozen bent over rows but quickly began doing sets of 6, 5, and sometimes even just 4. Shit got heavy.

Presses after snatches? I don’t mind if I do. I began with about 10 unbroken reps if memory serves me correctly. I once again ensured that I completed than fewer than 5 unbroken reps, once again occasionally briefly rest with the bar locked out overhead. My arms were beginning to fatigue.

Perhaps the most challenging of the activities were the back squats. I was getting tired of cleaning and jerking the bar, so I attempted to rest with the bar on my back whenever possible. I nonetheless dropped the bar off my back on numerous times. I began with 25 unbroken reps and finished with 7. That speaks volumes.

Bench presses after power snatches and presses? I don’t mind if I do. I did, of course, use the rack for bench presses and also used clips on the bar. As 75# is just a little more than half my bodyweight I wasn’t concerned with having to drop plates if needed.

I knew that I wouldn’t be able to complete 5 reps at a time as the round progressed, so my strategy was to lift to near failure, rack the bar, sit up, shake out my arms, rest, and proceed.

Reps 94 & 95. Rest briefly. Reps 96 & 97. Rest briefly. Just three more reps! I got greedy and convinced myself that I could finish with three unbroken reps. Ninety-eight, 99. I attempted to press out the very last rep and was unable to do so. Ha! And dammit. I rested the bar on my chest, rolled it to my hips, sat up, stood up, and re-racked the bar. And last rep was then surprisingly easy.

Time (minus 12 minutes) = 43:24

For the first time in as long as I can remember I woke up sore. Jeff made fun of me for continuously complaining about my sore quads and glutes. ‘Twas the back squats! Yes, my upper body was sore but not nearly as sore as my legs. WTF? I took Luke for a 3-mile walk, picked up Jeff from the airport, and then met my BBF and Danielle for an early lunch and a walk in downtown Hendersonville. Oh, and we also enjoyed a beer. Luke went with us, and I continue to be amazed and pleased with just what a well behaved dog he is. Everyone, of course, wants to love on him.

Uhm, if you’re a parent of an unsupervised toddler I will not allow your child to approach Luke. This continues to happen far too frequently. I know that if something were to happen that I would be blamed, you know, because of my dog and not because of your poor parental supervision.



Sunday, June 4 | Jump and Shuttle

I took Luke for a 5-mile walk/hike/run at Pisgah, went for a leisurely bike ride with Jeff, and then headed to Carrier Park for a workout. I knew I needed to work out some of the soreness in my legs; thus, I needed to run.

10, 20, 30 … 80, 90, 100 double unders
1, 2, 3 … 8, 9, 10 shuttle sprints (10m up and back = 1 rep)

I set up my station on a part of the trail that ends in a loop, knowing that not very many people would be traversing there. I was also in the shade, which was an added bonus. There was nonetheless a male/female couple seated on a bench behind me and three females seated on a bench in front of me. They all watched the entire workout. Ha!

I paced and marked the 10m distance (34 steps). I also touched the ground at the top and bottom of each shuttle sprint.

I completed unbroken dus rounds 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, & 70. I had to stop to allow passersby to, well, pass by during round of 60. I made it to 75 unbroken reps for round 80. Shuttle sprints were an enjoyable and welcome relief, as is to be expected.

That’s 550 double unders and .68 miles of shuttle sprints. Go ahead and try it. You know you want to.

Time = 9:38

Finisher (not for time):
Sprint 150m
Spring 150m backwards
Sprint jumping rope (singe unders) 150m
Sprint backwards jumping rope 150m

I broke four times when jumping rope and sprinting backwards, and I’ll mark that as a success.

Do I miss attending CrossFit sessions? In all honestly, no, I do not. Have I been watching any of the CrossFit Games regional competitions? No, I have not.


Is Trump a bully, an asshole, and an embarrassment? Yes, he is. I’ve never felt such contempt for another human being.