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Sunday, June 25 | 2 Miles

I’m having research withdrawal. I spent so much time preparing for recently held training that, well, I miss gathering and processing information. I feel somewhat appeased when I listen to podcasts, and just finished binge listening to “Life After Pulse.” Anyone who thinks that the attack wasn’t directed at the LGBTQ community is kidding themselves. He (I refuse to utter his name) only mentioned Islam so that he could get media attention.

Our country is going to hell in a hand basket, and I’m not enjoying the ride.

I began the morning by enjoying a 4+-mile walk at the Biltmore with Luke. He does well both off and on leash.

I worked out at Carrier Park. As is often the case, I received many words of encouragement. And as many looks of disbelief.

Run 2 miles carrying 25# medicine ball
Every .2 mi complete 10 reps of med ball tricep pushups, med ball air squats, & med ball burpees

That’s 100 total reps of each of the 3 activities. This. Was. Tough. ‘Twas a relatively cool morning but I quickly broke out into a sweat. I ran up and back a mile.

My goal was to finish in 40 minutes and I barely made it. I was tempted to glance at my watch during the last round of burpees but am glad that I resisted the temptation, as that distraction may have well well lasted 4 seconds.

I completed all rounds of pushups and air squats in unbroken reps, but did briefly rest during rounds 7, 8, & 9 or burpees. I completed the remaining (including last) rounds in unbroken reps.

I ensured that I carried med ball on both left and right shoulders, I held med ball behind my head/neck for squats, locked out arms (holding med ball, of course) for count 3 of burpees. Running was the most challenging of the activities, and I consider myself a runner.

50/leg alternating leg pistols

My legs were already tired, so no better time to practice pistols. I recorded a few rounds to ensure proper depth. I completed 8 rounds of 5 reps, and finished strong with last round of 10 reps. This was as exhausting as the 2-mile workout.


Monday, June 26 | Press, Push Press, Power Jerk, & HSPUs

I was feeling a wee bit tired, you know, due to Sunday’s grueling workout. I decided to take a rest from doing a metcon and focus on strength.

Every 90 seconds until failure
Press, push press, & power jerk; no reset between activities, i.e., receive bar from press for push of push press, receive bar from push press for push of power jerk; increase weight 5# each round

I began with 65# and worked up to 125#, just 5# shy of press 1RM. I got in my own head and failed press at 130#. As I failed that rep, I kept to the pogromming and stopped. That’s 18 rounds.

Determine max number unbroken reps

Score = 9

Uhm, my shoulders were smoked, and that’s why I programmed after press series.

Tuesday, June 27 | Dupont Forest

I finally trekked to Dupont Forest for a bike ride with my BBF Brian. I fell of the bike about 4 or 5 times, once because I hadn’t realized Brian had come to a stop on a single trail and I couldn’t get out of my clips fast enough. It’s Brian’s fault.

I had informed him that I was up for a 60- to 90-minute ride. We rode for almost an hour and a half.

Some of the trails were challenging, and it wasn’t until near the end of the ride that I actually began to feel confident on the bike. Brian, of course, dusted me, particularly on downhill single tracks. Given that he was born the year I graduated high school, I’m okay with that.


Wednesday, June 28 | Rainbow Bright

Luke and I went for a 4+-mile hike at Montreat Park. ‘Twas much fun! We were about 10 minutes into our hike when a woman and her dog traveling in the opposite direction got our attention. She (the woman, fools) said, “A saw a bear up ahead. It were near the fallen tree on Rainbow trail.” I thanked her and was on my way.

I wanted to see a bear. Or two.

As I was unfamiliar with the trail, this being only the second time I’ve been to Montreat with Luke (the first time doesn’t count), I certainly didn’t know how far I’d have to traverse to get to the fallen tree. We were a little more than 2 miles into the hike when Jeff called. I informed him about the bear sighting and it was then that I saw it…

The fallen tree. Did you think I was going to say bear? If only.

Luke and I turned around and made it back without a single bear sighting. Dammit.

Plenty of Jive with Seventy-Five
15 RFT
5 wall ball shots (20# & 10′)
5 sumo deadlifts (165#)
5 strict toes to bar

I completed rounds of wall ball shots and SDL in unbroken reps, but my grip strength gave toward the end and I broke up the last 4 rounds of T2B, completing the very last round as 5 singles.

This was the first time I’ve completed wall ball shots in the garage gym. Don’t tell Jeff.

Time = 14:16

As many of you know, I have a deep seated disdain for Ryan Seacrest. He’s as annoying as he is ubiquitous. I’m convinced that he’s the love child of Trump and Kellyanne Conway. And I hate them two of them even more than I hate Ryan, and until recently I didn’t know that was possible.


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