I completed another 30-Day Challenge: 30 days without Facebook. And it was wonderful! I’m on day 4 of my next challenge: writing for a minimum of 30 minutes a day. Uhm, but I’ve written for a much longer time than that each of the past 4 days and composed over 2,000 words today alone. I enjoy writing. Should I include excerpts here?

Monday, February 25

Establish Press 5RM

I completed 5 @ 125, a 4# PR and a 20# increase since August. The last rep is the hardest, baby, I know.

Every 90 seconds until failure: 3 strict ring dips* & 1 push press, beginning @ 115 & increasing 5# each round until failure

I worked up to 155, 10# shy of PR. But dear god were my arms tired by that last few rounds…

Run 400m
30 Russian KB swings
5 negative ring rows (feet on box, upper body lower than feet
Run 400m
20 KBS
10 NRR
Run 400m
10 KBS
15 NRR
omplete same number of strict ring rows (30)

Uhm, I can’t recall the time. I completed 12 or so strict ring dips at the start and finished with a double. Oh, and I completed all KB swings in unbroken reps and managed quite a few negative ring rows in unbroken reps as well.

I listened to “Phantom Thread” and “Tom’s Album.”

Tuesday, February 27


I waited until the afternoon and ran a little more than 3 miles. ‘Twas a nice big loop at Carrier and French Broad Parks. I started slow @ 8 mpm pace, followed by 7:50 and 7:30 mpm pace. Not bad for not really trying.

Bench Press
Practice form

And that’s what I did.

Burpee + 30” box jump + inverted push-up with feet on box

I completed 15 reps at the 5-minute mark, so I set a goal to complete 30 reps. And completed 34. Because I’m fucking awesome.

Wednesday, February 28

3 rounds 
3 TNG PC&J @ 95
3 @ 100
3 @ 105
3 @ 115
Then 1 round of 3 TNG until failure

It took most of the time between rounds to change the plates. Ha! I completed 2 @ 140, i.e., made it through 3 @ 135 for a total of 50 reps. That. Was. Exhausting.

Establish Max Time

I set and achieved 2:30 headstand.

I then practiced transition from headstand to handstand.

I realized today that it’s been a little over a year since the last time I coached a CrossFit session. Do I miss doing so? Not really. There, I said it.

I do absolutely love teaching Public Speaking (and soon Interpersonal Communication) to college students.

And I couldn’t imagine ever again working out at a box or with others other than Jeff. My improvements in strength, conditioning, and skills have been exponential since I began programming just for and working out by myself.

Again, I have no intention of ever again completing the Games and/or competing.


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