Monthly Bear

Sunday, July 23 | July Bear Complex

I had an awesome time at the Oskar Blues Burning Can Beer Festival yesterday! If Brian and I are still friends when I’m 65 I’ll refer to him as my BBFF (Best Brian Friend Forever).

Luke and I began our day with a very slow 2.5-mile walk at Biltmore Estates. It’s hot, thus Luke dawdles. And that’s okay.

As mentioned in May, I’m doing The Bear Complex every month. Uhm, I should’ve ensured that I knew weight I did in June, as I thought it was 100# when in fact it was 90#.

For load:
5 rounds of 7 reps:
1 PC
1 FS
1 PP
1 BS
1 behind the neck PP

You may not drop the bar between reps but may rest between rounds.

Last month I began with 65# and worked up to 90#. This month I began with 65# and added 10# each round, ending with 105# — a 15# PR. It’s not wonder that the 4th round @ 95# felt heavy, as it was already a 5# PR. Ha! I suck at math and, evidently, recall. I recorded all rounds to ensure proper form and execution. The behind the neck push press was the most difficult movement. I hit the back of my head the very last rep. Ha! And ouch.

As with exercise, rest from music is also needed, and I didn’t play the piano all day. And I missed it terribly. It was also the first day in 30 days when I didn’t play four octaves of major scales. And I even missed that.

Monday, July 24 | 75

I failed to record GoT last night, so I watched it on demand this morning. I thought the first 10 minutes was jaw dropping. Until I saw the last 10 minutes. I’m also enjoying randomly saying “Summon Jon Snow” and “Bend a knee.”

What watching GoT first thing in the morning allowed for was a walk at the Arboretum. Yup, our walk didn’t begin until 8. Luke and I hiked our usual 5-mile loop. As it rained last night, the weather was somewhat cool this morning. That didn’t mean, however, that Luke didn’t occasionally lallygag.

It’s always a challenge to program after The Bear. I was up for the challenge.

10 rounds
5 75# unbroken power clean & jerks 
5 unbroken rebounding 24″ box jumps
5 75# unbroken sumo deadlift high pulls
5 unbroken 24″ decline pushups
5 unbroken V-ups
Max unbroken rep total until 25

I guess I have some ‘splainin’ to do.

For power clean & jerks, receiving the bar in the power position was the dip of the jerk dip-drive-dip. This was a requirement; thus, no power clean, stand up, and then jerk. Not today folks, not today. The weight was certainly light enough to allow this, although admittedly the weight began to feel heavy as the workout progressed.

Yes, rebounding box jumps can be dangerous, and that’s why I don’t often program.

For SDHPs I also didn’t allow extension of ankles and thus I didn’t go up on toes. Why not? Because I wanted the benefits of the pull. That’s what he said.

For decline pushups strict plank and nose to the floor were required. For V-ups, of course, shoulders well above floor and both feet touched were required.

Immediately following the 10 rounds max good reps of PC&J began. I was able to complete a mere 10, as my elbows didn’t immediately lock as I pressed the 11th rep. I completed 18 unbroken and rebounding box jumps but missed 19th, as I didn’t fully open hips before jumping off box. Sixteen SDHPs and 19 pushups and V-ups. I should’ve gotten 25 V-ups but failed to touch both feet on 20th rep. I adhered to standards that my spectacularly awesome and tremendously good looking coach set.

For second round I made it to 19 PC&J. Yup, another mere nine reps before I didn’t lock out at top. I completed remaining reps of remaining activities and finished with six PC&J.

Time = 26:26

That was just what the doctor ordered.

Tuesday, July 25 | 5-7

Luke and I began our day with a 5-mile walk at Carrier and French Broad parks. Unlike in some parts of NC, Asheville has been relatively cool during the morning hours, and today was no exception.

I was somewhat rushed for time this morning as I had to wait until Duke Energy completed repair to start workout and then had to finish workout with time to prepare for dentist appointment.


I practiced power snatches and hang power stanches, as this was a good warmup for workout.

12 unbroken RFT
– 5 hang power snatch, 65#
– 7 wall ball shots, 20# & 10′

Rest 3 minutes

12 unbroken RFT
– 5 burpee with bench + Abmat jump overs
– 7 Abmat sit-ups

That’s 60 total hang power snatches and burpees and 84 wall ball shots and sit-ups. This was fun! And I didn’t miss a single rep.

Times: 11:19 & 10:38


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