Yesterday (Tuesday, April 3) I worked on OHS and then 20 rounds of 3 stiff-legged deadlifts, 3 hang power cleans, 3 bent over rows, and 50m (25m up and back) sprint, resting 30 seconds between rounds. My goal was to complete the workout in fewer than 20 minutes and I did just that, with the slowest round taking 31 and the fastest taking a mere 24 seconds. Oh, Luke and I began our day by enjoying a 75-minute hike at the Arboretum. We also stopped by A.C. Moore to pick up paint supplies for the mailbox.

It was raining this morning (Wednesday, April 4) so Luke and I went for a short walk around the neighborhood. For a change of pace I ate breakfast. Yup, I ate before I worked out. I had some difficulty getting motivated to take my ass downstairs and work out, and that’s unusual. I began my workout at 9:30.

Floor Press
Establish 1RM

I warmed up doing sets of 5 and decided to go for 5RM as well. And I did, completing 5 reps @ 180#. I then did 2 @ 195 (current 2RM) and put 205 on the barbell. And failed the first attempt. I knew I had the strength to complete the lift. My arms didn’t feel evenly spaced and that caused me to hesitate after removing the barbell from the rack. But not on the second attempt! Yup, I floor pressed 205#, an all-time PR.

When you push, be sure to pull.

I enjoy programming for myself, and I wouldn’t program the following for others. Why not? Because as it’s not an AMRAP or an AFAP and there’s thus no “competition,” box members wouldn’t enjoy. And would likely complain. Or just not show up.

Every 15 seconds for 20 rounds (5 minutes)
1 strict pull-ups & 1 SDHP @ 115#

Every 15 seconds for 20 rounds (5 minutes)
1 strict K2E & 1 power snatch @ 85#

Every 30 seconds for 20 rounds (10+ minutes)
1 strict T2B & 1 power snatch @ 95#

I certainly worked up a sweat! Fifteen seconds was just the right amount of time for the first 2 workouts, as I wasn’t able to catch my breath but I was able to recover and complete all reps as prescribed. Power snatches @ 85# felt good.

As did power snatches @ 95#. As the third workout was progressing I decided that I’d continue the workout with a slight modification.

After completing the 20th round I began to 60 instead of 30 seconds, i.e., I began each round 30 seconds after the top of the minute with the first round beginning at the 20:30 mark. I increased the weight 5# each round. I still completed strict T2B (with continued slow and controlled contraction and extension) and then would grip it and rip it. I completed rounds @ 100, 105, 110, 115, 120, 125, & 130#. Uhm, and as 123# was my previous PR I achieved a new (and all-time) PS PR. Without even programming. And without hardly trying.

I’m pleased with my progress and know that much of it is due to the fact that I can work out when and for how long I want.

I’ve begun the second stage of the AB Tech TOY process. As I told Jeff, it truly is an honor just to be nominated after having taught just one semester.


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