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Thursday, July 13 | BBF

Luke and I began our day with a 5-mile hike at Pisgah. Yes, I stay vigilant and carry bear spray. I’m not, however, going to avoid hiking in the forest for fear that I’ll have another bear encounter.

Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 6.26.02 PM

I postponed a Wednesday ride with my Best Brian Friend until today, as it was necessary for me to be here for the completion of the installation of our solar power system. ‘Twas a great ride!

Whether it’s intentional or not, our rides continue to get more challenging and, fortunately, I continue to get more comfortable on the bike. There were some steep and long climbs today, and I enjoyed every moment of the ride. Brian can always be counted on for lively conversation (and I always enjoy my conversations with him). One of the reasons we moved to Asheville was so that I could spend more time with Brian, and I’m delighted that we’re getting together just about every week.

We rode a little more than 14 miles. We cooled off by taking a brief swim in the river, and it was just what the doctor ordered. That and a cold beer.

BTW, Brian was born the year that I graduated high school. Pretty soon I’m going to be too old to be his friend. (Brian has promised to not return my texts when that day arrives.)

Brian likes IPAs. That’s really his only fault.

I continue to practice the piano each and every day. Yup, still playing four octaves of all major scales. I’m also enjoying revisiting pieces I’ve mastered in the past.

Friday, July 14 | Chin up, young man!

Luke and I explored new paths in Pisgah this morning, including Sleepy Gay Gap and Pine Loop. We also hiked all of the way to Lake Powhatan. ‘Twas much downhill climbing the first half of the 5+-mile hike; thus, ’twas much uphill climbing the last half. I was gasping for air and was drenched in sweat from head to toe. We nonetheless stopped by Edna’s by the River for a cup of coffee and a bagel for me, and a BAG biscuit for Luke.

Strength and Conditioning
100 strict chin-ups (on yoke bar)

‘Tis always a challenge to complete pull-ups or chin-ups on the fat yoke bar. Yup, I have to get a pull-up bar soon. The circumference of the yoke bar is certainly larger than that of a bottle or even can of beer. And I would know.

It got very hot in the garage, so I took off my shirt for the last 10 reps, and kept it off for the handstand pushups.

Former members know that I had a “shirts on” policy when I owned a box. Why? Because I wanted all members to feel comfortable, and many members felt uncomfortable around shirtless people. I know I often did. As I’m working out alone, well, you can see where I’m going with this.

Another reason I left my shirt on was for the heterosexual, married women. Why? Because if their husbands saw me with my shirt off they’d likely turn gay.

Time = 16:18

50 strict handstand pushups

I began with nine unbroken reps! I’m continuing to recover and regain strength. I began completing in reps of two and finished with nine singles. No failed reps!

Time = 11:44

I practiced the piano for about three hours today, playing “Out Here On My Own,” “Ralph & Monty,” and two pieces by Kabalevsky. I’m going to create a playlist, and focus on just those songs. The hard part is deciding on which songs to include on the playlist…

Form, consistency, and intensity. I’m focusing on both form and consistency with piano playing. I’ve decided I’ll focus much more on form and consistency with CrossFit. Read on…

Saturday, July 5 | Nothing but BJs

Catchy title, am I right?

Luke and I went for a 5-mile walk at the Biltmore, if for no other reason than so we could once again view the stunning sunflowers and cunning linguists. (How’d you like that reference to “Cabaret”?)

As just mentioned above, and for those of you paying attention, there will be days when I focus just on form and consistency. Yesterday might have been considered such a day if I hadn’t, you know, timed the workout. Today was most certainly such a day.

100 unbroken box jumps, 24″
100 box jumps, 30″
50 box jumps, 33″
25 box jumps, 36″
Max height box jump

Yes, 275+ box jumps was my plan, but I was unable to stick to this plan.

And that’s okay. There are times when one must listen to one’s body. Mine said “You’re stunningly gorgeous, you know, like the sunflowers, but you aren’t going to jump on this fucking box again today.”

I stepped off of box for 24″ box jumps and jumped off (because I’m too short to step off) box for remaining reps. I did not rebound for any jumps.

I kept track of reps with Abacus (and I’m glad that I did) and did not keep track of time.

Luke was very tired after our walk, and he immediately went to sleep on the blanket that I had moved to the middle of the box for easy access to the new solar panel box. I love him dearly, so I moved the plyo box. He slept through most of the workout, finally moving outside when, well, I got too sweaty.

The requirements for box jumps:
— 2-footed take off and landing (of course)
— full extension at top of box (of course)
— full contact with box, i.e., heel(s) may not extend off of box
— land in full squat, with elbows inside knees

I “missed” a few reps in that heels extended off of box. You, I redid.

I completed 30″ bjs in reps of 10, and 33″ and 36″ bjs in reps of 5.

And then it happened. I had completed just 15 bjs @ 36″ when I just couldn’t make myself jump again, try as I might. Kenny Rogers sang it best: You gotta know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em, know when to walk away, and know when not to jump.

I think that’s the lyrics.



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