Flo’ mats

Yet again, I haven’t been blogging as regularly as I could (and maybe should). I’ve been busy teaching (and dealing with some quite problematic students this semester) and taking care of the house and kiddos. Today my BBF helped install shade sail on deck and helped transport horse stall mats for gym.

I’m always sad the last week in September. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about and terribly miss Xander.

I’ll record workouts to the best of my recollection. I might as well start with today and then work in reverse chronological order.

Wednesday, September 26

Work on form

And that’s what I did, focusing on locking my knees, squeezing my buttocks, and assertively pressing the barbell. Not aggressively, assertively.

5-min AMRAP
8-count burpee + strict press @ 95# (counts 5 & 6 alternating leg mountain climbers) 

What a doozy! The press got more challenging as the clock counted down. I completed 22 reps.

5-min AMRAP
6-count plate burpee  @ 55# + jump over plates (7″) + med ball clean @ 30# with 90 degree twist + twisting jump @ 20″

What a doozy! I placed med ball on stack of plates to achieve 20.” I placed med ball on floor and repositioned plate on floor to begin next rep. I completed 14 reps.

5-min AMRAP
8-count burpee + “bear complex” @ 75# (counts 5 & 6 alternating grasshoppers) 

Another doozy! I completed 13 reps. I was spent.

Tuesday, September 25

My new 35# dumbbells arrived so, well, I had to use them.

7-min AMRAP
1 6-count DB burpee deadlift
1 manmaker

The burpee deadlift included a jump at count six, and the manmakers included two pushups, i.e., hands on DBs, jump feet to plank, chest to floor and pushup, row with left or right arm (I alternated each round), chest to floor and pushup, row with right or left arm, jump feet to hands, and finish with thruster.

That. Was. Tough. I completed 16 rounds (+ burpee deadlift and rows but sadly not enough time for thruster).

10 RFT
7 cal row
5/arm DB HPCs

The fifth rep of each round got tough. I completed in 12:17. Fun? Perhaps.

Monday, September 24

11 RFT
5 air squats
4 jumping air squats
3 strict pushups
2 clapping pushups
2 mixed grip pull-ups, alternating hands between reps
1 strict T2B
1 Strict K2E

Time = 8:48

11 RFT
TNG with no change in hand position
4 HPCs & 3 HPS @ 65#
10 barbell hops, alternating forward and backward

Time = 6:26

I completed hops in unbroken reps with no pauses.

21 RFT
6-count burpee + DL @ 175#
3-count burpee (horizontal to bar)

Uhm, during round 18 or so my neighbor called out to me and asked if I had seen Cinna, as she had escaped from the fenced in yard. (I had, and Cinna had visited Luke and me in the garage. I attempted to take her home, but she bolted.) I walked down the street where I had last seen her and called her name. And she came running! I returned to the workout and began where I left off. Uhm, but I hadn’t paused clock.

Time = 11:06 (including time spent looking for Cinna).


I was freaking out this past Sunday, as I felt pain in my left trap that was quite similar to what I felt prior to diagnosis of disc fiasco. So I rested. I was relieved that pain subsided and I was able to work out the next day.


Saturday, September 22

EMOM (with additional 30 seconds added to round when weight changed)
5 rounds @ 95, 100, 105, & 110, and then rounds @ 115, 120, 125, 130, & 135#
DL + Clean + HPC + FS + PP + BS

I focused on both hands and feet remaining in same position throughout, i.e., no repositioning hands and no jumping. Because form is important.

Friday, September 21

I think I might have a thing for burpees.

10 6-count burpee + strict K2E
50 unbroken double unders


And 7 6-count KB burpee + Russian KBS (60#)
35 unbroken double unders

~Play with Luke~

5 6-count burpee + strict ring dip
35 unbroken duble unders

I completed in 12:23, 9:14, & 7:39, respectively.


How much hypocrisy is one individual, one political party, one fucking faux network capable of? I fear we haven’t seen the worst. It’d be a laughable offense if the consequences weren’t so dire.

My name is Paul. I’m a 54 year-old white male. I have never forced myself upon anyone, female or male. It’s unconscionable that any individual would think this is acceptable and/or excusable behavior, regardless of degree of drunkenness.

Aaaaand, it’s quite possible to be a self-proclaimed virgin and nonetheless sexually assault an individual.



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