Take Me Home…

Thursday, July 26

3 strict pull-ups
9 jumping air squats
9 clapping pushups
18 lateral bar hops
3 deadlifts @ 200#

Uhm, I didn’t record the time. Dammit. ‘Twas nonetheless a good workout!

Saturday, July 28

Every 30 seconds for 30 minutes (60 rounds):
Strict toes to bar
Strict knees to elbows
Sumo deadlift high pull, 135#
Strict handstand pushup (freestanding handstand and butt kick at for finish)

All rounds competed in fewer than 17 seconds.

I had to remove shirt to wipe down mat.

Yup, Luke took over the gym mat.

Sunday, July 29

I wanted to run, and run I did!

12 RFT
Run 400m
25 sandbag squats, 45#

I had programmed 10 rounds but, well, that’d only be 2.5 miles and 250 squats.

Time = 41:15

That’s about 3.5 minutes a round. The squats slowed me down. Aaaaaaand I also grabbed the phone a few times to record Luke lounging.

Monday, July 30

5-min ARMAP
5 pull-ups
5 floor presses, 95#
~Rest 3 min~
4-min ARMAP
4 pull-ups
4 floor presses
~Rest 2 min~
3-min ARMAP
3 pull-ups
3 floor presses
~Rest 1 min~
2-min ARMAP
2 pull-ups
2 floor presses
~Rest 30 sec~
1-min ARMAP
1 pull-up
1 floor press

Who programs this shit? Oh, right, that’d be me.

Scores = 9, 9, 9, 8, & 5; 129 reps of both activities. 

‘Twas weird that there were no “plus” rounds.

Wednesday, August 1

I went for a 12+-mile bike ride on the Greenbrier Trail! It was beautiful, albeit rainy, ride. One part of the ride was scary, and that was riding through the Droop Mountain tunnel. I didn’t have a headlamp on bike, so I only had the slight light of the sun shining off of the reflectors to guide me through the first part of the tunnel as I traveled North.

And then it was pitch black as the tunnel took a turn to the right. I began to sing to myself to overcome a slight panic attack. I continued riding and was relieved to see the literal light at the end of the tunnel.

As I knew a what to expect, the return trip South wasn’t nearly as frightening.

Thursday, August 2

Final grades for Summer 2018 semester posted! I may have been too kind.

As I wasn’t meeting my mother, sister, niece, and grand-niece until later in the day, I worked out a Country Roads CrossFit in Lewisburg, WV. Uhm, I haven’t worked out in a box in about a year and a half. I wasn’t concerned, however, as I’ve worked out at CRCF in the past, and Bimbo and Laura have always been very welcoming. I had fun today!

We warmed up and then began strength. Aaaaaand I misunderstood the rep scheme. That happens when I don’t do my own programming.

As prescribed:
6 sets of clean pull + hang clean + clean @70% of 1RM

As I understood and completed:
6 sets of 3 clean pulls + 3 hang cleans + 3 cleans

And that’s quite a different workout. Particularly as I complete TNG. As I didn’t want to complete 36 reps @ 125, I informed Coach Laura that I’d work up to the weight. I began @ 75 and added 10# a set to work up to 125#, 70% of 1RM.

I kept wondering why I was so far behind the other two athletes. As I wasn’t paying much attention to them, I didn’t notice that they weren’t doing the same number of reps. It wasn’t until after I completed my last set that Coach Laura pointed out my error. Ha! I got in a good workout, so I wasn’t the least bit upset.

30 T2B
25 burpee box jump overs, 24″
20 T2B
10 T2B

I started strong, completing 17 unbroken T2B before briefly coming off the rig. I was able to continue to string together T2B, only having to do 4 or 5 as singles. I haven’t jumped completely over the box in quite a while, and was pleased that I didn’t lose the ability to do so. Yay!

Time = 10:31

I have no idea how I compared to other athletes, nor do I care.

Friday, August 3

Coach Laura at Country Roads CrossFit mentioned that Bimbo had programmed a grueling workout based on the Bear Complex. I decided to give it a try.

100 reps power clean + front squat + push press + back squat + behind the neck push press @ 75 lbs.
*Complete 5 burpees anytime the barbell is dropped, placed on floor, or any part of rep failed.

My strategy was to complete 20 rounds of 5 reps. That strategy immediately was abandoned and changed to completing 5 or more reps until, well, I couldn’t do that many.

I allowed myself to rest briefly only when bar was in hang position or on back (usually before completing the most difficult move, the behind the neck push press).

I completed 11, 9, 8, 7, 8, 6, 7, 6, 6, 7, 6, 5, 6, 4, & 4 and 14 rounds of 5 burpees. Yup, that’d be a mere 70 burpees.

And believe me, the burpees were a welcome relief.

I had completed 50 reps in a little over 20 minutes, so I set a goal to finish in 45 minutes or fewer.

Time = 43:03

This was truly a grueling workout, and was as much psychological as physical.


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