Thursday, June 29 | Pisgah

Luke and I went it best described as an arduous hike on the Shut In trail. The hills are steep! Luke is one smart dog. How so, you ask? Oftentimes when I’m hiking ahead of him on a single track trail, he’ll leap frog in front of me. And then gradually slow down the pace. Ha! It’s his way of letting me know the pace is too fast. I’ll say, “Stop lallygagging” and he’ll quicken the pace. Uhm, momentarily. Ha! Mere words can’t describe how much I love that dog.

I spent much of the day thoroughly cleaning the house, including cleaning out the pantry.   I also spent two hours practicing the piano. Yup, Day 7 of four octaves of all major scales. I was feeling somewhat tired and sore, so I didn’t work out. And I felt guilty for not doing so. I need to get over that. I walked over 31,000 steps (almost a half marathon) yet still felt guilty. The 5-mile hike was exercise enough, right? Right?

Friday, June 30 | Beck

I took Luke for a short walk, as it was lightly raining and I wanted to get an early start traveling to Elon to pick up Jeff from his mom’s house. It took a little over 3 hours to get there and almost 4 hours to get back. Stupid holiday weekend traffic.

I set Jeff up with all of his machinery, and then went to the garage gym for a workout. I was itching to do so. Luke, of course, joined me.

Rounds of 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 1, 1, & 1 minute(s); rest 2 minutes between rounds
Power cleans, deadlifts, lateral bar hops

Rnd | Reps | % of bodyweight (weight) | Rnds & reps
6-min rnd | 6, 12, & 18 reps | 50%  (75#) | 6 + 6 PC & 2 DL
5-min rnd | 5, 10, & 15 reps | 65% (95#) | 5 + 4 PC
4-min rnd | 4, 8, & 12 reps | 70% (105#) | 5 + 4 PC & 7 DL
3-min rnd | 3, 6, & 9 reps | 80% (115#) | 4 + 2 PC
2-min rnd | 2, 4, & 6 reps |85% (125#) | 4 + 1 PC
1-min rnds | 1, 2, & 3 reps (last 4 rounds) | 90, 100, 105, 110% (135, 145, 155, 165#) | 4 + 1 PC & 1 DL, 4 + 1 PC, 2 DL, & 1 LBH, 4 + 1 PC & 1 CL, 2 + 1 PC & 1 DL

Thus, for 6-min round I completed as many rounds and reps as possible of 6 power cleans, 12 deadlifts, and 18 lateral bar hops.

A total of 136 power cleans. It’s no wonder I was exhausted! Even though the last rounds were just 1 minute I nonetheless needed 2 minutes between rounds to de-load and/or load plates, wipe the sweat off the floor and bar, chalk my hands, and attempt to catch my breath.

The deadlifts were more challenging than the power cleans during longer rounds whilst the power cleans were more challenging than the deadlifts in the shorter rounds, you know, because heavier power cleans are more difficult than moderately light deadlifts. My lower back felt tense during rounds of 12, 10, and 18 deadlifts and I’d often pause for a count at the top of the lift.

I didn’t fail a power clean until the last round, and I failed first attempt of 2nd and last rounds. Given that 165# is my current 1RM, I’m pleased that I completed 3 reps.

The thought sometimes crosses my mind to join a local box. Nope, ain’t gonna happen. (BTW, I did send a message to CrossFit Pisgah a couple of months ago and received NO response. If a box owner doesn’t respond within a reasonable amount of time I’m discouraged. When a box owner doesn’t respond at all?)

I continue to play 4 octaves of all major scales daily. I glanced at my music books and grabbed “Melodious Masterpieces.” I can’t recall purchasing the book or playing any of the songs. Keep in mind that I’ve been playing the piano since I was 16 years old. Whilst flipping through the book I came upon “Notturno” by Edvard Grieg. As I began to play I recalled having played in the past, although there were no markings on the music. The pages had been dog-eared to allow for quick page turns, however.

It was as if my hands were made for the piece, and I was immediately mesmerized by the lyrical tone. It was also as if nothing else existed but the piano and me. Even though the piece is quite challenging, I played through three times, each time with fewer and fewer mistakes. Did I play when studying with Linda or during my college years? I honestly can’t recall. I’m definitely adding to my repertoire.

I may have already mentioned in the past… My three most favorite scales are B, F sharp and D flat major. My least favorite scales are D and F major. Uhm, even though D and F are relatively easy scales, my fingers feel most at home whilst playing the black keys. I know not why.

Saturday, July 1 | I Pay My Debts

I slept until 7:20, the latest I’ve slept in a very long time. I had considered going to the Experimental Forest but then remembered that the Arboretum opened at 8, so that’s were Luke and I went, and we both enjoyed a 5-mile hike. We even saw two deer up close and personal. ‘Twas already hot and humid when we started, and I was a sweaty mess when we finished.


Look to the right of the easily seen deer and you’ll see the other deer. I told Luke to stay. And he did. Best. Dog. Ever!

I was just getting ready to work out in the garage when the mailman (yes, he was a man) delivered the package I had been waiting for: a sandbag trainer shell. I then spent the next 30 or so minutes filling the tube with sand. Good thing I had a large funnel! When the job was complete I checked on Jeff and then headed to Carrier Park.

6 RFT:
Run 1/4 mile with 45# sandbag
15 sandbag squats
15 twisting burpees over sandbag
10 sandbag squats
10 twisting burpees

This was tough, as it was hot and humid. In addition, there were times when I was completing squats and burpees in shade, in direct sunlight, on grass, and on mulch. I stopped at exactly .25 miles. Speaking of which, I glanced at watch at the start of each quarter mile as I accumulated distance whilst completing burpees. According to GPS I ran a total of 1.72 miles (including burpees).

The hardest part was the twist over the sandbag during the last two rounds of burpees. I know, right? My legs were getting exceedingly tired.

Four rounds into the workout I was feeling parched. I asked a group of picnickers if I could borrow a bottle of water, and informed them that I’d bring them a bottle after my workout was completed. They graciously offered a bottle and insisted that I need not give them a bottle in return. After I completed the workout I got two bottles from my car and walked the quarter mile to where they were seated. “You didn’t have to do that,” one of them said. “I always repay my debts” I replied.

I like the sandbag, as there’s more than enough room for more sand and the rubber bag is malleable. Thus, I can “fold” it over my shoulders.

Time = 43:55



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