Wednesday, October 11 | No Barbell

It feels like August: hot, humid, sticky, and moist. Luke hasn’t much cared for going for long walks so we began our day with a 4-mile meandering on the grounds of the Biltmore. I let Luke determine the pace.

I worked on organizing the garage and then set up for my workout. No barbell today!

11 RFT
5/leg jumping lunges
5 handstand pushups
5 burpees + (no jump) chin-ups

I thought for sure that my shoulders would eventually tire and that I’d be unable to complete 5 unbroken, albeit kipping, handstand pushups. I didn’t struggle a single round, including the last. Yay! What was the most difficult activity, you ask? Uhm, jumping lunges. And I’m sure that I’m going to be feeling them tomorrow.

Time = 20:12

I keep listening to Eminem’s “The Storm.” Yup, I’m listening to freestyle rap. What a scathing and spot-on takedown of the AIC. (I’ll let you figure out that acronym.)

Thursday, October 12 | Light Barbell

Luke has a thyroid condition, and will begin supplemental treatment tomorrow. That explains the gain weight. Yup, I concerned. We went for a 4-mil walk around the neighborhood, exploring streets not yet traversed. West Asheville really has some wonderful and unique homes!

‘Twas yet another moist day. And I’m feeling somewhat weak. Today was a little bit barbell, and little bit bodyweight. And it nearly destroyed me.

5 push presses, 65#
5 sumo deadlift high pulls
5 front squats
25 double unders
10 push presses
10 sumo deadlift high pulls
10 front squats
25 double unders
Rest 1 minute

I’ll readily admit that 5 reps felt relatively easy, and 10 reps felt laborious. I made myself complete rounds of PP, SDHP, and FS in unbroken reps, and by unbroken I mean I completed at fast, steady pace, only resting between activities. The only time I completed unbroken dus was the first round (both times) and the last round (last time). My legs felt like lead, probably because of yesterday’s jumping lunges.

Running time: 2:43, 6:41, 10:30, 15:03, 19:35, 24:13
Times each round: 2:43 3:58, 2:49, 3:33, 3:32, 33:38
Accumulated time: 19:13

Saturday, October 14 | Ninety Minutes

Not only did I rest yesterday, but I also didn’t feel the desire to work out (which so often happens on rest days). I guess the previous three workouts wore me out, but not so much so that I’d end a sentence with a preposition. I did spend most of Friday cleaning and organizing, including separating travel size lotions, shampoo, condition, soap, and misc items. I also cleaned out the closet underneath the first floor stairs, placing the items on the top shelf of the garage. Nice!

Trump is giving license to homophobia. Anyone surprised by this deplorable behavior? Anyone? What an asshole.

Luke and I enjoyed a 3.5-mile walk from our home to Carrier Park and back, and then I made myself work out. I did not want to do so, and thought, “There’s nothing wrong with resting two days in a row.”

Odd numbered minutes: up to 5 push presses, adding 5# each round until failure
Even numbered minutes: max rep strict handstand pushups

This was just what I needed, and I felt strong until, well, failure.

I began push presses @ 65# and completed sets of 5 reps 13 rounds, i.e., up to 131#. Uhm, why 131 and not 130? Because my previous PR was 130; thus, a new 1# PR. And I’ll take it! I then completed a set of 4 reps @ 136, another 1# PR. I’ll take it as well! I then completed singles at 140, 145, & 150 and failed at 155. My arms and shoulders were getting tired. Uhm, because I was also completing HSPUs.

I completed 5, 4, 4, 5, 5, 4, 4, 4, 4 3, 3, 3, 3, 2, 1, 2, 3, 3, & 2 strict HSPUs.

That’s a total 19 rounds (40 minutes) and 77 push presses and 64 HSPUs. I push pressed 7,809 pounds, i.e., 3.9 tons. That’s another way to look at it, folks. Oh, if I include HSPUs I pressed another 9,600 pound, i.e., 4.8 more tons.

20-min ARMAP
– 5 pull-ups
– 15 airs squats

“Cin” because “Cindy” includes 10 pushups between pull-ups and air squats, and there was no way I was going to do any more pushing.

Again, it’s more challenging to complete pull-ups on the yoke bar. Certainly not impossible, but definitely more challenging as my palms are much more likely to tear. I pumiced and chalked my hands before starting each round, and whilst this slowed me down the short rest was necessary. I set a goal to have an even split, and just past the 10 minute mark I completed 13 rounds; thus, the goal was 26 rounds.

I completed unbroken air squats all rounds and unbroken pull-ups through round 23. For rounds 24 through 27 I completed in reps of 4 & 1. Yup, I completed more than goal of 26 rounds, and even managed to complete an additional 3 single pull-ups.

Score = 27 rounds + 3 reps; 138 pull-ups and 405 air squats

My hands didn’t tear, so pumicing and chalking was well worth the time.

Today’s workout lasted about 90 minutes, including warm up and cool down. Yup, yet another reason why I’m so enjoying working out by myself. I also felt quite accomplished, as was delighted that I did indeed work out!

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