Back at it?

Sunday, February 17

It’s been weeks since I’ve blogged and even longer since I’ve posted publicly. I continue to vacillate between urges to terminate blog, post only privately, or go back to posting for all of the world to potentially see.

We’ll see what transpires.

I thoroughly enjoyed Russian Dolls on Netflix and am thorough enjoying The Umbrella Academy as well.

I informed chair of AB Tech Communication department that this would be my last semester teaching for the foreseeable future. I agreed to work at IBE on “retainer” through May, and will then decide whether or not to work full-time. Why wouldn’t I? Because contractual work has been coming my way left and right, and as it’s quite lucrative I don’t know if I’m ready to turn away the extra income.

Particularly since we’ll be closing on the beach home soon! Yup, Carolina Beach to be specific. Three bedrooms and 3.5 baths, bitches.

I’m rambling. It’s my blog so I’ll do what I want.

By the way, calling a National Emergency is bullshit, pure and simple. From the world’s greatest bullshitter. And the ONLY thing that poor excuse for a man is good at.

I’ve completed some spectacular workouts lately, far too numerous to discuss. I’ll only describe a few.

Presses followed by 5 LBH
SDHPs followed by 5 LBH

Grueling. And fun.

101 kipping K2E with no resting at “bottom” of rep allowed
5 DL @ 185# after each set.

I completed as many 12 15 unbroken and only as few as 7. A total of 13 rounds.

50m shuttle sprints (25m up and back)
Wall crawl at the end of each round

What a gasser! It took me less than 24 minutes to complete. Notice how I’m not recording actual time? Because it’s unimportant.

25 RFT
Parallette pass through + strict T2B + strict pull-up

Try it.

Every 45 seconds for 100 rounds
1 L-set strict C2B pull-up
2 HR pushups
3 jumping air squats
4 Abmat sit-ups

‘Twas the volume, folks. That’s a shit-ton or reps.

10 RFT
50 unbroken dus
10 WBS
30-second headstand hold

Heart rate increases then recovers during headstand. And then dizziness upon standing.

The IBE apartment, whilst incredibly nice, is built directly above a subway line. I hardly got any sleep for two consecutive nights, as not only did the noice kept me awake but the shaking of the building did as well. Unsettling, to say the least.

I’ve been completing daily brain games using the Elevate app. I’m exceptionally good at reading, comprehension, and grammar, and poo at math. No surprises there.

Still obsessed with the music of Troy Sivan. I have also been listening to Gorecki Symphony No. 3.

I don’t feel 55. I certainly don’t look or act 55. And this is a good thing.

I have until the middle of next month to decide whether or not I’m going to renew blog.

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