In the game, not in the Games

Friday, February 23

I appear to have lost the ability to back squat.

Back squat
Establish 1RM

I began at comfortable 165 and increased weight by 10# each round. I completed rep @ 235, but failed @ 245 (current 1RM). I failed twice and didn’t even attempt third time. Disappointing, I know.

5K Friday

This is just the second of planned 30 consecutive Fridays that I plan on running a timed 5K on course at Carrier/French Broad. I may need to adjust if I’m out of town, obviously.

My TomTom battery was low, so I quickly downloaded an app and ran with iPhone in right hand.

6:31 (pace last .1 mile)

Time = 22:10
Pace = 7:07

That’s certainly slow for me, but already faster than last week. Use or it lose it, right?

Saturday, February 24

Jeff and I took Luke for a walk, we enjoyed breakfast at Rise ‘N Shine, and then I worked out. Luke joined me for most of the workout, which is always nice. He provides much needed silent encouragement.

Every 41 seconds for 20 rounds
Strict mixed grip (alternating hands each round) pull-up + strict toes to bar + 185# deadlift + strict 4″ negative HSPU

Each round took about 19 or 20 seconds, so there was plenty of time to rest. No missed reps, including no failed attempts at HSPU. So there’s that.

I rested long enough to set up for next element and then began.

Every 61 seconds for 10 rounds
Strict ring pull-up + toes through rings + 225# dominant hand mixed grip deadlift + strict 7″ negative HSPU
Strict ring pull-up + ring knees to elbows + toes through rings + 225# non-dominant hand mixed grip deadlift + strict 7″ negative HSPU

I little more challenging, but once again no failed reps and each round took about 19 or 20 seconds. Again, there’s that.

I program many EMOM or the like workouts. Why, you ask? Because I don’t always need to be working continuously, e.g., an AFAP or timed AMRAP. I can also focus more on proper form and execution as there isn’t the added pressure of, well, working as fast as I can or completing as many rounds or reps as I can. Finally, it works for me, and as I’m not programming for anyone else that’s all I need to concern myself with.

Negative Strict HSPU
Maximum distance

I set up plates (eventually all of them) and completed rep @ 14″, a 2.75″ PR. Yay!

Sunday, February 25

Every 30 seconds for 20 rounds
PC + clean + BS (odd #) or FS (even #) @ 100#

I certainly felt warmed up at the end of the 10 minutes!

I rested briefly.

Every 90 seconds until failure
PC + clean + BS beginning @ 105 and working up to heaviest set

Plenty of rest, and that’s what was needed. I completed round at 170 (merely having to get bar on back, i.e., didn’t have to lock out elbows) and failed at 175#. As 175 is PC 1RM and just 10# shy of clean 1RM, I was both surprised and pleased.

Strength and conditioning? Yup.

I have no intention of attempting any of the CFG WODs, so don’t even ask.


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