Monday, March 5

I took Luke for a walk around the neighborhood and then graded public speaking outlines and speeches. I next took Jeff to the airport to pick up his rental car. I got home at 11 and thought, “It’s a rest day, but I’m feeling out of sorts. Just work on skills.” So that’s kinda sorta what I did.

Strict HSPUs

Guilty as charged. Huh? In the past I’ve posted that I completed strict HSPU when in fact the only thing that made them strict was that I didn’t kip. I set up the gym mat by the wall and marked 20″ deep and 36″ wide. I then stood against wall, marked location of wrists, measured 3″ below that mark, and placed red tape on wall. For a rep to be counted as strict not only does the rep need to begin with elbows locked, head touches the mat, and elbows lock at finish, but hands have to be placed within box and ankles have to cross red line. I’m not good at math, but even I know that the wider the hands the harder it is to have ankles cross the red line. I experimented with hands placed 24″ apart. Ankles easily passed the mark but shoulders felt uncomfortable. Hands spread 36″ apart, while comfortable on shoulders, made in nearly impossible to have ankles cross red line. The sweet spot is with hands spread about 26″ apart, as shoulders are comfortable and ankles cross the red line. I practiced a few reps at a time, always reviewing recording to ensure proper form and execution. I finished with 4 unbroken reps.

Power Snatches @ 75#
Practice Form

That’s what I did.

1 attempt at maximum reps

Seventy. I completed 70.

1 strict (see above) HSPU
3 pull-ups
5 hand release and cheek to floor pushups
7 air squats

This was exhausting, and the strict HSPUs got continually more difficult as time passed. As I do my own programming I feel comfortable and confident modifying as needed. I was but 5 rounds into the workout when I decided 10 rounds would be enough. I then convinced myself to at least do 15 rounds. The 15th round felt okay so I decided to do 20 rounds. I then thought it’d be interesting to do 21 rounds. Twenty-one then became 25. If I could do 25 rounds without failing a rep, I was confident that I could do 30 rounds.

All good reps, people. All. Good. Reps.

Rounds ranged in time from 37 (3rd round) to 29 (last round) seconds and accumulated time was 16:45. 

Luke positioned himself on the blanket just outside of the garage door and napped whilst I worked out.



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