Mean Girls

The title of blog is testimony: I enjoyed Mean Girls on Broadway.

Monday, March 18

I once again had the gym all to myself. Just the way I like it.

11 RFT
15c sprint row (goal 30 seconds)
5/arm 30# DB HPC&J
5 dips
30-second plank hold

As is often the case, it looks easier than it turned out to be, and ’twas an exhausting 30 minutes. Average HR was 132, peaking at 154 during row and dipping into 80s during plank. Graph looks like cascading waves.

Tuesday, March 19

Uhm, there was a grunting man doing DB bench press. Even though I was wearing headphones, I could hear his every gasp. Yup, sounded like gay porn.

I warmed up with a row. Good times.

15 RFT
2 strict pull-ups
4 53# Russian KBS
4 20# MBC


15 back extensions
10 6-count burpee + twisting jump over bench

Average heart rate for both was 131. Interesting.

Wednesday, March 20

A beautiful NC day, although it was cold for my morning walk with Luke and Cinna. I worked out around noon, and enjoyed doing so in just shorts and a tee. Aaaaand I programmed running. Running!

Run .5 mile
fast and unbroken back squats @ 100#
fast and unbroken strict HSPUs

I wore my Apple Watch set to “Outdoor Run” but without auto pause when stopping.

It took exactly 26 minutes, thus 5:12 a round. Not bad, particularly considering that transition nonetheless took a little time. I expect my glutes to be sore mañana.

Uhm, average heart rate was 167, so I was sprinting from start to finish.

Every 10 seconds for 25 rounds
Strict 25# weighted pull-up

Perhaps the only valuable thing I learned from the personal coach I used years and years ago was that when you push be sure to pull. Twenty-five HSPUs and 25 pull-ups. I like my new weight vest! Oh, and I wore new NoBulls.

I confirmed 9 days of training with a client. That’s about 4 years of teaching 3 classes a semester, including Summer sessions, at AB Tech. Puts things into perspective.

Just 6 more weeks of teaching, followed by a week in Dallas and the next week in Charlotte. Shit’s about to get busy.

Luke at Imperial Burger. Actually Universal Joint, but I call it Imperial Burger. Because.

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