Austin, Texas

Saturday, October 7 | Hotel Room WOD

I rested Friday, as I needed to do so after Thursday’s grueling workout. Jeff and I traveled to Austin, albeit from different locations, for a weekend getaway. We enjoyed a light snack (both of us) and beer (just me, as always) from the Archer Hotel restaurant Friday evening upon our late arrival.

I awakened rather early, as I was still on ET. I asked Jeff if he wanted to go to the hotel gym and he said, “You know I don’t like to work out first thing in the morning.” In his defense, he was still on PT. I completed a workout in our room. Because Texas.

6-count burpees
Air squats

That’s 85 total reps of both activities, and this was enough of a workout for the day. Did I complete for time? Uhm, it’s vacation, so no.

We had an awesome brunch and then spent the afternoon shopping and then touring breweries. And what a fun time we had! I was slightly inebriated by the late evening  hours, so I sobered up a bit before our delightful dinner at Lonesome Dove. The specialize in exotic meats. I stuck with steak. Because Texas.

Sunday, October 8 | Hotel Gym WOD

Jeff surprised me by suggesting that we visit the hotel gym! He rode the exercise bike as I worked out. In the brief time that I was there I saw three STDBs.

EMOM for 25 minutes
3 strict pull-ups
3 25# dumbbell hang power clean & jerks
3 DB squats
3 DB suitcase deadlifts

This was just what I needed, as I was able to sweat off some alcohol. Ha! And true. I completed rounds in between 25 and 27 seconds, although I didn’t keep track of accumulated time. I also completed all rounds in unbroken reps, including strict pull-ups. That’s 75 reps of each activity and 300 total reps (375 if you count cleans & jerks separately). That was fun!

Jeff and I spent the rest of the afternoon (wait for it…) visiting breweries. We started with a visit to my least favorite brewery, Jester King Brewery. Why? Because they specialize in sour beer. That’s some very nasty shit.

The last brewery we visited, Adelbert’s Brewery, was my favorite, so we ended on a drunk high note! We also visited Friends and Allies, Austin Beer Garden, and Celis, amongst others. At the very least I got a tee shirt from all locations and usually purchased a pint glass as well. Because Texas. And vacation.

I had to take a short nap before going to dinner. Ha! Jeff and I enjoyed a wonderful dinner but with shitty service. And shitty service makes for not the most pleasant of meals. Fill up our water glasses, folks! Gah!

Jeff and I traveled bright and early Friday morning and arrived home around noon. Larry built awesome shelving for garage, so I spent a few hours organizing. The garage gym seems much more spacious now. Jeff wanted to get a quick bit before he once again traveled, so I didn’t get in a workout. And that’s okay, because organizing the garage felt like a workout.

Tuesday, October 10 | Barbell Challenge

Luke and I enjoyed a 3-mile walk, he got a bath, and then we went to vet for his annual physical. Luke’s gained 15 pounds since the move to Asheville, but his vet isn’t the least bit concerned. He gets more exercise than most dogs, and he certainly doesn’t overeat. We ran some errands, enjoyed a late breakfast, and then I worked out. Yup, on a full stomach. Yup, Luke was by my side.

Activity | Bodyweight X #
Deadlift | 50
Back squat | 40
Power clean | 30
Bench Press | 25
Power snatch | 20
Rest 3 minutes between activities

I rounded up bodyweight to 150 for easier math. For example, 150 X 50 = 7,500 for deadlifts. I chose to do deadlifts @ 185# (a very wise choice in retrospect); thus, I needed to complete 40 deadlifts. I chose 135# for back squats (45 reps), 100 for PCs (45 reps), 95# for BP (40 reps), and 65# for power snatches (46 reps).

Whilst I need not describe guidelines as I was the only person to complete, it’s nonetheless important to note that activities could be completed in any order. For me that was BP, BS, PC, DL, and PS.

BP: 15, 8, 5, 6, & 6; 2:30 (time)
BS: 15, 5, 8, 8, & 9 8; 3:40
PC: 10, 7, 6, 7, & 8; 3:50
DL: 5, 5, 5, 6, 7, & 7; 3:14
PS: 11, 6, 7, 6, & 7; 4:14

17:28 accumulated time.

This was exhausting, I rested between sets of reps for far too long. And that’s okay, because I think I may still have alcohol in my system. It’s unlikely there’s any left now! Oh, and it feels like August. Yup, it’s moist outside.

This was just what I needed!

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