Mad Skillz

I’ll occasionally post blog for public consumption. Enjoy! And you’re welcome.

I slept until 8, which isn’t that unusual. (Keep in mind that I was wide awake @ 4:30 most each and every day for the last 5 years that we lived in Apex and I owned CFS.) Jeff surprised me by joining Luke and me for our morning walk around Carrier Park. Yay!

I was feeling a little sore after yesterday’s 45-minute metcon, and had almost talked myself into resting today. I knew my time was going to be limited, as we were meeting Brian and Danielle for lunch, so I decided to work on skills. And am I glad that I did!

Vertical ring hold
Establish max time

My goal was 2:30, 15 seconds more than current PR. And I got it. My forearms were on fire. And I don’t know that I could’ve held the hold for any longer.

Windshield wipers

I completed 15 unbroken reps. Could I have done more? Yes, but today was about form and control.

L-sit pull-ups

I completed 5 strict and unbroken. Six might’ve been too much. I recorded, and am pleased to say that I maintained L, i.e., legs didn’t drop below parallel.

V-sit ring pull-ups

Why V instead of L? Because the lever is different for rings, folks. Yup, strict and unbroken, with rings touching chest.


What? A headstand? Yup, my first attempt since ACDF surgery well over a year ago. I held for about 15 or so seconds, and with no neck pain.

Crow pose

What? Crow pose? Yup, again, my first attempt since well over a year ago. Not only was I able to hold for about 30 seconds, I was also able to spring back to strict plank.

Parallette HSPU

I had the confidence to attempt what is always a difficult movement. It took me a couple of tries to kick my legs up to the wall (with elbows locked, of course), but I was able to complete rep on first attempt. I was stoked, I tell you, stoked.

Run to end of driveway and back (about 30m to end of driveway)
Strict parallette pass through(s)

Pass through consists of strict plank, strict pushup with chest to hands, jump through to strict pike with hips extended, dip, return to pike, kick legs back to strict plank. Uhm, and on parallettes. That shit’s though.

Time = 11:?? 

I’m too lazy to walk to the garage and retrieve piece of paper listing time, so there’s that.

I made homemade pretzel bites (salted as well as cinnamon and sugar) and peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips in thumbprint.



I’m not quite sure why, but there has been a recent flurry of new followers. What I find surprising is that, whilst I have indeed been posting, none of the recent posts have been public, i.e., I am the only person who can read them. I’m heavily leaning toward taking the posts offline completely. So there’s that.

I first starting  blogging as I way to record races that I ran, mostly writing about my experiences running marathons. When I began to CrossFit, the focus on the blog changed, and I would often write about my learning experiences. When I opened CrossFit Surmount, the tone of the posts changed somewhat, as I often bit my tongue so as to not offend members (and potentially HQ). Now that I’m working out solo, there isn’t much to blog about except, well, my workouts. And that’s kind of boring, don’t you think? I’ve been basically recording components and results of workouts. I seldom post any additional commentary, e.g., musings on teaching, politics, others, etc. Although I’ll go on record as saying it doesn’t take a genius to know the difference between “past” and “passed.”

In other words, I’m not sure why anyone would even want to read. Convince me that you do, and I may consider continuing. This is, however, quite unlikely (and this may very well be the last public post).

I rested yesterday, although I did clean the house. Yup, that’s a workout.

Friday, January 19 | Squattin’

As I had a conference call at 10 regarding an upcoming training opportunity in Raleigh, I ate breakfast (I can’t recall that last time I’ve eaten before working out) after walking Luke and before the conference call, and worked out after the call; thus, I didn’t begin working out until about 11.

Back squat
Establish 5 and 3 RM

I warmed up at 135, then did sets of 5 @ 165, 195, & 215, a 5# PR. I then immediately attempted, successfully, 3 reps @ 225, another 5# PR. I then completed front squats sets of 4 @ 135, 165, & 190. As 190 is 3RM, I’m pleased. Uhm, I didn’t have baseline 4RM so I won’t count as PR.


1, 2, 3…8, 9, 10 kipping pull-ups
2, 4, 6… 16, 18, 20 hand release pushups
3, 6, 9… 24, 27, 30 air squats

Everybody knows how I love a bodyweight workout! Whilst I did complete all rounds of pull-ups and air squats in unbroken reps, I was only able to do so through the round of 14 pushups before having to break up reps. Mah shoulders!

Time = 11:07

55 pull-ups, 110 pushups, 165 air squats. ‘Twas a workout.