It’s Hot. And Humid.

Monday, June 18

I was wide awake at 5:30. It’s been reasonably cool in the morning hours, so I try to get in a longish walk with Luke. He’s not much for going for longer walks during the day. I can’t fault him for that!

35 bodyweight BP
Headstand hold 10 seconds for each rep

My strategy was to NOT complete many reps each round to ensure that I was able to hold headstand without putting too much pressure on my neck. I set up timer to ensure that I held headstand for requisite time. I completed (150#) in reps of 4, then rounds of 3, with the last two rounds in reps of 2.

When you push you gotta pull.

Cash in 35 pull-ups
Run 200m before rounds of 50, 40, 30, 20, & 10 double unders

Time = 10:14

Wednesday, June 20

Yup, I reseted Tuesday, even though I didn’t teach. I needed the rest, as I was still sore Wednesday. Bench presses get me. They just do.

21 BS @ 125% of bodyweight (185#)
Complete 3, 6-count burpee with freestanding handstand for each BS rep

This was tough, particularly given the continued heat and humidity. Luke did join me in the garage, although he didn’t venture outside. He’s smart like that.

I completed 4 reps the first round, reps of 3 most rounds (including second to the last) and 2 reps 3 rounds, including last. I don’t feel like doing the math. That was also 63 burpees. I certainly didn’t complete the burpees at an exceptionally rapid pace.

Time = 20:16

Thursday, June 21

Uhm, my glutes and hammies were sore, sore, sore! The workout was as much about recovery as it was, well, anything.

11 rounds of 11 calories; rest 30 seconds between rounds

I set the damper @ 5.5 and focused on form, form, form. (Yup, it’s a theme.) I found that the best thing for me to do was to focus on monitor and stroke after calorie was achieved. It did take a stroke to get into things; thus each round took 12 strokes. Time decreased as well, with slowest and fastest 11 calories taking 37 and 32 seconds, respectively. And the fastest round was the last round.

Every 15 seconds for 11 rounds
3 bent over rows @ 95#

Yup, active recovery.

Friday, June 22

I took both Luke and Cinna for a walk this morning.

7 rounds of 3 reps of pull-ups and negative HSPUs

I worked up to 53# pull-ups and 9.5″ HSPUs. I doubt I could’ve gone heavier with pull-ups but couldn’t gone deeper (moister?) with HSPUs. That’s obviously 21 pull-ups & HSPUs. So…

AMRAP 21 minutes
Strict L-sit chest to bar pull-up
10 Abmat sit-ups odd rounds, 10 back extensions even rounds
Strict 6″ negative HSPU with 1-second freestanding handstand at finish
11 Abmat sit-ups odd rounds, 11 back extensions even rounds

Whilst not overly challenging, I was nonetheless a sweaty mess when all was said and done.

Twenty-one. Yup, that was today’s theme.

Score = 14 rounds + 12 reps

That’s 15 pull-ups & HSPUs, 157 sit-ups, and 147 back extensions.


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