Nemis No Mo’!

Tuesday, September 12 | Incremental Plates and Gains

I forced myself to rest yesterday, and as it was a rainy day this made the task all that more difficult. Luke and I did go for a 3.5-mile walk  light rain.

I also finished watching Luke Cage! I’m now also a fan of Method Man and Fab Freddy Five. WTF?

Asheville was certainly spared Hurricane Irma, but we nonetheless had very powerful winds last night that knocked out the power. It sounded like a shotgun when the two transformers blew at about 11:30 last night, and it startled all four of us.

Luke and I went for 1 2.5-mile walk this morning. Yup, in the rain. We did stop at Edna’s on the River for a cup of coffee both before and after our excursion. Uhm, whilst playing with Luke I also dropped my iPhone but fortunately only had to backtrack about a quarter mile to find it. As it was raining there were very few people out and about, so I didn’t worry about it being picked up and not returned!

The power was still out and it was still blustery outside so I worked out with the garage door closed. This meant that the kitties could join me!

Bench Press
Establish 1RM
Complete 11 20″ box jumps with step downs after each set

Why the box jumps? Because one must get back on the horse or in this case the box. My left leg still has a scab down the length of the shin, so I kept box jumps low so as to avoid injury. I’m smart like that. I also like auxiliary work as it makes me rest between sets. Why 11 box jumps? Why not!

Faithful readers know that I struggle with the bench press as I have small chesticles (not a misspelled word or typo). Prior to surgery the most I could bench press was a mere 65# on  good day. Whilst my progress post-surgery has been slow, it has been progress nonetheless.

It’s also very crucial for me to warm up effectively and thoroughly. To ensure that I did so, I completed set of 5 reps @ 67, 97, 117, 137, & 147#. Why the extra two pounds? Why not!

I then completed 3 reps @ 157 (a 2# post-surgery PR) and singles @ 162, 167, & 172# (also a 2# post-surgery PR). The lift felt good so I told myself I could attempt one more, and I successfully lifted 177#. Uhm, and the lift felt good so I told myself I could attempt one more, and I successfully lifted 182#! That’s a 12# PR! My goal is to bench press 200#.

25-20-15-10-5 75# hang SDHPs and floor presses
50-40-30-20-10 Abmat sit-ups and double unders

Okay, as I work out solo it’s not always important to compete against the clock; thus not for time. I worked consistently nonetheless. I set a goal to complete all rounds of all activities in unbroken reps. And I did! Yup, even the double unders.

I’ve never completed just the high pull of the SDHP, i.e., from the hang position just above the knee. I did so today as I wanted a pulling action to complement pushing yet I didn’t want to scrape the scab on my shin. Ha! Give it a try. I’ll wait…

Back already! Harder than you imagined? The most difficult of the activities was indeed the hang SDHPs, particularly the last few reps of the rounds of 25, 20, 15, and even 10. As there were just so many sit-ups, they also became challenging. But I didn’t break. Just like Luke Cage.



Wednesday, September 13 | EMOM

The day started out overcast with a light drizzle, the remnants of Irma. Luke and I went for a walk North on Michigan, West on Haywood, and Southeast on State to Michigan. ‘Twas a nice walk around the neighborhood, although as I forgot to wear watch I couldn’t tell you the distance.

I warmed up and then began practicing hang cleans & power jerks, as cleans & power jerks were included in next portion of workout and I wanted to be thoroughly warmed up. I recorded, reviewed, and ensured proper form and execution, you know, like a coach is supposed to do.

EMOM for time 30 minutes or until clean failure
Clean & jerk and wall crawl
Begin at 115, and increase weight by 5# every 5th rep until last 5 reps
Last 5 reps increase weight by 5# each rep until failed jerk; complete 2 wall crawls
Continue until failed clean

This was easier than I thought it was going to be. Uhm, until the final reps.

115#: 19, 19, 19, 17, 17; 1:31
120#: 17, 17, 17, 16, 16; 1:23
125#: 16, 15, 16, 16, 16; 1:19
130#: 16, 16, 16, 18, 17; 1:23
1135#: 19, 18, 18, 17, 19; 1:31
140#: 25
145#: failed jerk, 29
150#: failed clean

Things were going very well until a major distraction occurred during 26th round. I had my back to garage door and Luke was by the stairs being the good boy that he is. Just as I finished the jerk he began barking and running toward but looking past me. The neighbor’s dog was about to enter the garage! I yelled at the dog and attempted to shoo him away, all the time holding Luke back, you know, because he was going to protect me from the intrusion. I then saw neighbor smile and call her dog. Uhm, I don’t give a f@ck about your dog, but I don’t want to be working out with heavy weight around my dog. If Luke had approached just a few seconds earlier I could’ve dropped the barbell on him!

I’ll say it again: if you can’t control you dog than don’t let it loose.

That was a lot of squatting and jerking. I may begin calling jerking “Ted Cruzing.”

Oh, that was 8:01 of work, but it certainly felt like a workout.


Wednesday, September 14 | 37

Luke and I began our day with a nice 5-mile walk at the Biltmore. He joined me in the garage, of course, for my workout. ‘Twas tough.

A. 11-min AMRAP
11 135# deadlifts
11 burpees with double mountain climbers
~Rest 3 minutes~11-min AMRAP
B. 9-min AMRAP
9 185# deadlifts
9 burpees with jumping lunges
~Rest 3 minutes~
C. 7-min AMRAP
7 225# deadlifts
7 20# wall ball burpees with with weighted sit-up
~Rest 3 minutes~
D. 5-min AMRAP
5 275# deadlifts
5 20# & 10′ wall ball burpees
~Rest 3 minutes~
E. 3-min AMRAP
3 315# deadlifts
3 burpees with strict handstand pushups

A few points of clarification are necessary, I suppose.

Double mountain climber burpees:
1. Bend over and place hands on floor.
2. Jump feet to plank.
3. Knees to elbows both legs and return to plank.
4. Chest to floor.
5. Pushup to plank.
6. Knees to elbows both legs and return to plank.
7. Jump feet to hands.
8. Jump and clap hands above head.

Jumping lunges burpees:
1. Chest to floor.
2. Stand to full extension.
3. Jumping lunge both legs returning to full extensions, i.e., feet underneath hips.
4. Jump and clap hands above head.

Wall ball sit-up burpees:
1. Place hands on wall ball with thumbs and index fingers together, i.e., tricep pushup position.
2. Jump feet to plank.
3. Chest to wall ball.
4. Push up to plank
5. Butt on floor, sit, and roll ball to lap.
6. With ball in lap, shoulders touch floor.
7. Sit up.
8. Place ball on floor, roll to starting position, and stand to full extension.

Wall ball burpees:
1. Place hands on wall ball with thumbs and index fingers together, i.e., tricep pushup position.
2. Jump feet to plank.
3. Chest to wall ball.
4. Push up to plank
5. Medicine ball clean to full squat
6. Throw wall ball to target.

Wall HSPU burpees:
1. Chest to floor.
2. Stand to full extension.
3. Strict HSPU

All deadlifts except final round were floor to floor, and rounds A, B, C, and the first round of D were completed in unbroken reps. Yup, I had to start doing singles the 2nd round @ 275#. Shit. Got. Heavy. During the last round not only did I do singles but I also rested between reps. Shit. Got. Very. Heavy.

Mountain climber burpees were the most challenging (likely because there were just so many of them) and HSPU burpees were the easiest.

A. 4 rounds + 11 dl & 2 burpees
B. 4 rounds + 9 dl & 5 burpees
C. 3 rounds + 7 dl & 6 burpees
D. 3 rounds + 1 dl
E. 2 rounds + 1 dl 

Totals: 151 deadlifts & 135 burpees; 28,655# (14.3 tons) moved




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