Tuesday, August 8 | Until Failure

It’s been rainy and dreary, and unfortunately yesterday was also a rest day. Luke and I went for an early morning walk in the rain at Carrier Park. I attempted to get Luke to walk farther, but he wasn’t much interested in doing so. As it was also raining this morning we once again went for a walk at Carrier Park. I’m used to walking 10,000 steps by 8, and that hasn’t been the case yesterday or today.

<Insert comment about people attempting CFG workouts and getting injured doing so.>

Bench Press
Rounds of up to 10 reps and then establish 1RM

Pressing or any kind was nearly impossible prior to surgery, so I’ve been taking my time building up my strength. Today went much better than I anticipated.

Keep in mind I don’t have a spotter, so I’m reluctant to lift until failure.

10 @ 65, 75, 95, 105, & 115#
8 @ 125#
6 @ 135#
3 @ 145#
1 @ 155, 160, 165, & 170#

As my goal was 160, I’m pleased. Whilst I could’ve possibly lifted 175# I didn’t want to attempt without a spotter. Why? Because I was concerned that plates would fall on Luke if I bailed.

EMOM for 45 minutes or until strict HSPU failure (accumulated time)
1 strict HSPU
2 70# Russian KB swings
3 strict ring rows
6 air squats

I completed all 45 rounds, i.e., I completed strict HSPUs without failing. This workout got progressively more challenging, and it wasn’t just the HSPUs. My slowest round was the first in :23 and I completed 12 rounds in :19, my fastest time. I completed rounds 26 through 45 in 20 or 21 seconds.

Whenever I complete ring rows I think back to some of the first workouts I did that included the movement. Why? Because dudes would kip the hell out of the reps. Was it allowed? I can’t recall. Strict ring rows are a shitload more difficult.

Whilst not a noteworthy accomplishment, I completed all rounds in unbroken reps.

Accumulated time = 20:42

Wednesday, August 9 | Until Failure

Susan Dilts Burpee Brown visited, and the three of us (including Luke, of course) enjoyed breakfast at Sunny Point Cafe and then a visit and hike at the Arboretum! It was a beautiful, cool morning, and we had a lovely time.

EMOM for 50 minutes
A. Min 1-14
1 185# deadlift
2 20# medicine ball cleans 
3 medicine ball sit-ups
B. Min 15-24
2 185# deadlifts
2 20# medicine ball cleans 
3 medicine ball sit-ups
C. Min 25-34
2 185# deadlifts
3 20# medicine ball cleans 
3 medicine ball sit-ups
D. Min 35-44
2 185# deadlifts
3 20# medicine ball cleans 
4 medicine ball sit-ups
E. Min 45-49
3 185# deadlifts
4 20# medicine ball cleans 
5 medicine ball sit-ups

Average times were 17, 18, 20, 21, and 27 seconds for A, B, C, D, and E, respectively. I did, however, complete the very last round in 23 seconds. Always finish strong. That’s 90 deadlifts, 130 medicine ball cleans, and 170 sit-ups. That was plenty enough of a workout.

Thursday, August 10 | Three Bears Sans Goldilocks

As Luke and I hadn’t been for a long walk in a while we headed to the Experimental Forest first thing this morning. If you recall, the Experimental Forest was the location of our first bear sighting. I have diligently carried bear spray since that day. I’m smart like that. Luke was lallygagging more than usual from the start, so I mapped out a 4.5-mile loop.

If I wear headphones whilst walking, hiking, or running (I never wear whilst biking), the volume is always low enough that I can hear any noise. Safety first. Luke and I had just begun the last leg of our walk when a female biker came blazing down the trail. Yes, we had to jump out of her way. Uhm, bikers are supposed to stop for hikers and allow them to pass. Uhm, this seldom happens, as most bikers are assholes. She mumbled something in passing. A greeting, perhaps? We continued our walk and not a minute or two later saw three bear cubs. Was she calling a warning? If so, wouldn’t it have been nice for her to actually stop and ensure that I received the message? I know that I would’ve done so.

Luke and I stopped, I reached for bear spray to have at ready, and we slowly and carefully walked backwards and away. I ever so briefly considered taking pictures. There, I admitted it. Luke and I backtracked (and ending up traversing 6.5 total miles). There was a large group of young bikers about to begin their journey and I made sure to let them know about the bear sighting. See what I did there? Did I mention that most bikers are assholes? It’s worth repeating.

I had a quick breakfast when we arrived home and then I headed to the gym, aka garage.

Strength and Skill
Power Clean & Jerk 
With a running clock, up to 18 T&G (hands may not leave bar) PC&J every 5 seconds until single rep achieved; increase weight 10# per round

My goal was 155# and I made a major blunder and did not come close to achieving goal.

I completed 18 @ 65, 75, 85, & 95, 12 @ 205, 7 @ 115, 4 @ 125, and 1 @ 135#.

Okay, having to complete a rep every 5 seconds was quite challenging, as all reps took less than 5 seconds to complete; thus, my grip strength and forearms were taxed.

Oh, receiving the bar was the dip for jerk, i.e., standing to full extension and then dipping was not allowed. I’m working on this skill.

And perhaps this is why I only got one rep @ 135#. I dropped the bar from the top instead of setting up for next rep. Dammit. Nonetheless, that’s 96 total reps.

5 toes to bar
5 forward facing & twisting bar hops
5 45# plate burpees
5 27″ box jumps

Was a rainy, humid morning, and I sweated profusely from start to finish.

Time = 11:13




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