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Monday, August 21 | Making It Up As I Go Along


It’s the day of the solar eclipse! I didn’t expect traffic to be so heavy until later on in the day, but by 7:15 traffic on the Blue Ridge Relay was already heavy. Oh, and there was a line of automobiles PARKED ON THE ROAD waiting for entry to the Arboretum. Uhm, and the Arboretum doesn’t open until 8.

Luke and I went for our somewhat usual 5-mile hike, today in a counterclockwise and more difficult direction. It was a reasonably cool morning, and we had a delightful time, only seeing three runners about two miles into our journey.

Bench Press
Establish 3RM

I hate the bench press less and less the stronger I get. Imagine that!

After warming up, I did sets of 3 reps @ 95, 105, 115, 125, 135, 145 (previous post-surgery PR), 150 (goal), and 155#. Again, I didn’t lift to failure as I didn’t have a spotter.

– 10 unbroken wall ball shots, 20# & 10′
– 10 24″ box jumps with step down
– 5 unbroken knees to elbows

Okay, I had originally programmed 15 rounds of 5 reps of all activities, but as I was completing the very first round of wall ball shots I thought, “Five unbroken reps is far too easy and of little to no challenge. Make it 10. Make it 10 box jumps, too.” So that’s what I did, also deciding to decrease the number of rounds to 10. Thus, five fewer rounds but 25 more wall ball shots and box jumps.

This is one of the many joys and advantages of working out alone and doing my own programming. It’s hard for me to imagine ever working out in a group setting again.

I had no failed wall ball shots or knees to elbows.

Time = 16:38

I spent most of the afternoon on the deck carefully observing the eclipse. What a tremendous experience, and certainly a memory of a lifetime! I’m very happy that I chose to view the eclipse from the deck, as there were very few clouds and, as the deck is on the West side of the house, I had a clear view from start to finish.

Tuesday, August 22 | Twenty-Five

‘Twas a busy morning! Luke and I went for a 4-mile walk at Carrier & French Broach parks and then I worked out in the garage. With Luke with me, of course!

Back Squat
5X5 @ 75% of 1RM

After warming up I completed 5 sets @ 165#. The 1st rep felt fine, but by the 4th and final reps shit felt very heavy. I recorded all lifts to ensure I squatted below parallel. I did. Yay!

25 reps
8-count burpees

  1. Bend and place hands on floor
  2. Jump fee to plank
  3. Mountain climber (both legs)
  4. Chest to floor
  5. Push up
  6. Jump both feet to wide plank and back
  7. Stand and clap
  8. Handstand pushup

No strict pushups today! I tried to work continuously but often had to shake out arms before completing HSPU. I also attempted to count rounds in reps of 5 but may have very well completed 6 reps not 1 but 2 rounds. Ha! Counting to 5 and counting to 8 was just too much for my brain, right-dominated as it is, to handle.

Whilst completing the workout I thought how much more focused I am when I work out alone, as I’m not competing with anyone (or much more likely no one is competing with me). I only completed a HSPU when I knew I was recovered enough to do so without failing.

Wednesday, August 23 | The Three Bears

Someone in the neighborhood evidently left a dog outside and said dog whimpered and barked most of the night. Even though I wore earplugs and covered my head with a pillow, I was awakened at least a half a dozen times. ‘Twas a very restless night of sleep, and this also meant that I slept until 7:30. That’s late for me!

Last night I decided that Luke and I need to hike at places other than the Arboretum, Pisgah, the Biltmore, and (less frequently) Montreat, so I did a bit of research and decided upon Craven Gap trail. Okay, we had to drive 20 minutes North to get to, but it was well worth it! The trail runs mostly parallel to the Blue Ridge Parkway, although it does occasionally cross side roads. There were quite a few rocky sections, steep inclines, and narrow sections of the trail. Just like we like it! The TomTom didn’t get a signal until about a quarter mile into the hike, so I’d estimate that we traversed 5.5 or more miles.

Uhm, as we were running down this part of the trail (pic below) we encountered a mama bear and her two cubs, and one of the cubs was climbing a tree! Luke and I quickly turned around, walking backwards with bear spray in hand until we were out of sight. As we had to travel in that direction to get to the car, we made much noise, waited a few minutes, and then were on our merry way. Sans bears, of course.


I was no less surprised this, our third encounter, but I was certainly less concerned for my safety. Oh, just 10 or so minutes before the encounter I had ordered Luke a bell to wear on his collar. Ha!

Yup, I really wanted to stop and take a picture. Nope, I did not. Next time, perhaps?

I had a bowl of oatmeal at 10:45 and then began working out after 11.

This workout is kind of confusing, so pay attention.

For Time (in parentheses)
EMOM for 23 minutes
3 PCs
3 PPs
9 lateral bar hops

75# rnds 1 & 2 (23, 23)
80# rnds 3 – 5 (22, 22, 22)
85# rnds 6 – 9 (23, 22, 22, 22)
90# rnds 10 – 14 (22, 22, 22, 22, 23)
95# rnds 15 – 18 (22, 22, 23, 23)
100# rnds 19 – 21 (23, 23, 25)
105# rnds 22 – 23 (29, 26)
Other MOM until break in form
110, 115, 120, & 125# (28, 24, 33, 37)

That was 27 total rounds, thus 81 SDHPs, PCs, and PPs and 243 lateral bar hops.

‘Twas so hot and humid in the garage that I actually removed my shirt. You read that right: I removed my shirt.

How did I break form? My forefeet did not stay on the ground (with extension only at ankles, knees, and hips) for last round of power cleans. If you are like me you probably thought form would break for push presses. I surprised myself by completing all rounds of  SDHPs and PPs in unbroken reps. Oh, I forgot to mention that I didn’t ever allow myself to drop the bar. Uhm, and doing so after last PP certainly wouldn’t have been wise, as retrieving and placing the bar before lateral bar hops would’ve been time consuming. I’m smart like that.

I spent the remained of the afternoon preparing for next week and the start of Public Speaking. So. Much. Editing.

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