Wake Me Up When September Ends

Friday, September 1 | UB

‘Twas a mostly overcast and cloudy day, including a torrential downpour @ 3. For a change of pace, Luke and I went for a 5K neighborhood walk exploring some roads less traveled.

Bench Press
6X10, working up to heaviest set of 10.

Oh, the dreaded bench press, most (former) nemesis. After stretching and warming up, I completed sets @ 65, 80, 95, 110, 125, & 135#. Yup, 135# was goal, but after struggling to complete last rep @ 125# I was certain I wouldn’t be able to get 10 reps # 135#. The struggle was real, but I did indeed complete all 10 reps without failure and without placing the bar on the rack. As 135# is 80% of 1RM, I’m pleased.

20-minute AMRAP
5 barbell (on the rack) rows 
5 burpee + 10 lateral sandbag hops
5 45# sandbag squats

Yup, instead of ring rows I placed a barbell on the rack, ensuring that chest touched (whilst in strict plank with no kipping, of course) barbell each rep. Uhm, any workout that includes pushing should include pulling.

Lateral hops over the sandbag are much more challenging that hops over a barbell and even over a parallette, as you don’t necessarily have to jump as high but have to hop much wider. Make sense? It does so to me. The burpee & lateral sandbag hops were definitely the most challenging part of the workout. Those who know me well know why I included squats today, the day after completing more than 200 reps. Suffice it to say that my legs felt much better after the workout than they did before. Okay? Okay.

I set a goal to have an even split, and had completed just a few reps more than 6 rounds and the 10-minute mark. Setting a goal like this ensures that I continue working with intensity throughout the workout.

Score = 12 rounds + 8 reps

At the start of the very last yet not completed round I began completing rows after burpee + hops, i.e., I had forgotten to complete squats. I finished rows, did squats, and then completed 3 burpee + hops reps, finishing with 2 seconds to spare.

Score = 12 rounds + 8 reps

Saturday, September 2 | Finally!

Luke and I picked Jeff up from the airport at midnight. As I had consumed multiple cups of coffee it wasn’t until close to 2 that I was finally able to fall asleep.

Jeff didn’t join us for our morning walk, so I decided to mix things up a bit today. Luke and I walked to Carrier Park and traversed the loop clockwise. (There were many annoying runners preparing for a race.) We then walked to the dog park. Uhm, Luke is always excited to go there but then has no interest in playing with anyone but me.

Luke and I are a lot alike. Or is that alot a like? Ha!

Back to the walk. We then walked along French Broad to New Belgium and then traveled Haywood to Michigan to 5th Ave. That was 5.25-mile walk. The temperature never got above 60 degrees.

BTW, lateral sandbag hops left my glutes feeling quite sore.

Jeff and I enjoyed a wonderful breakfast at Biscuit Head. I enjoyed a mimosa chicken biscuit and a mimosa. And I’m pleased to say that I can get inebriated from just one drink.

I didn’t work out until 3 pm, you now, because I needed to nap.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 (until near failure), then attempt 1RM

Today went much better than I expected, particularly since I bench pressed yesterday.

I began with 10 @ 65 and as reps decreased I increased by 5# until singles. I completed doubles at 105 and worked up to 130; thus 6 sets of doubles and a 2RM max. As I struggled with a single at 130 just a couple of weeks ago this gave me a boost of confidence. My goal, of course, was to press heavier than 1RM of 135#. I considered lifting 131, 132, etc., working up to and than hopefully past 135 but instead put 136# on the bar. Yup, I used the new .5# incremental plates!

And 136#, whilst somewhat of a struggle, was a successful lift. Yup, I put another pound on the bar and pressed 137#. Yay! This is remarkable post-surgery progress and proof that programming is working. Again, yay!

I watched the recording numerous times, as I really struggled for it. Mind over matter.

Before I proceed, I want to once again reiterate how much I’m enjoying programming for myself. Two upper body days in a row? Why the hell not! I have also included active recovery in conditioning, e.g., sandbag squats yesterday after heavy and numerous squats the day before. Read on and see if you can determine active recovery, both physical and psychological, that I programmed today.

25 Abmat sit-ups
10 20″ incline pushup + box jump with step down

Count 1: hands on box
Count 2: jump feet to plank
Count 3: chest to box
Count 4: pushup to plank
Count 5: jump feet to box
Count 6: jump on box, landing in full squat with elbows inside knees

Whilst not overly challenging, I nonetheless worked up a good sweat.

Time = 16:09

Sunday, September 3 | Runnin’ is Fun

What a gorgeous day in Asheville! Jeff, Luke, and I went for a 4-mile walk at the Arboretum, the longest distance Jeff has walked since his surgery. Yay! We then enjoyed a wonderful brunch at Broken Egg Cafe. People are always impressed with how well behaved Luke is, as he rests while we eat and never begs. Best. Dog. Ever.

Jeff and Luke joined me at Carrier Park for today’s workout. It was nice having them count rounds and reps (even if not needed).

1, 2, 3… 10, 11, 12
53# KB burpee + squat
50m (25m up and back) shuttle sprints

There’s nothing better than burpees and running!

Count 1: hands on handle
Count 2: jump feet to plank
Count 3: chest to handle
Count 4: pushup to plank
Count 5: jump feet to KB
Count 6: Russian KB swing
Count 7: KB squat
Count 8: KB to ground

My achievable and achieved goal was to complete in unbroken reps and with no rest between activities.

That’s 78 burpees and close to 2.5 miles of running.

Time = 31:52


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