Is it Fall yet?

Monday, September 25 | 25 & 50

I kinda sorta worked out Saturday, although the goal was only to work up a sweat, i.e., it’d be hard to categorize strength and conditioning. I completed 100 unbroken (TNG) 45# (barbell) hang power cleans, 75 unbroken 45# back squats, 50 ring rows (not unbroken), 25 unbroken hand release pushups, 20 unbroken pull-ups, and maybe some other shit that I can’t recall.

Our friend Camellia visited Saturday and we enjoyed an incredible dinner at Plant, a vegan restaurant. In all honesty, it was one of the best meals I’ve ever consumed. “Cheese” platter, beets, and plantains for appetizer and tofu bibimbap for main course. Oh, and Jeff and I shared a piece of carrot cake for dessert. OMFG.

Our friend Evelyn visited Sunday and we enjoyed a delicious and memorable breakfast at Biscuithead. Evelyn and I took Jeff to the airport and then we visited Highland Brewery, Vortex Donuts, and then enjoyed either a late lunch or early dinner at King Daddy’s.

What an enjoyable weekend!

Uhm, yeah, so I also bought a Mazda CX-3. Why? All Wheel Drive, bitches! The first thing Jeff commented was, “It feels like a car and not an SUV.” That’s most certainly the case, and I like it! It’s a much smaller automobile than the Renegade as well.

Okay, I can finally talk about today’s workout. But first, Rosa Parks wasn’t protesting public transportation. Uhm, and I haven’t seen anyone protesting the American flag.

Bodyweight deadlift ladder (with a twist)

I’ve gained a little weight so I rounded up to 150#. There, I said it. The twist was that not only did reps have to begin on the minute but all reps had to be unbroken and completed within 30 seconds. Sounds easy, right? It wasn’t. I made it through round 17, and as I completed the 17 reps in 29 seconds I didn’t even attempt a round of 18.

Score = 17 (66 reps)

10 Round for Accumulated Time
25 unbroken double unders & 50m sprint; rest 1 minute between rounds

This was fun! Luke positioned himself on his bed just outside of the garage door and watched  my every move. For sprint, I ran 25m up and back, i.e., to almost the end of the driveway and back.

Times: 29, 28, 28, 28, 27, 27, 26, 26, 25, 25
Accumulated time = 4:29

Yup, all rounds of dus were unbroken. The reason my times got faster was not because I was sprinting faster, as one might assume, but because I was focusing on completing dus faster. And it worked!

Tuesday, September 26 | PP

Luke and I went for a walk/hike along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Yup, we’re exploring new places!

Uhm, yesterday’s workout left my hobbling, as my glutes and hamstrings were sore!

Push Press
Establish 5, 4, 3, 2, & 1RM

Yup, you read that right. I’ve been focusing on the shoulder press and bench press since recovery, and it’s now time to add the push press to repertoire. I completed sets of 5 reps until I could only complete 4, 4 until 3, 3 until 2, and 2 (you guessed it) until 1.

After warming up, I completed sets of 5 reps @ 95, 105, 115, 125, & 130, 4 @ 135, 3 @ 140 & 145, and 1 @ 155 & 160#. I failed at 162#. Shit got too heavy.

I recorded all lifts to ensure that I didn’t push jerk. I did not. I sent recording of final lift to Jaclyn with text “This is how you fight for a rep. Try it sometime.” Her reply? “That butt though.”

Lock your knees and squeeze your ass, folks. It works!

10 RFT
10 medicine ball cleans, 20#
10-second handstand hold

As glutes and hamstrings were sore, well, you know what I had to do. Werk it! Yes, “werk.”

My goal was to complete cleans in unbroken reps, and I did. By round 6 I feared this would not be the case.

For handstands I kicked up to wall but allowed only 1 heel to light touch. I then focused on bringing other heel away from wall whilst maintaining balance. I’ve made much progress. Yay!

Time: 8:59

Wednesday, September 27 | BP

It appears that I may have developed some allergies, as my throat is scratchy and I’m occasionally phlegmy. I almost cancelled an excursion with my BFF, but I am glad that I did not!

Luke, Brian, Flossy, and I went for a 5-mile rather arduous hike. I did work up a sweat. I didn’t get home until close to 2 and didn’t even consider working out until 4. I could’ve just as easily rested, but instead I focused just on strength.

Bench Press
5X5 @ 75% of 1RM (137#)
4X4 @ 80% (146#)
3 @ 85% (155#)
2 @ 90% (164#)

All lifts were successful. That’s 76 reps total, and that was enough!

Whilst traveling home from Brian’s the low tire pressure warning light came on. And this set me off. Why? Because my salesperson was to have contacted me Monday (“I’ll call you first thing Monday” were the last words he spoke to me) regarding trailer hitch and paint repair, but he did not. I sent an email message Monday, Tuesday, and today, and still no response. I then forwarded messages to internet sales manager, and still no response. I called the service team and they told me if I made it there by 5:30 that they’d be able to take a look at tires. There was an accident on 26 that slowed down traffic, so I called service and let them know that I’d likely be 10 minutes late. They assured me that they’d remain open. They did not.

I parked in front of the dealership and asked to speak with the sales manager. Now I was getting somewhere! He had a service member from Mercedes check tire pressure and reset light, looked at touch up that needed to be fixed and scheduled appointment for tomorrow, and began to find out what was going on with trailer hitch. It was then that my salesperson saw me speaking with the sales manager, approached, and asked me what was going on. “As you haven’t replied to any of my three email messages, I decided I needed to visit and talk with your manager.” He was visually shaken. “Did you not receive the email message I sent you?” he asked. “No,” I replied, “and I even checked my junk mail. I sent you messages Monday, Tuesday, and today, but I received no reply.” “There must be something wrong with our email server,” he said, and then began rambling about the CRM.

Uhm, I’m not buying it.

The sales manager was very nice and went out of his way to help. And that’s what customer service should be!

Luke @ Stone Mountain

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