Sunday, November 4

Bench Press

I completed 5X7 but can’t recall heaviest weight. Maybe 165? Dammit. I do know it wasn’t a PR (and that wasn’t my intent).

10-min AMRAP
Cluster @ 95# + 5 barbell hops (forward, backward, forward, backward, forward)

This was miserable. I had completed 18 reps a few seconds after the 5-min mark so I set a goal to complete 36 reps. I did, but the struggle was real. That’s 180 hops with 72 of them being blind and backwards. Gah!

Strict & Unbroken HSPU

My goal was 11, as my PR was 10, and I achieved 12. You can say I’m an overachiever.

Monday, October 5

10 RFT
5 strict T2B
25 unbroken double unders
1 wall crawl

Time = 11:26

All rounds unbroken. Boom.

10 RFT

  1. Bend over and place hands on floor.
  2. Jump feet to strict plank.
  3. Mountain climber both legs.
  4. Grasshopper both legs. 
  5. Return to plank.
  6. Jump feet to hands.
  7. Jump and clap.
  8. Complete strict HSPU.

Time = 3:56. No failed reps. Boom.

10 RFT
10-second headstand hold into 20-second strict plank

Time = 5:31

‘Twas a brief rest on my knees after plank and before starting headstand. I should write dialogue for gay porn.

Tuesday, October 6

Whilst not a tsunami, there was a blue wave. Thank god. The man is an embarrassment.

3 HPC + 3 PP + 3 BS + 1 behind the neck PP @65#; 15-second hang from pull-up bar at the start of each round

Time = 13:00

That’s 34 reps.

That was tougher than I imagined it would be. I did complete all rounds of barbell work without changing hand position or dropping barbell Boom.

Strict ring dips & SDHP @95#

Time = 6:40

Wednesday, November 7

10 RFT
Run 100m (50m up & back)
Immediately complete 3 unbroken deadlifts, beginning at 225 and increasing weight 10# each round

Thus, the last round was at 315. And the last rep felt like a 1RM attempt. “Stand up, lock your knees, squeeze your butt!” I should write dialogue for gay porn. Did I already mention that?

30 burpees (with pushup) + K2Es

I had completed 15 reps at 2-min mark and set goal to finish in 4 minutes. I worked consistently while increasing intensity and finished in 3:35. Because I’m just that good.



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