Dipping Again

Tuesday, June 6 | HPC, SDHP, Ring Dips, & Sit-ups

I took Luke for a 5-mile walk/hike/run at the Arboretum. ‘Twas a wonderful time!

The nice thing about having my own garage gym is that I can work out whenever I like. Jeff and I enjoyed a nice lunch at Upcountry Brewing Company, I took a short nap, and then Luke and then I worked out. Luke, of course, joined me, spending his time in the garage, on the front stairs, and roaming the yard.

7 Round for Reps
Work 40 seconds; rest 20 seconds and rest 1:20 seconds between rounds
Hang power cleans, 65#
Sumo deadlift high pulls
Ring dips
Abmat sit-ups

I finally got around to hanging the rings on the rack. I ensured that the rings were low enough that I didn’t hit my head, you know, like I’m often prone to do.

My goal was to complete about the same number or reps each round given that there was plenty of rest between rounds. I knew, however, that it’d be likely that the number of ring dips reps would decrease each round.

HPCs: 22, 23, 23, 23, 23, 23, & 22
SDHPs: 18, 19, 17, 18, 15, 17, 15
Ring dips: 14, 16, 14, 14, 17, 16, 16
Sit-ups: 22, 22, 22, 24, 25, 25, 28

Reps/Round: 76, 80, 80, 80, 82, 80, 81, 81
Total = 640 reps

HPCs and sit-ups were the most consistent, so I started and finished each round strong. That’s one way to look at it, I suppose. Of the activities, SDHPs were the most challenging, and I was only able to complete the first two rounds in unbroken reps. I did complete HPCs and sit-ups in unbroken reps, and even managed to complete as many as 11 unbroken ring dips one of the rounds.

Wednesday, June 7 | June Bear Complex

Luke and I began our day with an awesome 5-mile walk/hike/run at the Experimental Forest

Yup, I’m going to complete the Bear Complex once a month. Luke certainly enjoyed observing!

For load:
5 rounds of 7 reps:
1 PC
1 FS
1 Paul Potorti
1 BS
1 behind the neck PP

You may not drop the bar between reps but may rest between rounds.

Last month I began with 65# and worked up to 85#. This month I began with 70# and worked up to 90#. Lifts continue to feel more solid and my strength is finally beginning to improve. Remember, ACDF surgery was a little more than 6 months ago.

I once again ensured that not only did I not remove my hands from the bar but that I didn’t move my hands, e.g., more hands wider for back squat. I also ensured that I didn’t reposition my feet.

I haven’t been that sweaty of a mess in quite some time.

Thursday, June 8 | Dead Bear

45 rounds
1 200# deadlift (floor to floor)
1/arm 35# KB PC + squat + Paul Potorti (floor to floor)

Today’s focus was on form! Not a single deadlift was dropped, achieving both eccentric and concentric benefits.

Yup, PC + squat + PP is kinda sorta like a bear complex, as I programmed for active recovery. I completed the first 10 rounds beginning with right arm, the next 10 reps with left arm, and then I alternated what arm I began with. As the weight was light, I didn’t have any failed nor did I struggle with any reps.

I’d complete 5 rounds, mark on paper, and continue, resting very little between sets of 5 rounds. I was nonetheless surprised by how long it took me to complete 45 reps.

Time = 19:02

Saturday, June 10 | 10K+

I completed a workout at Carrier Park. Once again, I received many strange looks. I also received one “Get it!”

Run 5K
Complete 1 jumping air squat & 1 burpee @ mile .1, 2 jas & 2 burpees @ mile .2, etc., completing 10 jas & 10 burpees at each mile. Complete 11 reps of both activities at the finish.

That’s 176 jumping air squats and burpees in addition to the 3.1-mile run.

This was tough! I completed all rounds in unbroken reps, although I did complete burpees at a slower paces as the workout progressed. Nonetheless, I immediately began jumping air squats, immediately transitioned to burpees after last squat, and immediately began running after completing final burpee.

Time = 39:16

Monday, June 12| Press & Burpee & LBH Ladder

Jeff and I enjoyed a leisurely rafting trip on the French Broad River Sunday. It took over 3 hours to travel 7 miles! Uhm, I should’ve worn sunscreen.

10 @ 65#
9 @ 70#
8 @ 75#
7 @ 80#
6 @ 85#
5 @ 90#
4 @ 95#
3 @ 100#
2 @ 105#
2 @ 110#
2 @ 115# PR
1 @ 120#
1 @ 125#
1 @ 130# (new baseline)

I’m feeling stronger!

Burpee + Lateral Bar Hop Ladder

Complete 1 burpee + 1 lateral bar hop at the top of minute 1, 2 burpees + lateral bar hops at the top of the next minute, etc.

My goal was to complete 15 rounds and I was able to squeeze in 16. In order to do so, no rest was allowed. In addition, I didn’t rest between reps any of the rounds, although I’d often complete the last rep or two at a slower pace to begin recovery.

This. Was. Tough.

Score = 136 reps

Tuesday, June 13| Press & Burpee & LBH Ladder

Back to lifting!

Establish baseline 1RM

I was able to match my previous PR of 165#. Yay! I failed 3 attempts at 170#. Boo.

Thrusting Annie
45# thrusters (barbell)
Double unders
Abmat sit-ups

Annie is one of my least favorite benchmark workouts for no other reason than double unders and sit-ups present no challenge. Including 150 thrusters in the workout made it an altogether different — and miserable — experience.

I was only able to complete last round of thrusters in unbroken reps. I did have quite a few missed double unders. Why? Because I seem to have misplaced my favorite jumping rope. Let’s hope I didn’t permanently misplace. (I “misplaced” my new TomTom Spark about a week ago. Dammit.)

I did complete all rounds of sit-ups in unbroken reps. Duh.

Time = 18:35

Wednesday, June 14| DL, Push, Press

I watched 6 episodes of OITNB Tuesday and and watched the last episode first thing in the morning. What an incredible season! Danielle Brooks as Taystee gave the standout performance of the season.

Luke once again joined me for today’s workout.

Establish baseline 1RM

I haven’t been able to deadlift anything heavier than 315# since surgery. I set a goal to lift 325# and was delighted when I was able to successfully lift 340#.

5-min AMRAP
5 reps of the following:
225# deadlifts (floor to floor, i.e., no dropping bar)
Incline ring pushups
Ring rows

Score = 6 rounds + 11 reps

I fast and furious metcon, which meant there was no time for rest. The most challenging part was, of course, the deadlifts, although ring rows became more taxing. I completed all rounds in unbroken reps.




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