Two Dollah

Thursday, February 22

After having worked out for five consecutive days, I made myself rest yesterday. And it was good. I like Adam Rippon as much as I dislike Johnny Weir. And I really dislike Johnny Weir.

“Everything Sucks” on Netflix was amazing! Oh, if there had only been a show like that when I was growing up. *Sigh*

It’s a very warm 70 degrees with partly cloudy skies here in Asheville, i.e., another gorgeous day.

Luke joined me for much of the workout. Uhm, read on.

Floor Press
Establish 10, 5, 3, 2, & 1RM

One of the great things about working out alone and doing my own programming is that I can modify as needed. And as I want.

I completed 10 reps @ 155, 5 @ 170, & 3 @ 185, all 5# PRs. I wanted a 1RM PR, so I skipped attempt @ 2. Ha! I successfully pressed a single @ 195, a 5# PR, so I went for it — and completed a rep @ 200, a 10# PR! That’s the milestone I’ve been attempting to achieve.

My hips did rise, but I successfully pressed and locked out my arms nonetheless.

Establish 10RM

I knew I wouldn’t have enough left in my arms to go for a 1RM, or even a 2, 3, or 5RM. I successfully completed 10 reps @ 105, a 5# PR.

That’s a lot of pushing, so I knew I’d need to pull. That’s what he said.

100 pull-ups
Complete 25 unbroken double unders* & 5-sec headstand hold after any break in pull-ups, i.e., when I drop from the bar.
* If unable to complete 25 unbroken dus may attempt again OR complete 50 unbroken dus next round.

That’s some creative programming right there, folks.

I had just completed first round of pull-ups when Luke decided to join me. I gave him some attention, albeit brief, and then he relaxed on the gym mat. Uhm, the gym mat that I had planned to complete headstands upon. Ha! Another joy of working out alone is that the mascot can do whatever the mascot wants to do, and my feelings are never hurt. Oh, I made sure to pet his head and scratch his ears after each round.

I completed pull-ups in rounds of 20, 10, 9, 9, 9, 10, 10, 9, 8, & 6 reps. I was doing very well with dus, but missed 17th rep 7th round. I attempted and missed 20th rep (if memory serves me), so I decided I go for 50 unbroken reps the next round. And easily completed. Thus, more than 250 dus over the course of 10 rounds. Headstand holds were almost a welcome relief and, even though upside down, allowed me to momentarily catch my breath.

Time = 17:28


One thought on “Two Dollah

  1. I wish that I had half of your energy. I would have the body and health of a 25 year old. Well, I’m on my way downstairs to give the cats their smelly snack. Then back to the Olympics.

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