Uhm, yeah, so like I haven’t been posting lately. Why? No reason. The Summer semester at AB Tech has begun, and I’m enjoying teaching Public Speaking and Interpersonal Communication. I’m also getting used to teaching in 1:20 increments.

I binge watched all of “13 Reasons Why” season 2. Wow. What an emotional rollercoaster ride. I think/feel that the 2nd season was even better than the 1st.

Okay, recent workouts. “Murph” the Saturday before Labor Day. The mile run from the house is brutal. Bru. Tal. Burpees & deadlifts. Press 3RM PR. Yada, yada, yada.

I rowed the day after Murph, and it was just the active recovery that I needed. I completed 25 calorie rows for time, adjusting the damper settings. I discovered that, whilst rowing at damper setting 1 is certainly the easiest, rowing with damper setting at 7 allows me to row 25 calories in the fastest time and with the best feedback. Good to know!

I rested Memorial Day, as our good friends Thom, Evelyn, and Tijuana visited. And a lovely visit it was!

Tuesday, September 30

I kept it light. I felt much better after than before the workout.

Every 30 seconds for 20 minutes
PC + FS + PP + BS + behind the neck PP (i.e., “Bear” complex)
Rnds 1-10, 65#; rnds 11-20, 70#; rnds 21-30, 75#; rnds 31-40, 80#

Truly just what the doctor ordered. I should have a medical license.

Wednesday, September 31

7-min AMRAPs

A. 1 strict pull-up + 1 strict T2B + 1 PS + 1 HPS (75#)

I completed 19 rounds and a negative split, having completed just over 8 rounds at the halfway mark.

B. 2 strict K2E + 1 PC + 1 HPC + 1 HPC&J

I completed 17 rounds + 2 reps and, once again, with a negative split.

C. 1 6-count burpee + 1 DL (185#) + 100m sprint

I completed 14 rounds + 2 reps with a few seconds to spare. Yup, negative split.

D. Unbroken & strict ring dips; 1 DL (275#) after each round

I completed 57 ring dips and 11 DLs, completing 10 unbroken ring dips out of the gate and no fewer than 4 reps any rounds. And all were strict.  Deadlifts were heavy.

Luke was with me the entire humid and sweaty time.




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