Has Become a Part of Me

Monday, November 13 | Always Someone There To Remind Me

You will always be my love.

Yup, still listening to GM 24/7. Yup, “Jesus to a Child” still brings me to tears. Yup, “Cowboys and Angels” as well.

As Jeff is home (on a Monday!) I “allowed” him to feed the bad kitties first breakfast and I slept until 7:30. Luke and I then went for a 90-minute hike a the Arboretum. Luke spent most of the time in the office with Jeff. He did, however, join me for the last few minutes of the metcon.

Bench Press
5×10 working up to heaviest set
1 attempt at 2RM

As my 10RM was 135 I set a goal to press 10 @ 140. After warming up, I completed sets @ 80, 95, 120, 130, & 140#, a new PR by 5#. I’m finally getting more comfortable with the bench press, and I’m certainly getting stronger.

The very last rep was a struggle, but a successful lift nonetheless. I was wise to not go any heavier than 140.

My 2RM was 166. As I was feeling strong, I put 170# on the bar. Uhm, 170 was my 1RM as recently as August. Ha!

I had just taken the barbell off the rack when I saw the hallway door open at the top of the stairs. I was startled, so I quickly racked the barbell. ‘Twas Jeff. His timing couldn’t have been more perfect, as I asked him to spot and he graciously agreed to do so.

Two lifts at 170 felt easy. Yes, I could’ve possibly gone heavier and, if I altered my own programming, I could’ve attempted another set of 2 at a heavier weight. Oh, that’s a 4# PR.

1, 2, 3…8, 9, 10
Burpees with turn
Strict ring dips

Burpees weren’t twisting, I would merely turn and face the opposite direction for next rep. I always began first rep facing West, thus I wasn’t always facing the ring dip station at the end of a round of burpees.

I managed to make it through round 7 with unbroken ring dips.

Time = 7:45


Tuesday, November 14 | Mr. Elton John!

Why didn’t GM refer to him as Sir Elton John? The very bad kitties had me wide awake before 6 am, and Luke and I began our 90-minute walk around the neighborhood at 7. We’re still exploring new streets and seeing new homes.

Power snatch
Work up to heaviest set of 10 TNG

I’ve settled on the best grip: just inside inner ring. Yup, significantly closer to knurling. I completed sets of 10 @ 75, 80, 80 (more in a moment), 85, 91, & 95. As 10RM was 90, I’m pleased. Why 2 sets @ 80? Because I recorded face on instead of from the side and discovered that I wasn’t locking my right elbow, even though I most certainly can do so without any pain. I ensured that I did so for all remaining reps.

I completed sets of 3 @ 100 & 105 and set of 2 @ 110. My form started to go to shit as I was getting tired, so I called it a day.

50 RFT
10 unbroken & unassisted air squats

I started the clock and Luke immediately stood in

This was physically, psychologically, and emotionally challenging. Emotionally? Yes, as it was a struggle not to cry. Five hundred air squats in no joke. For the first 40 rounds I began a set of 100 facing North but began the last set of 100 facing South. Why? So I could see the clock at the finish.

Time = 17:57

That’s 500 freaking air squats. I may not be able to walk tomorrow.

Thursday, November 15 | Kenny

I rested yesterday. Luke & I did, of course, go for a nice long walk at the Biltmore. I’m loving that I can still wear shorts! Luke & I began today with a 5-mile walk around the neighborhood, including visits to Carrier and French Broad Parks. Another pleasant morning. Yay!

As Jeff is out of town, Luke joined me for my workout.

Every other minute on the minute
1 press + 3 back squats

Begin @ 65# & increase weight by 5# until failure; 3 attempts at any weight permitted

Unusual combination, I know. Uhm, 500 air squats performed Tuesday left me with sore quads today; thus, the purpose of the back squats was recovery. And it worked!

I tried a wider grip for presses and was pleased with the results. Wider for presses, narrower for snatches. Well, okay then.

I also brought the bar behind my neck before beginning back squats for sets through 130#. At that weight I didn’t want to risk injuring my neck.

I neglected to look up my press 1RM, but I recalled that it was either 137 or 138#. (‘Twas 137#). Regardless, I determined that I wouldn’t use incremental plates; thus 1RM attempt would be at 140#.

With 10 seconds remaining I’d approach the bar and place my hands. With 5 seconds remaining I’d step back and push my head through my shoulders. At the sound of the clock I’d approach the bar, set it on my shoulders, take a very small step back, take a very deep breath, squeeze my butt and lock my knees, and press. I was excited when I successfully pressed 140#, as I knew it was a PR. I nonetheless added 5#—and pressed 145#, just 3# less than bodyweight, a 7# PR, and an all-time PR.

That’s 19 presses and 57 back squats.

Tabata pull-ups
Score = total reps

Always complement pushing with pulling. I can’t wait until the pull-up bar is installed! Yes, I’ve gotten used to wide yoke, but I’m certain I can complete more reps when using thinner bar.

Score = 56

20-min AMRAP
10m shuttle sprints

Luke enjoyed lounging outside whilst I ran. Not much to say other than I always turned right for odd- and left for even-numbered rounds, a round being from garage door to car and back, i.e., 20m.

Score = 3,020m

That’s just under 2 miles. Certainly not fast, but the turns slowed me down!

I’ve been enjoying playing holiday tunes, and have even posted a few on my Facebook page. I know, right? Luke, Meg, & Zac truly enjoy listening whilst I play.


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