Thursday, April 19

Sumo Deadlift
Establish 5RM

I set and achieved goal of 5 @ 320, a 5# PR. Lifts felt okay so I went for and achieved 3 reps @ 340, again a 5# PR. And then I was done.

20-40-60… 160-180-200m shuttle sprints (10m up & back)
2-4-6…16-18-20 24″ burpee box jumps

My goal was to work continuously and, other than an occasional brief rest before beginning box jumps a few rounds, I achieved goal.

Time = 20:56

I rested Friday. And I needed it.

Saturday, April 21

I needed an endurance workout. My coach listened to my needs and programmed the following.

30-25-20-15-10 pull-ups
60-50-40-30-20 strict pushups
90-75-60-45-30 no arm assist air squats
Run 400m after each round

That’s a total of 100 pull-ups, 200 pushups, 300 air squats, and 2K of running.

I completed rounds of 15 & 10 pull-ups as well as 60, 45, & 30 air squats in unbroken reps. I didn’t complete a single round of pushups in unbroken reps, but completed no fewer than 4 at any one time. Running after air squats is never fun.

I kept track of time each round, recording times of 11:32, 21:17, 29:42, 35:06, & 40:34. That’s consistent.

In addition, every last rep was good. I don’t count shitty reps. I also ensure that I don’t execute shitty reps.

Sunday, April 22

Jeff and I began our day by taking Luke for a long walk at the Arboretum. We then had KK donuts. I had forgotten how much I dislike KK donuts.

21-15-9 unbroken deadlifts @ 135#
Immediately row 500, 350, & 150m after each round of DLs; rest as needed after row

18-12-6 unbroken deadlifts @ 185#
Row 500, 350, & 150m after each round

19-9-3 unbroken deadlifts @ 225#
Row 250, 150, & 100m after each round

12-6-1 unbroken deadlifts @ 275#
Row 250, 150, & 100m after each round

How absolutely exhausting, and that very last DL felt like a 1RM attempt. That’s 124 deadlifts. Talk about quantity and quality…

I truly enjoy strenuous strength/conditioning workouts that aren’t timed. There is far less risk of injury and there’s just the right amount of rest.

As I’m currently obsessed with the music of “The Greatest Showman,” I listened to the soundtrack all three workouts.





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