Wilmington and Beyond!

Monday, August 14 |Upper Body

Yesterday’s workout was hard on the legs, people. There, I admitted it. Luke and I began our day with a 3.5-mile walk around Carrier and French Broad parks and then I got in a quick workout before Jeff, Luke, Meg, Zac, and I headed to Wilmington for a few days of relaxation.

The kitties do not travel well. Even though we gave them both tranquilizers and Xanax, Jeff, Luke, and I were exposed to 6 hours of meowing and caterwauling. And Zac shit in his pen, so there’s that.

Anyhow, back to the workout. Sometimes it’s just fast and furious.

Strength and Conditioning
100 65# bent over row + hang muscle clean + strict press

Yes, anytime the bar was lifted from the floor I stood to full extension before completing first bent over row. This was a shitload of pulling and pushing, and it was just what I needed. I completed as many as 10 (first set) and as few as 4 (last set) unbroken reps and usually completed 6 or 7 reps each set. Yup, I used abacus to keep track of reps.

Notice muscle and not power cleans. That’s why the weight was kept @65#.

I set a goal to complete in 15 minutes and managed to complete all 100 reps in 13:38. 

Tuesday, August 15 |100 Reps

Luke and I went for close to a 3-mile walk around Echo Farms. ‘Twas a sticky AF morning. Jeff is feeling under the weather, so we had a quick (albeit late) breakfast and I took him to Urgent Care. That was our morning.

Uhm, Jeff knows when I need to work out. I recalled that Hugh MacRae Park had pull-up bars, so I grabbed a towel, Abmat, bottle of water, and headed there.

Air squats
Abmat sit-ups

I set up the towel in front of the pull-up station so that I could easily transition from one activity to the next. It was so f@cking hot and humid. The most difficult part of the workout was the pull-ups, and this was due to the bar being thicker than a standard pull-up bar (but certainly much better than the yoke at home) and sweating so profusely that I couldn’t keep a grip of the bar. The most unbroken pull-ups I completed was 21 at the start of the workout. By the end of each round I was completing doubles and sometimes finishing with just a single.

Pushups went much better, although I only completed the last round of 10 in unbroken reps. I completed all rounds of air squats and sit-ups in unbroken reps, and that should be expected.

My goal was to complete in 20 minutes and I was able to complete all 100 reps of the activities in 17:48.

I continue to be exceedingly bothered by the hypocrisy of the orange monster and all of his cronies. I truly fear that he is doing irreparable damage to our democracy.

Wednesday, August 16 |A Mile In My Shoes (even though I was barefoot)

Yup, Luke and I began our day with a 3-mile walk around the neighborhood. ‘Twas already 77 degrees and felt like 100. It was so f@cking sticky.

After enjoying a nice breakfast (except for the fact the Fox News was playing, albeit san sounds, on the televisions), Jeff and I headed to Halyburton Park. Jeff joined me for a 4-mile ride and than was kind enough to allow me to do the loop again. Thirty minutes with Jeff, 15 minutes solo. Ha!

Jeff and I then took Luke to Fort Fisher for another enjoyable day on the beach! Yesterday was the first day Luke saw and today was the first day he swam in the ocean. He’s such a wonderful dog, and wasn’t the least bit bothered by other people, dogs, birds, etc.

I measured 10m and placed a beach towel near where Jeff and Luke were seated and the workout began.

2-4-6-8-10-12-14-16-18-20-50 burpees & 10m shuttle sprints

I set a goal to complete in 25 minutes. I had many onlookers.

Thus, the workout began with 2 burpees and 20m (10m up and back) sprint. Notice that after completing 20 burpees and 200m or sprinting the workout ended with 50 burpees and 500m or sprinting. The workout was difficult in that he was so miserably hot. I often briefly wiped my brow on the towel during count 1 of burpees. To ensure that I turned on both right and lift sides I always turned toward the ocean, thus a right turn on odd- and left turn on even-numbered sprints. I also touched the ground each sprint.

Although I didn’t begin the workout with the goal of working continuously and in unbroken reps, that is indeed what I did. Yup, I finished with 50 unbroken burpees and 50 shuttle sprints. As I no longer needed the towel I began to zigzag toward the beach whilst sprinting, completing the last 10 or so sprints ankle deep in the ocean. What a relief!

I glanced at my watch during the last 10 sprints and knew I’d have to pick up the pace to finish within time goal. Uhm, I had 2 seconds to spare!

That’s 160 burpees and 1600m, i.e., a mile, of sprinting. Luke and I went for a mile walk on the beach right after I finished the workout and had enjoyed a beer.

Time = 24:58

BTW, PM me if  you’d like password for blog. K? K.

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